Campaign of the Month: June 2013

Rise of the Dead

Session 1

The Disney Magic

It was a sunny day on July 19th , 2013 when the Disney Magic prepared to set sail. Howard Barclay and his family stood in line to board the Disney Magic. For the 15th time, Bruce Barclay’s cell phone rang. He answered it and talked as the family moved along the boarding ramp. Howard Barclay shook his head. Behind him in line, Howard noticed a group of cheerleaders. The cheerleaders all wore their cheerleader outfits, and Howard saw that the uniforms proudly display the name Carolina.

Dr. Charles Bernstein, standing behind Howard, marveled at the sight of the Disney Magic. Charles asked Howard if he had ever seen such an amazing ship. Howard chuckled and said that he had. They talked for a bit. Charles talked about how he was a chaperone for the cheerleaders of Stanley High School in North Carolina. He explained that he had a Ph.D. in Microbiology, but after a heart attack, he had to get away from the government jobs he had worked in and went back to Norwood, North Carolina to become a teacher. He enjoys the slower pace of the work. Howard talked about how he was an engineer on a ship and introduced his wife. It was Howard and Candy’s 40th Wedding anniversary and the whole family was on the cruise to celebrate. Howard talked about his military experience in the navy. Charles mentioned that he had worked for the Department of Defense for a few years and Howard could tell that it was not a pleasant experience for Charles. The two parted as the Barclay family boarded the ship.

The large Atrium of the Disney Magic was glamorous. There were two large staircases flanking the back wall. The red carpet had a golden sorcerer Mickey Mouse woven into it. In the center, by the stair cases stood a bronze statue of Helmsman Mickey. Just inside the ship a group of the ship officers stood waiting to greet the guests. Howard was introduced to the Activities Director Melissa Wells, The Head of Security Joshua Ritter, the First Mate Adam Cooper, and the ship captain Oliver Roberts. Howard knew Adam Cooper from the years they both served on the Disney Wonder. The hatred Adam held for Howard was evident on his face.

Captain Roberts was very cordial. He greeted Howard, truly happy to meet him. The captain welcomed Howard and his family aboard and mention that he heard it was Howard and Candy’s 40th wedding anniversary. The Captain invited Howard and Candy to dine with him and his officers later that night at the Lumiere’s Restaurant. Howard was happy to accept.

Tabitha Ross stood in line with her cheer leading troupe waiting to board the ship. Coach Sylvester reminded the group that after they board, they have the safety briefing, then cast away party and then dinner at 8pm. The cheer leading troupe barely listened. Deborah Pierce, team captain, was talking to Edward Hamilton about the routine they would perform on the ship. Elizabeth Wiley complained to Dillon Lambert that her parents would not let her date, a rule she felt was unfair. Dillon, always the rebel, told her to ignore her parents and date anyways.

As Tabitha watched her teammates, Cameron Lewis introduced himself. Cameron asked Tabitha about the cheer leading squad and where they were from. He mentioned that he was from Dallas, Texas. They talk for a bit and the line slowly moved forward. Tabitha noticed that there was sadness in Cameron’s eyes, but he was trying to hide it. Then the cheerleaders boarded the ship.

They were greeted by the ship’s captain and some of his officers. Melissa Wells introduces herself as the Activities Director and explained that she would be assisting them with their performance the next day. Melissa explained to them that the Walt Disney Theatre would be made available at 11:30 for rehearsal and that the show would be at 4:30. Melissa handed out bracelets to all the cheerleaders that would allow them to get food and drink for free. While most of the ship offered food and drinks as part of the standard package, a few areas charged for specialized snacks.

Grim Walker and his family, having boarded 20 minutes earlier, arrived at their rooms. The Walkers had two room, one for Grim and Rose; the other for Lisa and Jassan. Young Jassan immediately began jumping on the large bed, claiming it as his. Rose went about the task of unpacking, telling Grim that she was happy that they had come on this trip. She felt that it would be a great family vacation. Lisa, being the young survivalist, set out the Bug out Bags her father had brought. She also posted up emergency exit maps for various parts of the ship. Once she was satisfied that the room was secured, she took out two pocket knives she was able to smuggle aboard the ship and gave one to her father.

