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Rise of the Dead

Session 2

Initial Outbreak Pt. 1

Dr. Rivet leaned down and began CPR on Roger Parker. After a few seconds, Roger Parker began breathing again, but remained unconscious. As Dr. Rivet continued to check Roger Parker’s vitals, the Ship’s Captain, Oliver Roberts, began comforting Cheryl Parker and her daughter Nicole. After calling for the ship’s Doctor, Joshua Ritter helped keep the crowd away from Dr. Rivet and the patient, giving them the space they needed.

Dr. Kelp noticed that the wait staff did not attempt to assist in the medical emergency and that First Mate Adam Cooper continued to eat his dinner as if nothing was happening. Howard Barclay also noticed this and was deeply concerned, knowing that all of the wait staff and especially the Officers present were well training in CPR and emergency medical training. The fact that no one seemed to help Roger Parker, annoyed Howard.

After 15 minutes, Dr. Hill and the ship’s nurse Laura Turner arrived with a stretcher. Dr. Hill thanked Dr. Rivet for his timely intervention and began to check over the patient. Dr. Rivet explained what had occurred and told Dr. Hill aboutRoger’s current condition. Dr. Hill and Laura helped Roger on to the stretcher and took him down to the Medical Center. Dr. Rivet followed them. Captain Roberts gave a quick speech to calm the remaining passengers and then followed the medical staff to the medical center, while continuing to comfort Cheryl and Nicole Parker.

With the excitement over, the remaining guests sat down and attempted to continue their dinner. Howard Barclay not wanting to go back to the officer’s table with only Adam Cooper there, sat down at his assigned table. He attempted to have a conversation with Tabitha Ross, but their age different left little to talk about. Grim Walker spoke with his family about what they were planning to do that evening. It was decided that young Jassan would be dropped off at Flounder’s and Lisa would go to the Stack, while Grim and Rose had a drink at the Cove Café.

Down in the medical center, Dr. Rivet was assisting Dr. Hill with Roger Parker. While they were setting Roger up in one of the medical suites, Captain Roberts asked to speak with Dr. Hill. Dr. Rivet and Laura Turner continued to set up an IV while Dr. Hill and the Captain stepped into the hallway. Dr. Rivet heard bits and pieces of the conversation through the door. The Captain was upset at how long it took the Doctor to arrive on scene. Dr. Hill explained that he was delayed by federal agents. The Captain did not sound please to hear this, and Dr. Hill went on to state that intervention should have come from the staff in the area. The Captain agreed and allowed Dr. Hill to return to his work. Dr. Rivet stayed to help take care of the patient.

After dinner, Tabitha headed up to the Stack. She was greeted by Melissa Wells, the Activity Director. All of the teenagers created profiles at the “Download Center,” and were given a cell phone like device. Melissa explained that the “Cell Phones” allow the teenagers to download current activities and will allow them to text each other while on the ship. The “Cell Phone” does not make calls and use the ship’s Wi-Fi, so they do not work off the ship. Tabitha spent the rest of the night at the Stack dancing and talking to her friends.

Grim Walker dropped Jassan off at Flounder’s, while Lisa went to the Stack. Rose and Grim headed to the Cove Café to relax. Rose spoke with Grim about his upcoming Television show. She explained to Grim that she is concerned that he will be traveling a lot. Grim missed a lot of Lisa’s childhood due to his time in the Marines, and Rose explained that she was afraid that he will miss Jassan’s childhood with the television show. Grim reassured her that he would do shows in the U.S. and has already spoken to the producers about taking the family with him at times. While not completely happy with the situation, Rose conceded the point.

Andrea and Kevin headed to one of the adult only bars to have a drink. They talked for a bit, before Andrea told Kevin that she had decided to move to New York City. Andrea explained to Kevin that she wanted to take her acting career more seriously. She also told Kevin that she wanted him to move with her. Kevin was a little surprised at the news, but promised to think about it.

Up on Deck, Howard and Candy took an evening walk. Howard was very quiet and Candy asked him what was wrong. Howard explained his troubles about Walter. Howard asked Candy’s opinion of Bruce taking over Barclay Dental. Candy explains that while she loves her son, she did not think it was a good fit. Howard agreed and then told her about the strange chemicals Walter agreed to put into the toothpaste. Candy was shocked by this news, but did know what to do about it.

As Dr. Kelp wandered the ship, he noticed the two Men in black, heading down the hall. He decided to follow them. The men in black went down to the medical center. Dr. Kelp slipped up to the door to see what he could hear. Inside, he heard the men in black talking with Dr. Hill. Dr. Kelp could hear equipment moving around. After a few minutes the Man in Black left the room forcing Dr. Kelp to retreat down the hallway. Dr. Kelp ducked into a side corridor and when the man in black walked by, Dr. Kelp saw that he was carrying a small vial of blood.

The next day everyone arrived for breakfast at the Topsider Buffet on Deck 9. Everyone participated in small talk. Dr. Kelp spoke with Dr. Rivet about the man in black taking blood from Mr. Parker last night. Dr. Rivet found it strange, but dismissed it due to Dr. Kelp eccentric behavior.

After breakfast Dr. Kelp went to the Disney library on the ship. He was interesting in learning about the Disney culture and how Disney had created a “Cult” mentality among its employees and customers. Dr. Kelp spent the entire morning reading and copy materials for his research.

Kevin Cole headed over to the Oceaneer Lab on Deck 5 to give a class on wood working. A large number of children attended. Kevin had the children build small wooded replicas of the Disney magic. Even The Walker family attended the workshop.

