Campaign of the Month: June 2013

Rise of the Dead

Session 11

Home Sweet Home?

The survivors of the Disney Magic cruise ship were battered by multiple storms over the course of 21 days. The navigation skills of Howard Barclay, Howard Barclay Jr. and Grim Walker kept their ships from getting too far into the Atlantic. Sadly the vicious storms knocked most of the ships off course. Only three boats remained together. Through stubbornness and sheer willpower the survivors made it through the storms to finally spot land.

As the remaining survivors got closer to land, they spotted a large sign that read “ Hampstead, North Carolina 20 miles ahead.” As they sailed closer to the shore they found a large dock of fishing vessels. On the shore was a large fish processing warehouse, a fishing market and a small store. The group realized that they had less than a day’s worth of food left and needed to start scavenging for more resources.

The group still hoped that the country was unaffected by the horror that had befallen the Disney magic, but as they approached the docks, the stillness of the area, even at 6 am in the morning, told them that it was unlikely to be the country they remembered. They group decided to check out the abandoned fishing boats for supplies and after being dropped off on the docks, had the boats retreat back into the bay about 100 feet from the docks.

Howard Barclay, Kevin Cole, Grim Walker, Tabitha Ross, Lisa Walker and Dr. Rivet moved along the docks searching boats for anything of use. They spent some time investigating the docks to make sure that there were no zombies around. To their relief, they found none. With no danger in sight the group began checking out the boats. After checking a few boats the group realized that these boats had been picked clean by scavengers; yet another sign that the country might be as bad off as the Disney Magic was.

Howard called the boats back to the dock. The group explained to Howard Jr. that they were going to investigate the store, fish market and warehouse. Howard Jr. suggested that the survivors dock for a bit to allow people to get out of the boats and stretch their legs. The group did not have a problem with that and headed down the docks toward the store.

The area was still very quiet, which continued to make the group nervous. As the approached the door to the store, Howard noticed that the door was already broken open. Before they could explore further, the group heard a woman scream off in the distance. Tabitha glanced around the corner and saw a woman running on the top of a three story parking garage. She noticed that the woman was calling for help as zombies chased her. Without a second thought, Tabitha and Dr. Rivet raced toward the parking structure to help the woman. Grim shouted out a warning that they should approach cautiously, but they did not listen and soon the entire group ran to help the woman.

The group raced up the stairs to the third floor where the woman was spotted. As they passed each floor, Howard stopped to check things out. He found zombies among the cars on every floor. Grim reached the top of the stair on the third floor and stopped. The woman was already being eaten by three zombies. Before Grim could tell everyone to head back down, the zombies looked up and saw him. With incredible speed, faster than any human could, the zombies ran toward him. Grim was barely able to get his spear up in a defensive position before they were upon him. As the zombies rushed the group their sickening moan sent fear through the group freezing a few of them in place. Luckily it only took them a few seconds to recover.

The group was blocked by the zombies, preventing Grim from moving further onto the roof. This ended up trapping most of the group in the stairwell where they were unable to assist in the fight. Lisa Walker drew her gun from the middle of the pack. She screamed to her father, asking if it was ok to fire. Grim responded that it was and she began firing at the zombies. Meanwhile the eight zombies from the first and second floors rushed in and attacked Howard at the back of the line. These zombies also ran with incredible speed. Howard and Dr. Rivet desperately tried to hold the zombies back as the zombies repeatedly attempted to push past them.

Eventually Grim and Kevin were able to dispatch the zombies on the third floor allowing the group to retreat up the stairs and form a defensive position around the stairwell. The group fought the remaining zombies, keeping them trapped in the stairwell to prevent the zombies’ numbers from overwhelming them. As the battle raged on Howard, lacking a reach weapon to attack, took a moment to look around. Howard noticed a commotion happening on the docks. He noticed that a group had approached the boats, but could not tell what was going on. When the group had dispatched the last zombie, Howard told everyone that something was happening at the boats. They quickly raced back down the stairs and headed back to the docks.

As they reached the beach in front of the docks, they saw that an ATV was packed at the end of the dock near the boats. Attached to the ATV was a large cart, presumably to carry supplies. Four men with machine guns stood on the dock threatening Howard Jr. As the group approached the dock, the four men noticed them and panicked. One man jumped on the ATV while the others dove into the cart and they raced down the pier toward the group. As they reached the end of the dock they began firing randomly over the group heads in an attempt to get them to duck.

The tactic worked and the group ducked behind rocks and trees. The men continued to fire as they hit the beach. Grim realized that the men were just providing suppressive fire and were not trying to hit anyone. Grim yelled to the group saying that the men were not targeting anyone and that they were just trying to run. Grim told everyone to stay down. As the ATV raced back Howard’s location, Howard jumped up and tried to hit the ATV’s tire with his axe. He missed the tire and was only about to hit the body of the ATV, not doing much damage. Grim backing Howard’s play, stood up and put a bullet in the head of the driver, killing him instantly.

With the driver dead, the ATV went out of control crashing. The ATV and the cart tipped over and spilled the remaining three men onto the ground. Before they could recover, Grim put a bullet into the head of another of the men and Kevin stepped up and with his shotgun, blasted a hole in another man chest. Howard, in another of his berserker rages ran toward the crash. Dr. Rivet also ran toward the ATV with the intention to provide medical aid to the men. Lisa tried to fire her gun, but froze. Being a teenager with no combat experience, she could not bring herself to fire upon a living person. Tabitha horrified by what was occurring continued to stay behind cover.

The last man grabbed his machine gun and began to run away from the group. Grim attempted to shoot him, but missed. Grim fired again and missed a second time. The man continued to run and was a good distance away from the group. Grim fired one more hit, hitting the man in the chest, taking him down. Dr. Rivet tried to help the men, but they were all dead.

Howard and Tabitha raced down the docks to check on the rest of the survivors. Howard Jr. explained that these men were trying to take the groups weapons and food. Howard jr. did mention that one of the men said “Compton said not to take from people with old people and children. This isn’t right Rex.” The man called Rex told the other man to shut up. Then the group had arrived and the men had retreated.

The group spent a few minutes looting the cart and drained the ATV of gas. They then decided to head back up and search the restaurant. They quickly realized that all of the gun fire had drawn more zombies to the area and decided to retreat back to the boats. They quickly got the boats away from the pier to decide their next move.

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Very cool! The horror continues…..

Session 11
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