Campaign of the Month: June 2013

Rise of the Dead

Session 13


Food equals survival in the apocalypse, and the group of survivors from the Disney Magic were running low. After everything they had been through, the survivors worried that it would be starvation that got them and not the zombies. Howard Jr. especially worried about the survivors. He was often called upon to lead the survivors while his father risked his life to find food and supplies. Despite his concern he put on a strong front for the survivors. They were counting on him and he was counting on his father’s group.

Having decided to head further out into the area, Grim left the house to find a suitable vehicle for their travels. Most of the cars in the area were taken by the residence as they fled to Raleigh, North Carolina. Grim found a lot of cars abandoned due to accidents, but eventually was able to find a couple of choices. He decided to take a Cadillac Escalade ESV. As he was siphoning gas from the surrounding cars, Howard came out to help him.

Grim showed Howard the Escalade and together they started packing up.They figured they would be gone for at least three day and packed enough supplies to sustain them. Once done they headed back inside to speak with the survivors. They decided that as usual Howard, Grim, Kevin, Dr. Rivet and Tabitha would go out to hunt for food, while Howard Jr. was left in charge of the remaining survivors. Howard Jr. told his father that he would take one of the boats upstream and try to do some fishing with the teenagers to help augment their supplies; he would also have the survivors check out the remaining houses in the neighborhood. Everyone agreed to this. Grim approached Lisa and asked if she wanted to go with them, but she decided to stay with the survivors. It was obvious that Grim was not happy with the decision, but felt she was old enough to decide for herself.

The group drove north through the neighborhood before turning west toward Highway 17. The neighborhood had a small number of zombies, but they easily outpaced them. Luckily they did not encounter any Sprinters. As they drove west they came to a large bridge spanning a river. The bridge was cluttered with abandoned vehicles. The group tried to move some of the cars with the Escalade, but in the end they had to risk getting out of the car and moving the cars manually. It took well over an hour to clear a path, and then they were on their way again.

A few miles before hitting Highway 17, the group came upon a large country club and golf course. The country club was surrounded by a four foot brick wall on three sides; the four side being open to the gold course. The golf course was surrounded by a standard chain linked fence. The group could not tell if the entire perimeter of the golf course was intact, but the sides they did see looked good. They decided to check it out, hoping that most people would not think to loot a golf course.

As they turned down the driveway, they noticed that the main gate was wide open, which worried them. The parking lot was void of zombies, but after cautiously checking the area they noticed less than a dozen zombies roaming the golf course a few hundred yard away. Figuring that the zombies were far enough away not to notice them, the group got out of the Escalade and investigated the country club. The country club was a single story brick building. Attached to it on the left was a golf supply store. The look in the large store window, but did not see any signs of movement. They decided to leave the store alone and knocked on the door of the country club to see if any zombies were drawn by the sound. After a minute or so with no answer or sound, they decided to go inside. The door was locked, but Kevin was able to pick it.

Inside the country club was decked out in dark wood and looked very fancy. The group once again made some noise to draw any zombies too them, but again none came. Deciding it was safe they split into groups to search the building. The Building consisted of a large dining room, kitchen and a few meeting rooms; all of which were void of zombies. The group did not find anyone in the building. Howard found that the kitchen still had running water, most likely from a private tank somewhere on the grounds. The meeting rooms were empty except for one which contained bedding, suggesting that someone has slept there at some point. As they searched the meeting rooms, Tabitha noticed that some of the floor boards appeared loose. After pulling a few of the floor boards up, Grim discovered a huge cache of food hidden under the floor. There was enough food to feed the survivors for almost two weeks.

The group talked about taking the food, but Grim was adamant about not stealing from others, so they decided to wait for the owner of the food to return. They headed back to the dining room, where they had found a lounge area with a large fireplace and proceeded to wait for the owners return. It was a little after night fall when they heard the sound of an electric Golf cart approaching the country club from the golf course. A man stumbled out of the cart and staggered toward the sliding glass doors of the dining room. When he fished out some keys from his pocket, the group knew that he was the owner they were waiting for. The man made a decent amount of noise entering the dining room and did not see the group. He threw a bag on a table and hit a light switch. To the group surprise the lights came on; none had really thought to check the lights, assuming that there was no power.

