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Rise of the Dead

Session 3

Initial Outbreak Pt. 2

Oblivious to the horrific events that had occurred around the ship, Tabitha continued to party with the teenagers in the Stack. Melissa Wells, the only adult in the Stack, served drinks and helped run the dance party. As the party continued, Tabitha noticed Deborah and Claude complaining about Dillon’s earlier mistake. Deborah complained that Dillon ruined the entire show and told Claude that if Tammy had been a better cheerleader, she would not have broken her leg. Tabitha knew that Deborah was mean, but never realized before how cold hearted she was.

Patricia, worried about her boyfriend Dillon, snapped at Deborah. Patricia and Deborah yelled at each other for a few minutes, until Tabitha stepped in to get Patricia away from Deborah. Still upset, Patricia decided to leave and check up on Dillon. Tabitha offered to go with her, but Patricia said she wanted to be alone for a bit. Patricia left the Stack.

Tabitha was worried about Patricia, but decided to try and have fun. Sarah Bishop kept glancing at David Fletcher. Tabitha knew that Sarah had a crush on David for a while. Tabitha encouraged Sarah to ask David to dance. At first Sarah was reluctant, but eventually she went over and spoke with him. David agreed and they went out to the small dance floor.

Tabitha noticed Cameron sitting in a corner by himself. He was staring a picture on his phone. Tabitha went over to talk to him. She asked if he was ok and Cameron explained that the picture was his eight year old sister. She was killed in gun crossfire between two rival gangs. Tabitha wanted to ask more, but instead decided to just console him.

Meanwhile in the Medical Center, Dr. Rivet stood off against Dr. Hill and Laura Turner, now turned to zombies. Dr. Rivet grabbed a blood pressure stand, and yelled at the zombie to get them to attack him. The zombies took the bait and shambled toward him. Dr. Rivet yelled for Tammy to run and attacked Dr. Hill. His first hit only managed to dislocate Dr. Hill’s left arm, but this allowed Tammy to slip past.

As Tammy attempted to get past the zombies, a bell was heard from the reception area. Dr. Rivet recognized the voice of Addison White. Addison had brought in her son Jordon, who had a fever. Dr. Rivet yelled for Addison to run while Tammy rushed past the zombies. Even on crutches, Tammy was athletic enough to slip past them without harm. Dr. Rivet, Tammy, Addison and Jordon ran for the door. Dr. Rivet stopping to help pull Tammy through and stood guard at the door killing Laura Turning after Tammy had gotten to safety.

When Dr. Rivet opened the door to leave the Medical Center, he found himself face to face with Joshua Ritter, head of Security. Joshua and two security officers were bringing in a man on a stretcher. The man had been attacked earlier in the night. Joshua was stunned by the scene until Dillon stood up and began following Dr. Hill into the reception area. Joshua pulled his gun and after realizing that their injuries should have been fatal, shot both of them in the head.

Dr. Rivet went into a bit of shock after the fight was over. Joshua grabbed him and shook him out of it. Joshua explained that a lot of people were being attacked on the ship and he was sending the wounded down here to get medical attention. With Dr. Hill dead, Joshua needed someone to take care of the victims. Since Dr. Rivet was the only Doctor he had, Joshua needed him to clean up the medical center and get it ready to receive patients. Tammy volunteered to help.

During this Irene Helms came in to check up on Dillon and Tammy. She screamed upon seeing the scene. Tammy and Joshua calmed her down a bit and told her that Dillon was dead. Dr. Rivet asked the security officers to escort Addison and Jordon back to their rooms. They agreed and lead Addison and Jordon back to their room. Addison looked back at Dr. Rivet, obviously scared for him.

Dr. Rivet and Tammy began to clean up the center to prepare for more patients. Irene helms still in shock, stayed to help as well. All she could think about was keeping busy so that she did not have to think about what had happened. The security officers carried the injured man to one of the medical suites.