A few doors down, Kevin Cole and Andrea Lipton entered their own room. Andrea marveled at the room and went out onto the balcony. She called Kevin to join her and the looked out upon Port Carnival. Andrea explained to Kevin that she was glad he brought her along. She told Kevin that she has had a devastating month. Andrea auditioned for the musical Wicked, but was told that she was too stiff and needed more singing lessons. Kevin comforted her.

Dr. Edound Kelp was waiting to board the ship. He spoke with the family behind him in line, Roger Parker, his wife Cheryl Parker and their daughter Nicole. They made small talk, but were interrupted when two men in black suits pushed past them toward the ship. The men screamed “Feds” to Dr. Kelp. The men walked into the ship to speak with the Captain. Dr. Kelp leaned forward to hear what was said.

“Can I help you gentleman?” The Captain asked.

Flashing his badge, the first man responded, “We are looking for a passenger named Dr. Charles Bernstein. We believe he boarded a little while ago.”

“I couldn’t say we have been boarding for over an hour now and I can’t say the name sounds familiar.” The Captain answered.

The second man in black stepped forward, “Regardless of whether you remember him or not, you must allow us to board the ship and find his man.”

“Is he Dangerous?” Joshua Ritter, head of security asked.

“No, but it is important that we met with this man.” The first man in black said.

“We are always willing to help.. Agent…?” The Captain said.

“Smith” the First man in black answered.

The captain looked skeptical, “Sure. We are always willing to help Agent Smith. Mr. Ritter is head of security for the ship. He will escort you off the ship to the boarding office. They currently have the passenger manifest. If this man has boarded already, they will be able to help you.”

The men in black thanked the Captain and followed Joshua Ritter to the boarding office. Dr. Kelp was intrigued by the exchange and a few minutes later he boarded the ship.

Dr. Rivet arrived at his room. When he tried to open the door, he found it blocked by a dozen balloons. The Balloons had Bon Voyage written on them. Dr. Rivet found that the Balloons and a large fruit basket were gifts from his colleges at Montreal General, wishing him a good trip. A few minutes after Dr. Rivet began to unpack there was a knock at his door. Answering the door, Dr. Rivet found Dr. Isaac Hill. Dr. Hill had heard that Dr. Rivet was on board and wanted to meet him. Dr. Hill worked at Montreal General, years before Dr. Rivet. Dr. Hill had heard a lot about this young brilliant doctor. They talked for a bit and it was decided that Dr. Rivet would meet with Dr. Hill later to talk about Dr. Rivet’s work.

After everyone had settled into their rooms, they all went up to deck 4 for the ship’s safety briefing. Samantha Rollins, the Ship’s Safety Director gathered them all together near one of the life boats. Samantha explained how to use life jackets, where extra life jackets were located and explained the capabilities of the life boats. She also explained that in an emergency, the life boats would be lowered to the ocean automatically by the bridge. If there was no power, the life boats could be lowered manually with the use of cranks. Howard Barclay ignored most of the briefing, being a crew member of the Disney Wonder, he was well aware of how the life jackets and life boats worked. Grim Walker asked a lot of specific questions, learning all he could, in case of an emergency. The rest listened, but just wanted to get on with their vacation.

After the safety briefing, everyone headed to the Sail Away Party. The Cheerleaders from Stanley High school participated alongside the Disney characters. Everyone counted down to ten to send the ship off. Kevin Cole danced with Andrea, and Tabitha danced with the rest of the cheerleaders.

As the party continued, Howard Barclay was approached by Adam Cooper. Adam Cooper threatened Howard. Howard, from his time on the Disney Wonder, knew how Adam treated his crew and Adam did not want Howard to make waves for him on his new ship. Adam threatened to kill Howard if, Howard spoke to Captain Roberts about what Adam had done on the Disney Wonder. Howard, who hated Adam as much as Adam hated him, laughed off the threat.

While the group danced and enjoyed the party, Grim noticed a man dressed in a black suit staring at Tabitha Ross. The man watched her and took notes. Concerned for the young girl, Grim approached Ms. Sylvester and told her about the strange man. Ms. Sylvester immediately spoke with a Disney Crew member about the situation, but before the crew member could approach the man in black, he left.

