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Rise of the Dead

Session 12

Moral Arguments

Having been unable to find supplies at the fish market, the group boarded their life boats and traveled down through Howard’s Channel hoping to locate more supplies inland. They were able to locate a large, affluent neighborhood right on the shore. Each house on the shore had its own dock and private boat. The group was hopeful that this may be a place where they can find the food and supplies they needed to survive.

The group docked near the furthest house on the shore. Howard Barclay, Grim Walker, Dr. Rivet and Kevin Cole decided to explore the houses while the rest of the survivors remained near the boats in case they needed to leave quickly. Tabitha, still affected by the incident at the fish market, decided to stay behind on the boat. Lisa Walker, also disturbed by the incident, stayed as well.

The remaining members of the group cautiously approached the first house. It was a large two story house. As they approached, they noticed a large tool shed open and the outside patio was in disarray. Grim used his binoculars to check out the windows of the house and the surrounding area; scanning for any sign of movement. He noticed a small number of zombies further up in the neighborhood, but none of them were close enough to cause any worry. Seeing that it was safe, the group moved to the house.

As they approached the house, they found what appeared to be a dead gardener lying on the side of the house. The gardener’s head had been crushed by a shovel. The patio door was left open and it was apparent that the residents had left in a hurry. As they entered the house, it became obviously that the house had already been looted by other survivors, but the group decided to search the house anyways.

Inside the house, the group was able to find a meager amount of supplies; mostly towels, blankets, and cloths. They noticed that all of the men’s cloths had been looted, the only things left behind was suits and ties. After searching for a while, the group was able to locate a few cans of food, but nothing that could sustain their large group for long. The group discussed the situation and felt that most of the houses in this area would be similarly looted. Despite this realization, they felt that it was important to continue searching, so they moved on to the next house. As they headed next door, Howard searched the shed and was able to find a few containers to hold water.

The house next door was slightly larger and had a swimming pool. As they approached the house, again checking for signs of movement inside, Grim was able to see something move past the window. The group prepared for any zombies they might encounter inside. They found that the patio door on this house was closed. Cautiously they entered the house. At first glance the house appeared to have been already looted. When they entered the living room a voice called down to them from upstairs and they heard the cocking of a shotgun.

The group responded, telling the man that they were not looking for trouble; they were just looking for supplies. The man upstairs told that if they put down their weapons, he would put down his and then they could talk. The group agreed and once everyone was disarmed, the man came down stairs. He introduced himself as Sheriff John Klein from Harmony, New Mexico.

John explained to the group that he had come to North Carolina for a conference when the outbreak occurred. The government was relocating people to “safe zones” to protect them. The two relocation centers in North Carolina were in Charlotte and Raleigh. John has been making his way north to Raleigh for the last week, looting food as he went. Excited to hear news about what had happened, the group listened to John explain how the country was doing against the outbreak.

John explained a few things to the group. He explained how the government initially tried to fight the zombies with military and police units, but realized very quickly that they could not win with conventional tactics. Martial Law was instituted on the second day of the outbreak, and by the fourth day the government ordered everyone to evacuate to the relocation centers. Manhattan was quickly over run and lost within the first two days of the outbreak. In a desperate attempt to regain the city, the military fire bombed Manhattan. John was did not know if the plan worked, but he hear that Manhattan burned for almost a week.

John also told the group that he had heard a radio message. Apparently there was a group of survivors in Colorado and were offering to help anyone who could make it there. The message could only be heard in the morning and again at night. John had a radio and told them that he would have them listen to the message. John asked the group if he could join them and they agreed.

The group took John back to the boats and found Howard Jr. keeping watch. A few of the cheerleader were working out near the boats, doing flips and lifts. Howard asked his son if he had sent anyone out to check the private boats along the shore. Howard Jr. said that he wanted to wait for the group to return before sending out a second group. Grim suggested that the group check out the house further inland, hoping that they were not as looted as the ones on the shore. John Klein told them that he had not investigated the house further into the neighborhood. Howard Jr. sends Tabitha and a small group to search the boats for supplies and fishing gear, while Howard, Grim, Kevin and Dr. Rivet head back into the neighborhood.

The group headed back out into the neighborhood. As they were crossing one of the streets we saw a very unusual sight. A small group was walking casually down the street. The group consisted of two men and a young girl. The men were dressed in black and red religious robes and one of the men was carried a large sign that read: “Love Christ our Lord!” The young girl was dirty and disheveled and walked behind the men obviously nervous about something. The Man with the sign quietly signals the group that he would like to talk to them. Howard, baffled by these men who are bold enough to walk down the middle of the street, waves them over to one of the houses they planned on looting.

The group checked the house for zombies, and then invited the strange men into the house. The Man with the sign introduces himself as Brother Jonas. He asks the group how they are faring after the apocalypse. The group was cautious with the man and told him that they were getting by. They do not mention the rest of the survivors with them. Brother Jonas seemed pleased by this as asks them if he could preach the word of God to them. Howard agreed, but it is obvious that Grim and Kevin were not happy about hearing someone preach at them.

