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Rise of the Dead

Session 16

Saving Lisa Part 3

Having survived the zombie general in the Surf City Hospital the group traveled down highway 17 back to the country club. Desirea had been bitten and succumbed to the fever. Lisa, while still alive, needed surgery and dialysis if she was to live. Howard continued to hide the fact that he was bite from the rest of the group, but he could already feel the virus coarse through his system. He knew it was only a matter of time before the fever came.

The ride back was quiet and uneventful. Most of the obstacles in the road had already been moved by the group when they drove to Surf City, so they were able to make it back to the country club in less than an hour. As they approached the gate of the country club, they found Joel Ross’ Big Rig blocking the gate preventing cars from entering the compound. On top of the Big Rig, the group saw Daniel Barclay and David Fletcher standing guard. John and David immediately pointed their guns at the group, not recognizing either of the two new vehicles. Grim quickly stepped out and announced their presence. David and Daniel were thrilled to see the group back and alive. David told them he would get Joel to move the rig and after a few minutes The Big Rig had been moved out of the way to allow the group to enter the country club parking lot.

Once the group was inside they were rushed by family and friends. Daniel Barclay rushed to his grandfather Howard and hugged him hard. Howard held back a grunt of pain, still trying to hide his wound. Joel Ross rushed to his niece Tabitha and hugged her, telling her that he was relieved that she made it back alive. Grim and Dr. Rivet did not stop to greet anyone as they rushed Lisa and Desirea into the country club. As they rest of the group spoke with the remaining survivors, they were told that a group of zombies had broken through the fence and attacked the club yesterday. The survivors were able to defeat the horde but Chloe Adams, Jordan Anderson and Samantha Rollins had been killed.

Dr. Rivet placed Desirea in one of the club’s conference room and after making sure she was comfortable left to check on Lisa. As he left he locked the door behind him, just to be safe. Dr. Rivet told Grim to find someone with medical training or at least first aid training to assist him in the operation on Lisa. Without a word, Grim headed out to find someone. After talking with a few of the survivors, Irene Helms agreed to assist the doctor. With that accomplished and not wanting to wait around, Grim decided to check out the grounds. He found James Lewis, Melissa Wells and Phil Turner standing guard outside the back.

He told them that he wanted to check out the perimeter to find the breach used by the zombie horde that attacked the survivors yesterday and he wanted someone to go with him. Phil told him that he would go if Howard jr. agreed to the plan and went inside to check. After a few minutes he returned to tell Grim that Howard Jr. agreed and they got into a golf cart and began driving the parameter of the golf course. After half an hour they found the breech. A large portion of the fence had been knocked down by the weight of the zombie horde. Grim was confident that the breech could be repaired, but it would take time and man power. He decided to report his findings to the group and they headed back to the country club.

Meanwhile, Jonathon approached Tabitha. He hugged her and told her that he was glad that she came back alive. He had been very worried about her. Tabitha blushed a little. Jonathon had been her friend for over four years and was very important to her. They talked a bit about what had happened while Tabitha was away, than Jonathon became very serious. He told Tabitha that he had loved her for a long time. He never expressed his feeling before because Tabitha was dating Scott and he did not want to ruin their friendship. With the outbreak and people dying, Jonathon explained that he was no longer willing to sit on the side lines and watch her from a distance. He told her he loved her and kissed her. Tabitha gave into the kiss despite being confused. She cared for Jonathon for a long time, but was conflicted about Scott and her attraction to Cameron. But she knew this was different. This was Jonathon and he was important to her and she cared for him. And so she gave into the kiss that deep down she had wanted for a long time.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rivet told Howard Jr. about Desirea. Howard Jr. almost fainted, hearing that his wife was going to die. He cried and went to his wife’s side, holding her hand. Dr. Rivet left to prepare for Lisa’s operation. Irene Helms helped Dr. Rivet prepare and listened intently to the doctor’s instructions as she tried to learn how to assist in a surgery. Grim, not wanting to watch the surgery needed something to distract him. He decided to enlist some of the survivors to help build an early warning system. They gathered empty cans from the kitchen and began stringing them up outside, so that they would hear zombies coming. At the same time, Howard met with his remaining family to comfort them over Desirea condition.

The operation was successful and Dr. Rivet was able to stop Lisa’s internal bleeding. All she needed now was rest and a few dialysis treatments, but Dr. Rivet was confident that she would survive. Grim was ecstatic by the news and sat by her side until she woke up. Coming out of surgery, Howard Jr. approached Dr. Rivet. Howard Jr. knew that the doctor was tired, but wanted to have him check on the condition of the survivors. The doctor agreed and during the conversion mentioned that he was especially worried about Tabitha. Howard Jr. was surprised by this, having never heard that something was wrong with Tabitha. Howard Jr. asked what was wrong with her, but the doctor explained that he could not tell Howard Jr. due to doctor patient confidence. Howard Jr. was angered by this statement, telling the doctor that with everything that was happening to the world, keeping things secret was stupid. Howard also explained that he needed to know what was wrong with the survivors so that he could better help them survive. The doctor refused to budge and Howard Jr. stormed off.

Howard Jr. not giving up went immediately to Joel Ross and explained what the doctor had told him. Howard Jr. believed that the doctor would tell Joel what was wrong with Tabitha since Joel was family. Joel agreed and went to speak with Dr. Rivet. Dr. Rivet was willing to speak to Joel about Tabitha’s medical condition and was surprised to find that Joel did not know that Tabitha was taking Dextroamphetamine for Narcolespy. Joel was not sure if he believed the diagnosis, but told the doctor that he would make sure Tabitha starting eating more.

Howard went to see his daughter in-law Desirea. She was still suffering the effects of the fever. He held her hand gently and tried to talk to her. After a short time, he began to feel warm and began to sweat as the fever began to take hold in him. He sat there becoming more and more delirious, until he finally fell unconscious. He was discovered by Howard Jr. who ran to find the doctor. Dr. Rivet examined Howard and found the bite he was hiding. They placed Howard on a bed next to Desirea and the doctor began treating the fever as best he could.

Three weeks went by as Howard and Desirea languished in a fever induced coma. To everyone’s surprise they did not die within the first few days like most people. Instead the fever raged on for weeks. Lisa began to recover as she had her dialysis treatments and Jonathon was able to get Tabitha to eat more by creating picnics out of their supplies. Jonathon and Tabitha spent a lot of time together.
At the end of the third week, Howard’s fever finally broke. To the doctor’s amazement, the fever did not kill Howard and he began to recover. Shortly after Desirea’s fever broke and people began to realize that they were not going to die. Within a few day of the fever breaking, Howard and Desirea were up and about, feeling fine. Dr. Rivet spoke with Dr. Charles Bernstein about their recovery and they came to the conclusion that Howard and Desirea must not have the Z-gene. Without the Z-gene they are effectively immune to the zombie virus. Dr. Bernstein was still unsure if they would rise as the undead if they die.

With all the death they had seen, the survivors were unbelievable happy to see Howard, Desirea and Lisa survive their ordeals. With everyone recovered, it was finally time to move on. The group spoke with Howard Jr. and Joel and it was decided that they would head northwest toward the V.O.P.A camp they had heard about. Howard was still confident that if a cure existed, they would find it at the V.O.P.A camp. They would travel to a national forest near the camp. The survivors would hide camp out in the forest, while Howard, Grim, Tabitha, Kevin and Dr. Rivet went to the V.O.P.A camp for answers.

The next morning they headed out in a large caravan. The survivors gained hope as they got closer to their home of Norwood.

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