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Rise of the Dead

Session 4

The Crash

The loud beat of the music that came from the Stack had attracted more zombies. Tabitha sat in the Stack feeling ill, thinking about the man who had been eaten. The relentless pounding of the zombies outside, only made things worse. She rushed to the bathroom and threw up for a few minutes. Tabitha stayed in the bathroom, trying to calm her nerves.

When she returned to the main room of the Stack, she noticed Lisa Walker climbing a bookshelf. Lisa, using her Swiss army knife, was able to detach the bookshelf from the wall. With the help of Cameron and Jonathon they were able to get the bookshelf in front of the door. After the book shelf was secure, Lisa, Cameron and Jonathon moved the Pool Table in front of the bookshelf to add even more of a barrier against the door. Everyone felt a little better with the door being secured, but it did not stop them from hearing the moans and pounding of the dead outside.

In the medical center, Dr. Rivet was treating a patient while Howard Barclay called his family members from the ship phone. Dr. Rivet had eight patients. All had bites except for one patient who had a deep scratch. Regardless of the wound, all of the patients were suffering from fevers of over 105 degrees. Tammy Lewis, despite her broken leg, and Irene Helms were busy helping other patients.

Howard Barclay first called his son, Howard Barclay Jr. After a few rings, Howard Jr. answered the phone. Howard Jr. explained to his father that after the first initial attacks around the ship, Erik Dole checked up on the family and moved everyone into three cabins to make sure everyone was safe. Howard Jr. did not have all of the details and suggested his father talk with Erik about where everyone was located. With Howard Jr. were John Barclay, Arun Barclay, Daniel Barclay, Desirae Gruber, and Fatima Barclay.

After Howard had finished talking with his son, an announcement came over the P.A. system. First mate Adam Cooper addressed the passengers and crew. Cooper explained that the ship was experiencing a number of violent outbursts. He advised all passengers to head to the Walt Disney Theatre, if it was safe to do so. Those unable to safely head to the Theatre were told to stay in their rooms. Security would be around to collect them. Cooper also informed the ship that the Captain had sent out a S.O.S to the nearest Coast Guard ship.

On Deck 5, Grim Walker, having left his son Jassan with Candy Barclay, headed off to the Vista Spa & Salon to find his wife Rose. As Grim passed the large windows overlooking the promenade he ripped a piece off the curtains and tied it around his mouth. Grim was concerned about getting zombie blood in his mouth, not knowing if it would infect him or not. Cautiously he approached the forward elevators and pushed the button. As he waited for the elevator to arrive, he heard moans of the dead from the cabins in the forward section. He decided not to investigate and instead slipped into the elevator once it had arrived. He did not realize that the Barclay family was dealing with zombies in their area. Luckily, Erik Dole was able to deal with the threat and keep the Barclay family safe. As he waited in the elevator he sent another text to Lisa. He worried that she didn’t immediately respond.

A few minutes after Grim Walker had left his cabin, three zombies moved into the hallway near his room. They could hear Jassan crying inside the room, despite Candy’s attempts to keep him quiet. The zombies began banging on the door trying to get inside. Dr. Kelp, who was a few doors down, heard the zombies crash through Grim walker’s door. Dr. Kelp felt it was safer to stay inside his room, at least until the zombies had passed. Kevin Cole, in a room nearby, also heard the zombies break into Grim’s room. Kevin told Andrea to stay in the room and went out into the hall to confront the zombies. As he did so, he heard a woman scream from inside a cabin. The two zombies in the hall spotted Kevin and began to move toward him.

Meanwhile, in the Stack, Tabitha noticed David Fletcher and Edward Hamilton looking out a large window. Heading over to them, Tabitha saw a large ship a good distance away. Tabitha couldn’t be sure but she thought it might be a Coast Guard ship. Looking out over the Goofy family pool, Tabitha noticed a group of people moving around the deck. The people shambled as if they were injured. Tabitha wondered if these people were on drugs. Mickey Mouse shambled into Tabitha’s view. Mickey’s head was leaning heavily to the side and he was walking with a distinct limp. Tabitha wondered if even Mickey Mouse was on drugs.

Lisa Walker mentioned that she had noticed that there were dozens of lights attached to the outside of the Stack. Lisa suggested that they should find a way to turn on the lights and create a S.O.S message with them. Tabitha, having a strong background in electronics, offered to help. Tabitha and Lisa were able to locate the electrical panel and Tabitha began to rewire it to turn on the lights. Richard Southerland came over and told them that he had learned Morse code as an Eagle Scout. Soon they had the lights on and Richard began tapping out S.O.S, hoping that the Coast Guard Ship could see the lights.

Howard Barclay went to the back of the medical center to speak with Dr. Rivet. Howard wanted to let Dr. Rivet know that he was going to leave to check up on his family. As the two talked, they heard the horrible moan of a zombie coming from the back room where they had been storing the recently dead. Dr. Rivet cautiously looked into the hall and saw the dead security guard shambling down the hall toward them. The living security officers responded quickly and began firing at the zombie.