Howard listened to Brother Jonas give a sermon, while the rest of the group searched the house of supplies. Brother Jonas quoted the bible and spoke of the Rapture. His message was simple; those left on the earth were being judged and only the worthy would leave this world and find a home in Heaven. The group was only able to find a few cans of food. When Brother Jonas had completed his sermon, the he thanked the group for their time. The group gave the food they found in the house to Brother Jonas to help him on his travels. Brother Jonas was very pleased by this and when he stepped out of the house he banged his sign on the ground three times. The group noticed that the young girl’s manner changed and she began to smile, her nervousness an obvious act.

Before the group realized what was happening a van came around the corner. It drove up into the driveway. Two men in robes and submachine guns stepped out of the van. The group was nervous until they realized that the men took up positions to protect the van and did not even bother to look at the group. Brother Jonas explained that their generosity was rare in this new world. Brother Jonas opened the back of the van and began removing bags of food. He explained to the group that kindness and charity is always rewarded. The group was given enough food for their large group to eat for a few days. The food would have sustained Howard, dr. rivet, Grim and Kevin a couple of weeks.

The group was stunned at the turn of events. They thanked Brother Jonas for the food and Brother Jonas simply said a quick pray before getting into the van. As van drove off, they honked the horn repeatedly, drawing the attention of the zombies. Once they had the zombie’s attention the van lead the zombies away from the group to give them a little more breathing room. The group was baffled by the strange events, but took the food back to the boat.
The group returned to the boats and found that the remaining survivors had found a good amount of fishing gear and gas on the boats, but did not find any food. Talking with Howard Jr., the group decided to move everyone into the house with the swimming pool. It took over an hour to transfer all the supplies to the house. Once inside they secured the doors and windows. Then everyone settled in, happy to be able to finally spread out.

After the survivors had dinner, Grim pulled his daughter Lisa into the kitchen to talk to her about the incident at the fish market. Lisa was deeply troubled by the death of the thieves at the fish market. She knew that they were stealing from them and that losing food could hurt their chances of survival, but she didn’t like the idea of killing them. Grim sympathized with her and explained to her that the world is a different place. They need to do whatever is necessary to ensure their survival. He explained that after Howard attacked, if they had been allowed to return to their camp they would have come back looking for revenge. They had to be killed in order to protect the group. Lisa understood her father’s reasoning, but she still hated the idea of killing a person.

Everyone in the living room could hear the conversation. Howard entered the kitchen to add his thoughts. Howard explained that he did not realize that the thieves were just providing cover fire. He thought they were trying to kill the group. Howard told Lisa that while he hates killing another person, in life and death situations, it sometime happens. Lisa told them that she thinks she understood. She promised to not let this type of event get to her and told Howard and her father that she would be better next time and not freeze up.

At this point Dr. Rivet had enough and stormed into the kitchen. Dr. Rivet chewed Howard and Grim out stating, “How dare you tell this kid that killing is ok!” The three adults began to argue of the incident. Dr. Rivet believed that what happened at the fish market was murder and that it was wrong. Howard and Grim continued to state that the world is not the same and that they will need to be prepared to do things, like killing people, to keep the group alive. Dr. Rivet doesn’t agree with this at all. The argument continued for a while; each side got angrier by the minute.

Finally Grim had had enough and told Dr. Rivet, “I’m going to walk away before I do something I shouldn’t.”

“Let what? Kill me?” Dr. Rivet shouted back.

Lisa followed her father upstairs. Howard and Dr. Rivet continued to argue for a few more minutes and then went their separate ways. The house was extremely quiet. The entire house had heard the argument and the survivors were worried. They had begun to trust Howard, Dr. Rivet, Grim, Kevin and Tabitha as leaders. Now they have seen that the group is fracturing and they worry about the future even more.

The next morning everyone wakes up for breakfast. They talk about their next course of action. Howard and Grim agree that they should try the house deep into the area. Going further inland might mean there is more food, but it will certainly mean more zombies. The group agreed that it is worth the risk. Tabitha addressed the group suggesting that the group come up with a rule for dealing with strangers. She was concerned because back on the Disney Magic, the group had agreed to talk before acting and she wanted to have a rule in place for next time.

Sadly her suggestion was never considered as the mention of the incident re-sparked the heated debate from the previous night. After a few minutes of arguing Grim decided to leave and check the neighborhood for usable cars. Tabitha, upset that her questions were ignored, went into the garage without eating. Dr. Rivet concerned that Tabitha has not been eating well, took her allotment of food to give to her later.

A short time later, Howard went into the garage. He told Tabitha that they were heading deeper into the neighborhood and that they could use her help if she was willing. Tabitha agreed to go and suggested that while they were gone, Howard Jr. and the others could do some fishing nearby. Howard liked the idea and told her that he would mention it to Howard Jr. The group then began to pack up for their trip.

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Tension mounts…….

Session 12
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