Grim walker, locked in his room with his son Jassan, attempted to connect his daughter, Lisa, on the radio. All he received was static. Grim then attempted to call his daughter on his cell phone. He was able to connect with his daughter, but there was so much interference that he was unable to understand anything she said. He hung up and then sent a text message to his daughter and wife telling them to stay away from sick people and to return to the room for safety. His Daughter replied that she was on her way back, but he did not receive a reply from his wife.

Grim created a rudimentary boar spear using curtain rods and some Para cord he had in his Bug out Bag. Outside two security officers came to the rescue of Candy Barclay and confronted the zombie’s exiting Bruce’s room. Grim heard the voice outside and opened his door. He told everyone to get inside, but only Candy responded. The Security officers still believed that they were dealing with people. The security officers ordered the zombies to get on their knees. When they did not respond, one of the officers fired his Taser. The Taser had no effect on the undead creature.

Howard Barclay regained consciousness and stepped out into the hall. He saw the security officers dealing with the zombies and without thinking he charged the zombies. Holding his closet rod before him, be ran through the zombie clothes-lining them and dropping them to the ground. Not waiting to see the result of his charge, Howard continued running. Grim called to Howard, telling him that his wife, Candy was inside the room. Howard ran into the room and embraced his wife.

Grim watched the security deal with the zombies. One of the security officers was knocked off his feet and was bitten repeatedly by one of the zombies. Grim rushed out to help, makeshift boar spear in hand. All the clues, as outrageous as it seemed, lead Grim to realize that these were in fact zombies. Grim attacked the zombie eating the security officer and was able to kill it. He then attacked and killed the second Zombie before it could bite the second security officer.

On Deck 9, Kevin Cole and Andrea Lipton were in the night club facing off against the zombie, formerly known as Roger Parker. Roger advanced on Kevin, while Andrea stood paralyzed with fear. Roger shambled toward Kevin. Kevin grabbed a chair from one of the tables and attacked Roger. The blow did not faze the zombie at all. Freaked out, Kevin grabbed Andrea and ran away. The slow moving Roger could not keep up. On his way out, Kevin saw Disney Magic staff people approaching the night club. He warned them that Roger was attacking and eating people.

Kevin and Andrea ran to the front of the ship, to the Wide World of Sports Deck. Needing weapons to fight the zombies, Kevin decided to break into the equipment room. The door was of course locked, but luckily Kevin had experience with similar locks in his past and was able to pick the lock easily. Inside he found a large amount of sport equipment. He took two baseball bats, two hockey sticks and two pairs of rollers blade. Kevin and Andrea then headed back to their room trying to avoid any more zombies.

Back on Deck 5, Howard called the Medical Center to tell them about the injured security officer. Dr. Rivet answered and told him that Dr. Hill was dead. Howard explained that a security officer was severely injured, but Dr. Rivet simply told him to bring the officer down to the medical center. The remaining security officer grabbed an emergency stretcher from down the hall and asked Grim to help him carry his friend to the Medical Center. Grim said he couldn’t help and asked Howard to help the security officer. Howard agreed and began lifting the injured man onto the stretcher.

Both Howard and the Security officer paused in their work when the saw Kevin Cole and Andrea roller blading down the hallway carrying their baseball bats and hockey sticks. The couple passed Howard and continued on to their room, where they locked themselves in. Howard and the security officer then carried the injured man to the Medical Center. As they left an announcement came over the P.A. A member of the crew explained to all passengers that there was an emergency on the ship and requested that all guests remain in their rooms. All room service would be free until the emergency was resolved.

Grim, still worried about his wife, looked at the phone directory and called the salon, where his wife had gone earlier that night. There was no answer. Grim then decided to call the bridge to warn them of the attacks, but did not know the extension number. Looking at the phone directory, Grim decided to call the Medical Center. Dr. Rivet answered and gave him the number to the bridge, which Dr. Rivet had learned from Joshua Ritter.

