Campaign of the Month: June 2013

Rise of the Dead

Session 10

Escaping the Cruise Ship of Death

Tabitha Ross sat in the office with the other cheerleaders calling various parts of the ship, desperately trying to find survivors. She was able to contact a number of survivors and explained to them that the group was planning a way to get everyone off the ship; they just needed to hang on a little longer. Tabitha was heartbroken at the limited number of people she was able to contact. Most of the survivors were sheltered in secluded areas of the ship in small groups. The worst part of Tabitha’s job was the few times that someone would answer the phone, screaming for help, and Tabitha could only listen to them die as the zombies attacked. She hated the helpless feeling, but continued to call, hoping to save as many people as she could.

As Tabitha continued to call, Cameron Lewis woke up. His body was still stiff from the beating he received, but he was in much better condition. He hugged Tabitha and thanked her for looking after him. Cameron then headed out to help make weapons, wanting to be useful. Tabitha watched him leave, and then continued to make calls.

After an hour of calling, Patricia Collins and Jonathon Peterson entered the office and asked to speak with Tabitha. Jonathon told Tabitha that he and Patricia had learned that she had turned herself into the agents. They were concerned by this and told Tabitha that they wanted to keep her safe. Tabitha tried to explain that turning herself in was the only way to save everyone, but Jonathon and Patricia didn’t really believe that. They do not trust the adults, they told Tabitha. Any adult who would willingly give up a teenager is not someone they could trust. To Tabitha’s surprise she found herself defending Dr. Rivet and the others. While she didn’t trust Dr. Rivet herself, she did trust Howard Barclay, and Kevin Cole.

Jonathon and Patricia told Tabitha that they just wanted her to be safe. They had heard that she was planning to go to the Medical Center to get supplies. Jonathon suggested that either he or Patricia go with Tabitha to help. Tabitha did not want them to risk their lives and told them so, but Jonathon insisted that one of them go with her. In the end Jonathon decided to go with Tabitha. Tabitha was both happy and scared that he was going. She did not want him to get hurt, but he had always been there for her, and his companionship made her feel a little better.

Howard Barclay knocked on the office door and the teenagers let him in. Tabitha explained the limited success she had with the phone calls and Howard told her that if she wanted to go to the Medical Center with them, she could. Tabitha nervously explained that Jonathon was going to go with them. To her surprise, Howard agreed and told them to get ready.

The group gathered up to head to the Medical Center. It was decided that Howard, Kevin, Dr. Rivet, Grim, Tabitha, Jonathon and Grim’s daughter Lisa would go. In order to sneak past the zombie easier, the group decided to plug in some music to the ship’s intercom. With music blasting throughout the ship, they hoped that the zombies would not be able to hear them. Tabitha reluctantly offers her IPhone, but Jonathon steps up and gives up his. Tabitha spends 20 minutes patching into the intercom system and attaches Jonathon’s IPhone. The group gave Patricia Collins one of the radios so that she could turn the music on and off as the group needed.

The group decided not to use the employee stairwell since it was still crowded with zombies, instead they decided to head up the public forward stairwell, hoping to find less zombies. As the group headed up the stairwell the music kicked on, flooding the ship with sound. To the group’s surprise Our Song, by Taylor Swift began to play. Grim looked at Jonathon as if to say, “This is your music?” Jonathon simply shrugged and the grouped moved up the stairs. As they climb up to Deck one, they are able to dispatch three zombies without trouble. The music not only blocked out the sound of their footsteps, but also blocked out the sounds of fighting. As Kevin opened the door to Deck one, a zombie reached out and attacked.

Before the group realized what was happening they had to fight their way into the hallway. In the hallway were five zombies, some by the stairwell door, others were drawn to the area by the sounds of battle. The group was eventually able to dispatch the zombies. The group reached the intersection leading to the Medical Center. They saw that the corridor leading to the Medical Center was clear of zombies, but the opposite corridor was filled with hundreds of zombies gathered around a set of ship speakers. Dr. Rivet knew that Addison White and her son were trapped in a cabin in the area and the group quietly discussed rescuing them. After a brief discussion they decided to save them after the retrieved the medical supplies Desirae desperately needed.

The blaring music still masked their footsteps as the raced around the corner and made it to the Medical Center without running into more zombies. That changed once they made it into the Medical Center. Inside the Medical Center they found two zombies. Both of the zombies had broken free of the bonds that Howard and Dr. Rivet had fastened earlier. The group was quickly able to dispatch these zombies and moved around the Medical Center killing the zombies that were still attached to beds. Once the zombies were taken care of, the group looted as many supplies as they could carry. The found bags and other containers in the Center and was able to pack up an impressive amount of supplies. They were able to locate the machine they needed for Desirae’s blood transfusion. They were also able to find more of Tabitha’s medication.

Once again they braved the hallways and were relieved to find that the music still distracted the zombies. They looked at the large group of zombies and talked again about rescuing Addison. They realized that while they were able to sneak down the hallway to the Medical Center, there was no way that they could sneak down the hallway to Addison’s room. If even one of the zombies saw them, they would be in trouble. Reluctantly they decided to take the supplies down to the engine room. They headed back in to the stairwell and were able to make it back to the engine room without trouble.

Once the group had the medical supplies safe, they turned their attention to saving Addison and Jordon White. Howard had Tabitha call a room a few doors away from Addison’s room, hoping to distract the zombies away from her room. Howard, Grim, Kevin and Dr. Rivet headed back up to Deck 1. Once there, the group saw that the plan had worked. The zombies were gathered around a door away from Addison’s room and they were able to save her and her son without difficulty. They all made it back down to the engine room.