Tabitha spent the early morning shopping with Sarah Bishop for flowers for Mr. Parker. Tabitha and Sarah also shopped for pajamas for the Pajama Party later that night. Eventually Tabitha is left alone to shop as Ike Anderson and Sarah head off to be alone. Later that morning, Tabitha went off to rehearse for the cheer leading show that night. Deborah was in a terrible mood and terrorized the squad throughout the entire rehearsal.

Dr. Rivet headed down to the medical center to check up on Mr. Parker. Dr. Rivet spoke with Laura Turner and learned that Mr. Parker had died of a second heart attack during the early morning. With not much else to do, Dr. Rivet headed out for a drink. This had not been a relaxing vacation for him.

Howard met with Walter again to make sure he was lucid. Walter was in good shape and Howard asked about the chemicals in the toothpaste. Walter explained that his Head of Research and Development was gathering the information and would have it shortly. Walter thanked Howard for his help.

At 4:30 p.m., the Cheerleaders of Norwood, North Carolina put on their show. All of the characters attended. The show was amazing up until the end. During the last part of the routine, Dillon Lambert slipped and missed catching Tammy Lewis. Tammy hit the stage hard and broke her left leg. Irene Helms rushed out and with the help of Dr. Bernstein was able to carry Tammy off the stage. Deborah forced the squad to finish the show. Once the show was over, Ms. Sylvester went out on stage to thank everyone for attending and assured everyone that Tammy would be ok. The teachers along with Dillon took Tammy down to the medical center.

A little later, Tabitha went down to the Medical Center to check up on Tammy. Tammy’s left leg was definitely broke and Dr. Hill explained that he would need to put it into a cast. Dillon decided to stay with Tammy. He was feeling very guilty for dropping Tammy and wanted stay with her until the cast was done. Tabitha went back to her room to get ready for comet viewing party in the Stack.

At 7:30 everyone went up on deck to view the passing of the ISON comet. The ship’s crew had set up telescopes on the Wide World of Sports on Deck 10. While most of the group watched the comet from Deck 10, Tabitha and the teenagers watched the comet from the Stack. As the Comet passed overhead, the Speakers played “Wish upon a star,” and other Disney classics. The Comet came so close to the Earth, that the telescopes were on used to view the comet more closely. People on the open deck noticed that as time went on the night actually grew warmer for some reason. After the comet viewing, everyone went off to enjoy other activities.

A few hours after the comet viewing, Howard and Candy decided to go for a walk on deck. Candy wanted to get a shawl from her room, even though the night was atypically warm. As Howard and Candy walked down the hallway toward their cabin, Howard heard Bruce’s phone go off again causing him to cringe. A few seconds later the phone rang again and again and again. The fact that Bruce had not answered his phone worried Howard. Howard approached the door to Bruce and Fatima’s room and found the door slightly ajar and blood on the wall inside. Howard cautiously opened the door and found Bruce lying on the bed with his back toward Howard. Fatima was nowhere to be seen. Howard heard Bruce moaning in pain. Worried about his son, Howard approached calling out his son’s name. As Howard reached out to touch his son on the shoulder, Howard was tackled from behind. A man Howard had never seen before grabbed him and attempt to bite Howard on the neck. The man had a large check of his neck ripped out and blood was covering his chest. Howard could tell that these wounds were fatal.

As Howard struggled with the man, Grim Walker in the room next door heard the struggle. Making sure that Jassan was safe in their cabin, Grim went out into the Hallway to see if he could help. In the hallway, Grim found Candy scared out of her mind. He asked her want was wrong and she explained that her son was sick and someone was attacking her Husband. Grim told Candy to run. She ran off screaming for help.

Grim went into the room and found Howard struggling with a man who was clearly injured. Before he could act, Bruce got out of bed and attacked his father. Bruce’s stomach was ripped out an looked as if it had been eaten. Howard attempted to fight off the zombies with a closet rod, but was pushed against the closet, hitting his head hard. He went down.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rivet had gone down to the medical center to speak with Dr. Hill. As he entered the reception area, he saw that the lights in the back were flickering on and off. He slowly approached the hallway leading to the medical suites. As he entered the back area, he saw Laura Turner in the hallway. Dillon Lambert was lying on the floor obviously dead. Laura’s neck and chest was ripped apart. As he stared at her, she slowly lumped toward him. Confused and a little frightened, he called out to her. She ignored him and continued toward him.

Soon Dr. Hill emerged from another room, his face was ripped up. Frightened, Dr. Rivet stepped back and was preparing to run when Tammy emerged out of the same room Dr. Hill came from. Tammy was hopping on one leg, her left leg in a cast. She swung a crutch at Dr. Hill, but despite hitting, it did nothing to him. Dr. Rivet could not just leave Tammy so he decided to try and get to her.

Up on deck 9, Kevin Cole and Andrea are dancing in a small club. Kevin was shocked to see Mr. Parker step onto the dance floor and attack a woman. The crowd screamed and ran out of the club in a stampede. Kevin tried to get Andrea to run, but she was almost paralyzed with fear, forcing Kevin to step between her and Mr. Parker.

Dr. Kelp was sitting outside the club enjoying a drink when the scared crowd burst out of the club. He stayed out of the way as people left. Once the crowd had thinned down, he saw Mr. Parker shambling toward Kevin Cole and Andrea. Seeing the blood and guts running down Mr. Parker’s chin, Dr. Kelp decided to run.

Meanwhile, unaffected by the initial outbreak, Tabitha and the rest of the teenagers continue to party in the Stack.


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