The man still did not notice the group as he removed his shirt to reveal a large zombie bite on his left side. He dumped medical supplies out of his bag and was about to start treating his injury, when Dr. Rivet stepped forward. He man jumped upon seeing Dr. Rivet and pulled a gun, demanding to know who they were and what they were doing in his place. The group explained that they were survivors like him and were trying to find food. Dr. Rivet explained that he was a doctor and offered to help the man with his injuries. The man introduced himself as Mason Green. He told the group that he has been living in the country club for a few weeks while he collected enough supplies to head to the relocation center in Raleigh, North Carolina. He was bit earlier in the day and had to go to Simon’s to get some medical supplies.

The group asked Mr. Green who Simon was and he explained that Simon and his family traded with survivors in the area. Simon was staying in an EMS fire Station off of Highway 17, near Hampstead. Simon mainly had medical supplies, but had other things as well. Once Dr. Rivet had finished patching him up, Mr. Green offered to make everyone dinner and headed back to the meeting room to his sash of food. When he left, Dr. Rivet explained to the group that Mr. Green was infected and that it was only a matter of time before he had the fever. Mr. Green returned with some food and they shared a meal together. Mr. Green even allows Grim to have one of his cigars. But by the end of dinner, the fever had started taking hold of poor Mr. Green.

The group took Mr. Green up on his offer to allow them to stay. Seeing how sick Mr. Green was and knowing that the survivors could use the supplies he had, they group decided to stay and care for him until he passed. The death watch took two days before Mr. Green Died. Grim once again was called upon to make sure he did not rise back up. During the two days of caring for Mr. Green the group remained in contact with the remaining survivors with Grim’s radios. Everything was going well on the shore; the survivors had success at fishing and had enough supplies to last a few days.

After Mr. Green passed away, the group began packing his supplies in the Escalade to head back to the survivors. The supplies were almost all packed when Howard received a call on the radio from Howard Jr. Howard Jr. told his father that Dr. Rivet was needed back immediately. Grim’s daughter, Lisa, was very sick. Howard explained this to Dr. Rivet and Rivet questioned why Desirae couldn’t deal with it. Howard jr. Said that she was, but the issue was very severe. When Grim was told of his daughter’s condition, he rushed the packing and they quickly go back on the road. It took them less than 40 minutes to arrive back at the house the remaining survivors were camped out at.

When the group arrived back at the house, Grim rushed immediately to Lisa’s Side. She was unconscious and being taken care of by Desirae. Dr. Rivet came into the room right behind Grim and asked Desirae what had happened. Desirae explained that Lisa had been feeling very tired the last few days. Lisa complained of pain in her side then she collapsed. Dr. Rivet was able to determine that one of Lisa’s kidneys was damaged which has led to acute renal failure; most likely from an injury aboard the Disney Magic. She has some internal bleeding and needed surgery. While Dr. Rivet and Desirae could perform the surgery, Lisa would also need Dialysis. Dr. Rivet explained this to Grim and told him that they needed to perform the surgery and dialysis within three days in order to save her life.

Remembering that Mr. Green had mentioned a man named Simon who had medical supplies, they group decided to find out if he had a dialysis machine. The group packed up again, this time bringing along Desirae and Lisa and raced toward the EMS station Mr. Green had told them about. They made it past the country club without incident. When they reached Highway 17, they found that the authorities had set up a barricade forcing people north toward Raleigh. Unfortunately they wanted to go south toward Hampstead. They spent 20 minutes creating a path around the barricades and then were back on the road. They located the EMS off of the Highway and turned down a long dirt road. The path was flanked by large trees and they were forced to come to a stop about 200 yards from the station. Set in the middle of the road were four large boulders, preventing cars from continuing down the road.

