Campaign of the Month: June 2013

Rise of the Dead

Adventure Log

Character Journals

Chapter I: …in a hand basket!

Session: Title: Date Played:
Session 1 The Disney Magic 2/1/13
Session 2 Initial Outbreak pt. 1 2/8/13
Session 3 Initial Outbreak pt. 2 2/15/13
Session 4 The Crash 3/1/13
Session 5 Safety in Numbers 3/6/13
Session 6 Into the Bowels of Hell 3/8/13
Session 7 Hurray the Government is here! 3/15/13
Session 8 Sacrifice the cheerleader, save the… 3/22/13
Session 9 Dr. Rivet. I am her Husband! 3/27/13
Session 10 Escaping the cruise ship of death 4/1/13

Between Chapter Intrudes and scenes

Scene: Character
Night Terrors Tabitha Ross
Young Love Tabitha Ross
A Science Project Tabitha Ross
Interlude Grim Walker
The Loss of a son Grim Walker
Proud of You Howard Barclay
My relationship with Adam Cooper Howard Barclay
Lost Love Dr. Marc Rivet
Saving Lives Dr. Marc Rivet
Doing the Right Thing Kevin Cole

Chapter 2 Sweet Home North Carolina?

Session: Title: Date Played:
Session 11 Home sweet home? 5/11/13
Session 12 Moral Arguments 5/17/13
Session 13 Consequences 5/24/13
Session 14 Saving Lisa Part 1 5/31/13
Session 15 Saving Lisa Part 2 6/7/13
Session 16 Saving Lisa Part 3 6/21/13
Session 17 On the Road Part 1 6/28/13


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