Campaign of the Month: June 2013

Rise of the Dead

Session 14

Saving Lisa Part 1

The group headed down highway 17 toward Surf City, hoping that they would be able to find a hospital with a dialysis machine to save young Lisa’s life. The highway was littered with abandoned cars and other obstacles. The lost count of how many times they had to stop and move obstructions from the road, or were forced to backtrack to a side road to avoid the blockages. In the end it took them well over three hours to drive to Surf City. By the time they arrived in the city it was close to sunset.

Determined to find a hospital the group drove around the city searching. After an hour of drive they located St. Elizabeth’s hospital. The hospital was a large four story building with a large parking garage next to it and another parking lot on the other side. The outside of the hospital looked like a war zone.

The main parking lot was littered with covered dead bodies and over a dozen tents had been constructed to provide additional areas for dealing with the outbreak. Military vehicles were abandoned throughout the parking lot. As the group drove by they noticed an ambulance stationed near the emergency room doors. They continued to circle around the hospital. In the parking garage they noticed a couple dozen vehicles. There were a few zombies in the streets, they circled the hospital once again to draw them away from the emergency room entrance, then parked near the ambulance.

Dr. Rivet got out and moved up to the ambulance and was surprised to find that most of the medical equipment was still intact inside the vehicle. He also noticed a huge hoard of zombies roaming around inside the hospital. He was afraid that starting the ambulance would draw the zombies to him and called for Tabitha to join him. Tabitha snuck up to the ambulance without alerting the zombies to their presence. Dr. Rivet explained the situation and they decided to take the ambulance, hoping that they would draw some of the zombies out of the hospital. Dr. Rivet spoke with Grim and Howard on the radio and they decided that Dr. Rivet and Tabitha would draw the zombies away from the hospital and they would all meet up by the shore to find a place to rest for the night.

Dr. Rivet and Tabitha hopped into the ambulance and started it up. As expected the zombies in the hospital were attracted by the noise immediately. The raced over one of the low barricades and into the street. They were easily able to outpace the Shamblers that followed them, but a dozen Sprinters were right behind them until Dr. Rivet gunned the ambulance to full speed. He clicked on the sirens and circled the hospital to get the attention of even more zombies before racing off into the city. Howard, Grim, Kevin, Lisa and Desirae stayed quiet in the Escalade until the group had passed, and then drove off toward the shore to find a place to rest for the night.

Howard, Grim and Kevin headed toward the bridge that would take them to the shore line. They were able to find their way to the bridge easily enough, but found that the bridge had been destroyed. It was obvious from Grim’s military experience that the bridge was destroyed by a missile of some sort. Apparently the government was trying to keep the zombies from crossing the bridge at some point. Looking around for a place to spend the night, the group locates a gas station with a convent store and garage. The front of the convenient store was a large glass window, but they were relieved to find it intact, suggesting that no zombies were around. Still as a precaution they checked out the store and the garage. Finding no zombies they backed the Escalade into the garage so that it would block the door leading into the convenient store and closed the garage’s rolling door. Grim waited outside for Dr. Rivet and Tabitha.

Within 30 minutes Dr. Rivet drove around the corner heading for the bridge. Grim was able to step out into the street to wave him down. They parked the ambulance inside the garage with the Escalade and set up watches for the night. Dr. Rivet checked Lisa’s condition and was satisfied that she would survive the night. Also, still worried about Tabitha’s medical condition, Dr. Rivet checked her blood pressure and made sure she was already, especially since she was still not eating. The group was able to find a meager amount of food in the convenient store to augment their supplies and after dinner they settled in for the night.

The next morning the group woke up early. Kevin noticed that the main tank of the gas station still had gas in it. He was able to create a pump using the tools and supplies in the garage to extract the gas. The pump worked well, but unfortunately the group only had so many gas cans to fill. After filling the two vehicles, they were only able to extract 13 gallons. After packing back up they headed off back to the hospital.

They arrived at the hospital and decided to park on the street between the hospital and the parking garage so that they would be able to make a quick getaway if necessary. Desirae was left in the ambulance with Lisa while the others headed to the hospital to find the dialysis machine.
They then walked up to the hospital by the main administration building. As they reached the doors to the hospital they discovered that the hospital was filled with dozens upon dozens of zombies. They stopped at the door and the zombies seemed to notice them. The zombies took one step toward the group and then stopped, as if something prevented them from attacking the group. This freaked the group out and they retreated back to the car. On the street were less than a dozen zombies, but they did not seem to notice the group.

The group decided to create a distraction to lure the zombies out of the hospital or at least away from the doorway. Grim headed into the parking garage and hotwired a car. He then rigged the car alarm to sound no stop. Driving the car out of the parking garage he parked the car a few yards ahead of the Escalade and ambulance in an area were the zombies inside could not only hear the car alarm, but also see the car through the large glass windows.

The group noticed that the zombies started to move toward the car, but again suddenly stopped, as if something was preventing them. Confused by this abnormal behavior the group decided to head into the parking garage where they would use the skywalk to enter the building from the fourth floor. They did not encounter a single zombie getting to the skywalk, but as the approached the doors to the fourth level, they found that this floor was contained dozens of zombies. The group got into the same defensive position they had used on the Disney Magic and waited for the zombies to attack, but the zombies did not move toward them. Howard picked up a rock and through it through the glass door to get them to attack. Again the zombies did not move.

Out of the crowd of zombies came a large zombie wearing the cloths of a priest. The big zombie growled and then the entire crowd of zombies moaned fiercely at the group. Tabitha lost her nerve and bolted back toward the garage, while the others we stunned with terror. Then the mass of zombies charged the group.


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