Calling the bridge, Grim spoke with Sean Anderson. Sean had been receiving these strange reports all evening, so he knew to take this call seriously. Sean handed the phone off to First Mate Adam Cooper. Grim explained the situation to Adam Cooper, but Adam did not believe him. Adam requested that he stay in his room and remain calm until the emergency was over. Grim, annoyed hung up the phone. Grim needing to find his wife turned to Candy and asked her to watch over Jassan while he went to the salon. He instructed her to lock the door and not let anyone one in she didn’t know and to make anyone she did know say something coherent before she opened the door for them. Candy agreed and Grim grabbed his makeshift boar spear and left.

In the Medical Center Dr. Rivet attended to the wounded. Ten injured had arrived. Two people were severely wounded. It appeared to Dr. Rivet as if they had been eaten alive. The remaining eight people had various bites on their bodies. Many of these patients seemed to be suffering from some sort of fever. Irene Helms, having learned first aid as a backup nurse to her school, was helping Dr. Rivet tend to the patients. Tammy Lewis, despite being on crutches stayed as well to help.

Howard brought in the injured security officer. Dr. Rivet was surprised at the severity of the wounds. They brought the injured man into a medical suite and Dr. Rivet explained that he must operate quickly or the man will die. Howard got out of the way to let him work.

Dr. Rivet spent over 30 minutes in surgery before the man died, his wounds were too severe. Saddened that he couldn’t save the man, Dr. Rivet order the body placed into another room and went to check his other patients. Howard went into the reception area and began calling his family to make sure they were ok.

As the party in the Stack continued, one of the men in black entered the room and demanded Melissa Wells turn off the music. The man flashed his badge and identified himself as a member of home land security, he then requested that Tabitha Ross step forward. Tabitha was a bit reluctant, but came forward anyways. The man in black quizzed her to ensure that she was in fact Tabitha Ross. Once he was satisfied, he ordered Tabitha to follow him. Again she reluctantly agreed.

Before they could leave, the man in black received a radio message from his partner. He was told about the violent attacks occurring around the ship and the events that had unfolded in the Medical Center. Freaked out by the news of zombies, the Man in Black pulled his gun on the group of teenagers and ordered everyone to line up against the wall. He then opened up a briefcase and took out a few medical supplies used to draw blood.

The teenagers were freaked out by this turn of events. David Fletcher did not like where this was going. When the Man in Black ordered Tabitha to approach, David got ready to rush him. The Man in Black caught David’s intentions and pointed the gun at him, telling him not to be a hero. David backed down.

Tabitha approached the man in black and was ordered to sit down at the bar. She did and allowed the Man in Black to draw a vial of her blood. The strangeness of the scene kept the group from stopping the Man in Black. They were too confused and scared to act. Once he had the vial of blood, he placed it in his suitcase and began back toward the door, gun pointed at the group.
The Man in Black opened the door and told everyone to remain in the room. Before he could say or do anything else, two zombies grabbed him and pulled him into the hallway. His gun fell into the room as the Zombies began to eat him. His screams paralyzed most of the teenagers, but Tabitha rushed forward to save him. She attacked the zombies with a pool cue to try to get them to stop attacking the man, but Lisa Walker pulled her away, telling her that the man was already dead. Lisa then pushed his body back into the hall and closed the door before the Zombies could enter the room.

Lisa had quickly picked up the gun during the attack, but Melissa Wells asked for it. Normally Lisa’s survival training would have made her keep the gun, but Melissa was very persuasive. Lisa gave up the gun. With the door locked, Melissa went to the phone to call the bridge. She was told of the attacks around the ship and order to keep the teenagers in the Stack until the situation was resolved.

Melissa addressed the teenagers telling them that there was an emergency on the ship and they were to remain here until further notice. The teenagers, already scared from watching the Man in Black being eaten, did not argue. Melissa turned the music back on to calm them down, but everyone just sat there quietly. Scared. The sounds of the Zombies beating on the door were still heard over the music.

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These are awesome. If you read these with the player jurnals you really get the whole piture.

Session 3

Getting very tense! Nice work!

Session 3
kettle kettle

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