Dr. Rivet set up the transfusion equipment and with the help of Howard and Grim, began to give blood to Desirae. Once everything was set up, most of the group decided to sleep before they begin the task of getting off the ship. Howard stayed up and built a shower to clean up. Even without clean clothes the shower felt good. Tabitha was ecstatic about the shower and used it after she went to sleep. The group slept for six hours before they woke back up.

Once everyone had rested, the group met to plan their escape. They decided that they wanted to help as many people as possible get off the ship. Their plan was as follows:

1) Get to the bridge.
2) Lower the Life Boats.
3) Get the designated pilots to the life boats
4) Transfer the injured to the life boats.
5) Get everyone else to the life boats
6) Escape.

The group knew that this was easier then said, but felt that they would be able to do it. They had no idea how they would make it to the Bridge, but they had decided to use music on the intercom to “direct” the zombies. They planned on turning the music on the port side of the boat to draw the zombies to that side. Once the zombies had been drawn to the Port, they would announce that everyone on the Starboard side of the ship could get out the exits. Once everyone was off the Starboard side, they would switch the music to the starboard side to allow all the people on the port side to escape.

The group decided to go up the bow stairwell, since it appeared that it was the least filled with zombies. With only four zombies in the stair well the group was able to quickly clear it out up to Deck 10. Once that was done, they moved back down to Deck 8, where the bridge was located. When the peeked out into the hallway they found almost a hundred of zombies roaming the deck. With Deck 8 being block they moved up to Deck 9 hoping to make it to the front of the ship to head back down to Deck 8. Unfortunately, Deck 9 was almost as full of zombies as Deck 8.

Kevin suggested to the group that they try Deck 10. Deck 10 being an open deck could allow them to climb down to the bridge. They headed up to Deck 10 and found that the bow of Deck 10 was virtually void of zombies. As they worked their way to the front, they learned why. Over a hundred zombies were crowded up on the Wide World of Sports deck. Remembering that the agents’ helicopter was parked on this deck, the group quickly realizes the agents’ escape must have drawn the zombies to the sport deck. Unfortunately for the group, the zombies blocked any chance of them lowering themselves to the bridge. They were beginning to lose hope.

Kevin had been working on a distraction, a mannequin that produced sound and light. The group decided to use it to clear the zombies away from the bridge. They moved back down to Deck 8 and threw the mannequin down the hall to draw the zombies away from the front of the ship where the bridge was located. The plan worked. With only a few zombies between them and the bridge they were able to chop them down easily and reached the door.

Howard swiped his card and attempted to open the door, only to find it blocked by something on the other side. They remembered from being on the bridge earlier that the teenagers had blocked the door and they had never removed the blockade. Grim and Kevin began to push on the door in an attempt to move the objects behind it. The action produced a loud screeching sound that began to draw the zombies back to them. Knowing that their escape route was going to be blocked by the zombie hordes, the group kept pushing at the door, desperate to get inside before the zombies arrived.

After a few big pushes, the group got the door open a crack. Tabitha, being the most athletic of the group was able to squeeze through the crack and began moving the barrier from the other side. The group was able to enter the bridge and close the door, just as the zombies entered the hallway. The relief of being inside the bridge only lasted a second as the horde began banging on the door. Shortly after they heard the zombies in the employee stairwell begin to bang on the other door to the room. They realized that they were now trapped on the bridge.

Without much else to do, the group began to lower the life boats to the water. Tabitha was able to find some manuals to help her understand some of the ship’s systems. As the life boats were being lowered, Tabitha read that the fire alarms could be control not only from the bridge, but from engineering as well. The group decided to use the alarms to draw the zombies back toward the bow of the ship to allow them to escape the bridge. They also realized that with the combination of music and alarms they could enact their plan to draw the zombies to different parts of the ship to save the remaining people on board.

Using the alarms they were successful in drawing away the zombies and were able to make it back down to the engine room without any further difficulty. Once there, they explained their plan to the survivors, who were very happy to get off the ship. Using the intercom, Howard was able to relay the plan to any other survivor still on the boat. Howard knowing the layout of the ship from is experience on the Disney Wonder decided that they would evacuate out of the large cargo doors located on Deck 1. The group gathered up their supplies and using the music and alarms drew the zombies away from the cargo doors.

They were able to make it to Deck 1 without issues and Richard Southerland, Howard Jr., and Grim jumped into the water to take control of three of the life boats. Howard was supposed to command the fourth life boat, but as they reached the cargo door stopped dead in his tracks as he saw his dead wife wandering the hall. Candy’s back was to Howard and at first he did not realize, or want to realize that she was already dead. He began to call to her and moved down the hall to save her. The remaining survivors called to him, begging him to come back, but he did not listen to them. He placed his hand on her shoulder and quietly called out her name. She turned toward him and lunged at him, trying to bite him. With tears in his eyes, Howard was able to push her up against the wall. Before he could react, Kevin’s Baseball bat axe came down killing her once again. Howard, in shock, was pulled away from her and taken off the ship to one of the life boats.

Once the remaining survivors and the injured were safely aboard the lifeboats, Tabitha, having stayed back in the engine room began using the music and alarms to help the other survivors flee the ship. In the end, over 250 people were saved on 8 life boats. It took over five hours to get everyone aboard the lifeboats, but eventually they were headed back toward mainland America.
Within a day the groups of 8 life boats were hit by a series of nasty storms. Within the first two days, the five of the life boats had gone missing, pulled away from the group. The group, using the radio they obtained from the agent’s did their best to keep the remaining life boats together, but it was difficult. The storms raged on and off for more than 20 days, blowing the group well off course.

After 21 days at sea, the remaining three boats found land. As they approached the coast cautiously, they saw a sign on shore that read “Welcome to Hampstead, North Carolina.”

Check out the Characters’ journal for this session to learn more!


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