The day continued for the group. Rose took young Jassan to the solon for a haircut, while Grim and Lisa went to the World Wide Sports Deck to play some basketball. After an hour, Grim and Lisa took a break to have some ice cream. Lisa told her father that she is interested in joining the Marine Corps, after High School, but was afraid that her mother would not approve. Grim agreed to speak with Rose about it.

Kevin and Andrea headed to the Quiet Cove adult pool and swim for a bit. Kevin chased Andrea and playfully tossed her around the pool. Eventually they got out of the pool to get some drinks. Kevin grabbed a table, while Andrea went to get the drinks. On her way back to the table, Andrea tripped and spilled her drink all over Dr. Rivet, who was enjoying his second Mickey Blast. Andrea apologized to Dr. Rivet and offered to buy him a drink. Dr. Rivet joined Kevin and Andrea at their table and they talked for a bit.

Some of the cheerleaders decided to hang out at the Mickey Mouse water slide. Deborah Pierce and Elizabeth Wiley sun bathed by the pool, while Claude Pierce and Phil Turner swam laps in the pool. Tabitha, Jonathan Peterson and Patricia Collins had fun sliding down the water slide. After about an hour of this, Tabitha got out of the pool and noticed Dr. Charles Bernstein talking to a man in a black suit. Curious, Tabitha moved closer to hear what they were talking about. Dr. Kelp was seated in the snack bar and also over heard the conversation.

“Dr. Bernstein, you don’t have much choice in the matter,” the man in black said.

“The hell I don’t!” Charles yelled.

The man is black waited for people to go back to their drinks. “We need that sequence analyzed and you are the only person who can do it.”

“Then I guess it’s not going to get done, because I am not going back.” Charles said more quietly.

The man in black shook his head. “Come on Dr., we both know that you are working on the project in your spare time. You may have left the project, but you never really left the project.”
“What I do or do not do in my life is of no concern to the DoD.”

The man in black leaned forward. “Dr. Taggart assured us that you would be reasonable, that you would play ball. Some very important people are counting on your return. If they don’t see results soon, there will be hell to pay.”

Charles stood up violently. “You can tell Margaret and Dr. Brown to GO TO HELL! TO HELL!” Charles then stormed off.

Having never seen Dr. Bernstein lose his temper, Tabitha followed Dr. Bernstein to check to see if he was ok. Charles assured her that he was and excused himself, leaving Tabitha with a lot of questions.

During this time Howard Barclay was in the Diversions bar with his brother Walter. Walter explained to Howard that his Alzheimer’s is getting worse and Walter is worried that he would lose everything soon. Walter told Howard that he suspected Alvin Barclay was embezzling from the company and would like to have Howard’s son Bruce Barclay take over the company. Howard did not feel that this was a good idea. Howard explained that Bruce is a dedicated man, but he does not have the passion to run the family company.

At this point, Walter told Howard his dirty secret. Walter explained that back in the 1970’s the U.S. Government paid Barclay Dental 60 million dollars a year to put additional chemicals in the toothpaste. The government assured Walter that like Florid, these chemicals would benefit the population. Walter took the deal and for the past 30 years has been adding these chemicals into his toothpaste. Things have gotten worse recently. Over the past few years, the Government, specifically an agency Walter had never heard of called V.O.P.A. have been pressuring Walter to add more chemicals. Walter initially refused and then noticed that important executives have been dying. Walter needed Howard’s help. Howard did not have any answers, but mentioned that Fatima was a chemical engineer. Howard agreed to have Fatima look at the chemicals to figure out what they are.

The day goes on and eventually everyone headed to Lumiere’s Restaurant for dinner. Howard Barclay and his Wife met Captain Roberts and his Officers for dinner. During the course of the meal, Adam Cooper continued to show his hatred for Howard.

Shortly after the main course was finished, Howard excused himself. Since he was eating with the Captain and not at his assigned table, Howard wanted to introduce himself to his table mates. At the same time, Dr. Kelp, decided to confront Dr. Bernstein about his relationship with the men in black. As Howard was introducing himself, and before Dr. Kelp could confront Dr. Bernstein, Roger Parker shook violently and grabbed his arm. It was obvious to most that he was having a heart attack. Roger fell out of his chair and someone called for a Doctor. Dr. Rivet at a nearby table jumped over to him and pushed people back. He noticed that Roger Parker was not breath and decided to perform CPR. Dr. Rivet leaned forward to start CPR…

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Session 1
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