The group got out of the car, leaving Desirae to tend to Lisa, and headed toward the station. When they were within 50 yards two guns came out of the windows pointing straight at them. A voice called out to the, asking if they were here to trade. The group responded that they were. The voice told the group to quickly head around the building and to put their backs to the wall. Despite being confused by the request, the group complied. A few minutes later three Marine helicopters, one Chinook Cargo Chopper flanked by two Cobra Attack Choppers, pass overheard. The group stepped back out once the helicopters were out of sight.

Simon then came out to greet them. Howard inquired about the helicopters and Simon explained that he did not trust the military as they had been taking people to relocation centers against their will. Simon then told them that he would allow only two people to speak with him inside the garage to trade. Both sides would be unarmed to make sure that nothing happened to either side. The group agreed and Howard and Dr. Rivet went into the garage to look for a dialysis machine.

Inquiring about a dialysis machine, Simon explained that he did have one, but a man name John Compton who had a camp in Hampstead stole it from him a few weeks ago. Howard went back out and explained to Grim that the dialysis machine was stolen by John Compton. Grim entered the garage and asked Simon where they could get a dialysis machine. Simon, not knowing for sure explained that most of the medical equipment he had was from the EMS Station and from the hospital in Wilmington. Simon told him that their best option was north near Surf City. Grim panicking over his daughter condition did not like the vagueness of Simon’s suggestions and demanded to know a specific location. Simon, annoyed at being yelled at by a stranger, returned the anger with anger of his own, snapping back at Grim that he didn’t know where to find one. Simon then walked back to the back of the garage.

Dr. Rivet looked over the other items Simon had for trade and said that he was willing to trade of other medical supplies. Before they could talk details the group heard a large semi-truck driving down the road toward the EMS Station. Dr. Rivet headed back to the group and they armed themselves against the new arrival.

The Semi-truck parked right behind the Escalade and a middle aged man jumped out with a shotgun. He yelled toward the station, stating that he was looking to trade for gas. As he approached the group cautiously, Tabitha beamed with happiness and before anyone could stop her raced toward the man and hugged him. The group was confused by the turn of events, until Tabitha introduced the man as her uncle Joel Ross. Joel was stunned to find his niece and held her close for a bit. Before they could catch up, Grim snapped at Joel, Demanding that he move his big rig so that they could get the car out. Grim told to the group that he was going to Hampstead to get the dialysis machine from John Compton.

Joel was not happy at being attacked, but told Tabitha that he would be back and proceeded to move his semi-truck. Howard, afraid that they might have to fight Compton asked Simon if they could leave Lisa with him for a little while. Simon, being a compassionate man agreed to take care of her for a few hours. After Joel had returned Tabitha told her uncle that she had to go with the group to help save a girl. She told her Uncle that they had found a country club that was safe and that he should head there until they returned. She also warned him about the zombies behind the country club. Howard thinking that the country club was a good idea radioed Howard Jr. and suggested that he move the remaining survivors there. Howard Jr. Agreed. The group then drove off toward Hampstead.

The drive to Hampstead was uneventful. When the group arrived they found that a few blocks had been walled off with a gate facing Highway 17. The group parked the car a few yards away and walked toward the gate. As they approached two men standing guard called down inside the compound. The group asked to speak with John Compton and soon John appeared on top of the gate. Dr. Rivet told John about Lisa’s condition and that they needed a dialysis machine to save her life. Compton told the group that he knew they had killed four of his men and asked why he should help them. Dr. Rivet did not really have an answer, but told John that Lisa only needed a few treatments and he would offer his services as a doctor in trade. Compton explained that his wife had massive kidney failure and needed to be hooked up to the machine every hour for treatments or she would die. Grim hearing enough walked away furious. Seeing Grim heading back to the car, they followed.

Once they reached the car Dr. Rivet hit the side of the car in anger. He had known that killing those men would have dire consequences and now felt that Lisa was going to die because of it. The group still determined got into the car and decided to head to Surf City. They hoped that they could find a hospital or clinic with a dialysis machine to save young Lisa’s life.

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