Campaign of the Month: June 2013

Rise of the Dead

Session 15

Saving Lisa Part 2

The group stood on the narrow skywalk leading to the fourth floor of the hospital. The large priest zombie growled at his zombie minions, and then the zombies let out a horrific moan that caused Tabitha to break and run and the other members of the group to freeze with fright. The mass of zombies charged the group. The fight was the hardest the group had ever encountered. The zombies attacked relentlessly, but unlike normal, their attacks were not wild. Instead it appeared as if the priest was controlling the zombies and so they fought with tactics the group had never seen before.

Despite this, the group fought on, pushing their way slowly toward the doors of the hospital. Tabitha, having calmed down, returned to the fight to help where she could. Slowly the group began to make progress against the mass of zombies and were close to reaching the doors when the Zombie Priest let out a load moan. Within a few seconds a group of Sprinters arrived from behind the group blocking them in on both sides. The group split their attacks as they were forced to fight zombies on both sides of them.

With the situation becoming desperate, Grim pulled out one of the only two grenades he had and tossed it into the hospital. The explosion ripped through the zombie ranks killing half a dozen of the creatures, but still they came. Realizing that the Zombie Priest was controlling the zombies, Grim then pulled out his gun and began firing at the priest. He was able to hit the zombie once in the head, but the bullet just grazed him. The Zombie Priest retreated around a corner out of sight and continued to control his minions in battle.

The fight went on for a long time as the group attempted to hold out against the sheer numbers, but eventually Howard and Tabitha were able to finish off the Sprinters behind them and the whole group was able to concentrate on the Shambler zombies in front. Using Grim’s last grenade, the group was able to push their way inside and eventually dispatched the remaining zombies. Howard in a rage rushed around the corner and attacked the Zombie Priest. The others followed and found that the Zombie Priest was a tough opponent, as it was able to take repeated blows to the head without dying. The Zombie Priest seeing Howard as the only unarmored combatant, repeatedly attacked him over and over again and was eventually able to get a solid bite on his chest. Howard was able to get his spear in-between them and pushed the Zombie Priest off him. In the confusion of the fight, no one noticed that Howard had gotten bite.

Shortly after, they were able to put the Zombie Priest down. Howard delivered the final blow to the Zombie Priest. Howard’s rage was in full swing and even with the zombie dead he continued to hit the dead body over and over again in pure animal rage. Grim ignored Howard’s rage and immediately went to a wall map to locate the infusion center. He quickly learned that this hospital did not have an infusion center, but Dr. Rivet explained that there would be dialysis machine in the ICU just up ahead. Howard’s rage subsided as they looked at the wall map for the ICU. Howard headed back outside in order to calm down.

Outside he noticed that the ambulance that held Desirea and Lisa was gone. The Escalade was still parked outside and he could hear the car alarm still going. The street outside was swarmed with zombies, drawn to the area by the car alarm. Howard headed back inside and pulled Dr. Rivet aside. Howard explained what he had seen and suggested that they not tell Grim. They needed Grim focused in case more zombies were roaming the hospital. Dr. Rivet agreed that they should keep it a secret until they had located the dialysis machine.

The group cautiously moved further into the hospital. As they approached the ICU they found the hallway clogged with zombies. To their surprise the zombies were moving away from them toward a stairwell. A few zombies in the back started to move toward the group, but then stopped and continued away from them. Within a minute all of the zombies had left the fourth floor. The sight scared the group as they realized that another Zombie General was inside the hospital controlling the remaining zombies. The only good news was that apparently the zombie general was not willing to fight the group and had his zombie retreat.

The group headed into the ICU. As Dr. Rivet and Grim search for the Dialysis machine, Tabitha and Howard begin gathering medical supplies from around the area. The group spent twenty minutes searching the ICU. In the end they were able to find a working Dialysis machine and a good amount of other medical supplies. They were surprised by the size of the Dialysis machine. It stood three and a half feet tall and one and a half feet wide. They group realized that while it was small enough to move, they would need to put it in the ambulance, since it would not fit in the Escalade. They strapped the Dialysis machine to a portable gurney along with the medical supplies and headed back toward the skywalk.

Just before they reached the skywalk, Howard explained to Grim that the ambulance was missing, along with Lisa and Desirea. Grim tried calling Desirea on the radio, but did not receive a response. Grim rushed outside to look and found that the ambulance was indeed gone. The Escalade was surround completely by zombies. Looking around the street, Grim was able to notice a path of destruction, most likely caused by the ambulance driving through the large group of zombies. The group headed into the parking garage and found a large white cargo van. They were able to hotwire the van and raced off to find Desirea and Lisa.

The group was easily able to follow the path of the ambulance, as it appeared as if the ambulance had ran over dozens of zombies in its race to escape the area. After a few blocks, the zombie corpses thin and it became impossible to figure out where the ambulance had gone. The group drove around the area, avoiding a few zombies in the streets, until they found the ambulance. The ambulance was parked halfway on the curb. The back door was open and they saw a unkempt man searching the back of the ambulance, grabbing medical supplies. Grim gunned the van toward the ambulance. The man, having noticed the group racing toward him, dropped all the supplies he had looted and rushed to the door of a warehouse and closed the door.

The group banged at the door, demanding that the man tell them what happened to Desirea and Lisa. The man opened a small slot in the door to speak with the group. He explained that he found the girls abandoned in the ambulance. He saved them from the hoard of zombies that had been attracted by the car alarm nearby. The man yelled at the group, saying that he was protecting the girls and he was not going to hand them over to the group simply because they claimed to know them. The group argued with the man. Grim, being the prepared survivalist he was, produced Lisa’s birth certificate and medical records to prove that she was his daughter. The man looked at the documents and reluctantly allowed the group into the ware house. He introduced himself as Rick Garret and led them to the back of the warehouse.

Rick explained that Lisa was ok and he was attempting to get the drugs out of her system. He told the group that he was worried that the group had drugged her to take advantage of her. Dr. Rivet explained that Lisa had a serious medical condition and the drugs were helping her survive until she could receive the treatment she needed to live. Rick was horrified that he may have endangered her life by removing the drugs. Howard asked about his daughter in-law and Rick sadly explained that Desirae had been bitten before he could save her. She was locked in a separate room and the fever had already started.

Howard and Dr. Rivet headed into the room with Desirea, while Grim went to check on Lisa. Meanwhile Kevin and Tabitha headed out to check out the ambulance. Checking over the car, Kevin saw that the ambulance had not taken much damage and was still road worthy. Tabitha found that the Driver’s side window was smashed and that there was blood all over the driver’s seat, most likely from when Desirea was bite.

Rick Garret suggested that Desirea be put out of her misery before she rose as a zombie. Howard could not let that happen. After a short discussion, Howard and Dr. Rivet decided to bring Desirea back to the country club with them and let Howard Jr. decided what to do. They moved Lisa and Desirea to the ambulance and repacked the medical supplies they had looted from the hospital. Rick asked to join the group and they agreed. The group discussed getting the Escalade, but realized that it was too close to the zombies hoard and they were forced to abandon it. So with the Ambulance and Cargo van, the group head out of Surf City and drove back to the country club.

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