Dr. Rivet ducked back inside the room and retrieved his metal pipe. Howard Barclay removed a metal rod from the bed next to him. When the gun fire ended, Dr. Rivet checked out into the hallway and found the zombie dead. His relief was short lived as screams were heard from the reception area. Five more zombies had entered the Medical Center.

Grim Walker had made it to Deck 9. He cautiously approached the Vista Spa & Salon. Inside near the reception area he saw two zombies shambling around and a third further in the Spa. The two zombies spotted him and moved toward him. Grim got his makeshift boar spear ready as they approached. Not wanting to get near them, Grim attacked them as they approached, then moved back. Grim realized that he was much faster than the zombies and repeated the tactic. The zombies approached, Grim attacked, then Grim moved back. As he fought the zombies he could feel his phone vibrate in his pocket. He hoped it was a text from his daughter but didn’t dare check as he fought the zombies. Grim continued moving out of the Spa, through the Forward elevator lobby and down next to the Quiet Cove Adult Pool. Grim was able to kill one of the zombies, before he reached the pool.

With his back to the pool and the second zombie approaching, Grim waited for the zombie to attack. As the zombie lunged for him, Grim sidestepped and pushed the zombie into the pool with his makeshift boar spear. The zombie flayed uselessly in the water as Grim raced back toward the Spa, where his wife was. On the way back, Grim encountered the third zombie who had left the SPA after the first two zombies. Grim was able to make quick work of the last zombie before entering the Vista Spa & Salon.

Kevin Cole stood in the hallway facing off against two zombies. He made a few test swings with his “Baseball bat axe” he had made earlier, and then charged the zombies. Kevin’s inexperience in combat was evident as he tried repeatedly to hit the zombies in the head, but continued to miss, swing after swing. Luckily for Kevin, the zombies were unable to grab him. Eventually Kevin was able to get a solid hit on one of the zombies and it went down. As he fought the other zombie, a third zombie entered the hallway and began shambling toward him. Feeling that discretion is the better part of valor, Kevin retreated back into his room and locked the door.

In the Medical center, the five security officers attempted to defend the center from the zombie onslaught. The security guards were able to kill one zombie, but lost three guards in the process. Dr. Rivet helped get Irene Helms and Tammy into a large storage room to keep them safe. As the fight continued, the remaining two security guards were able to kill three of the zombies, but the zombies kept coming. Dr. Rivet went out to assist the security guards, while Howard Barclay stayed to protect the people in the storage room.

Dr. Rivet, wielding his metal IV stand, was able to kill the two last zombies in this room with a quick flurry of blows targeting the head. Dr. Rivet stood over the zombie’s remains and one of the last security guards circled around to the other hallway to check on a zombie that had moved down there. Surprising Dr. Rivet, a new Zombie entered the hall from one of the medical suites. The patient in the room had died and returned as one of the dead. Trapped, Dr. Rivet fought for his life and was successful in killing this last zombie. Dr. Rivet then returned to the storage room to check on the people taking shelter there. Realizing that the dead security guards would rise as zombies, Dr. Rivet returned to the scene of the slaughter after deliberately closing the door to the store room so no one would see as he destroyed their brains before they could turn. Looking up as he finished the grisly task he saw Howard Barclay staring at him.

Cautiously, Grim walker approached the mud room. Inside he could hear the moans of a zombie. As he entered the room, he found his wife, Rose Walker, stuck in the mud bath. She had already turned. Despite his discipline, Grim could not hold back the tears and emotions. Grim walked over to the edge of the bath and with tears in his eyes, ended his wife’s undead existence. He then went into the locker room to retrieve her wedding ring. Practically defeated, Grim left the Salon and headed back to his room. Along the way he texted his Daughter Lisa and learned that the teenagers were evacuating the Stack and heading for the Walt Disney Theatre.

Dr. Kelp remained quiet while the fight ensured outside in the hallway. Finally having enough, he decided to head to the Walt Disney Theatre as the crew had suggested. He attempted to create a rope out of bed sheets to climb down to the next deck, but was unable to make it work. With no rope to work with, Dr. Kelp decided to jump for it. He went out on to the veranda and hung down, then jumped to the promenade of Deck 4. Surprisingly he made it without hurting himself.

As Dr. Kelp landed on Deck 4, he noticed a security officer moving toward him. The security officer took his arm and offered to help him to the Walt Disney Theatre. He explained to Dr. Kelp that there were zombies behind them and that they had to hurry. Dr. Kelp agreed and ran with the officer.

Kevin Cole, having barely escaped the zombies in the hall decided it was time for him and Andrea to get to the Walt Disney Theatre. Kevin created some rope from bed sheet. With his knowledge and skills, he was able to create a robe long enough to lower Andrea off the veranda down to Deck 4. The bed sheet rope unfortunately did not reach all the way, so Andrea had to jump. She landed hard on the promenade twisting her right ankle badly and screamed in horror as she saw zombies approaching. Tying off the bed sheet, Kevin followed her down and landed without incident. Through the window they saw Dr. Kelp and the security guard running. When the security guard saw them he stopped to help Kevin support Andrea as they ran toward the theater and safety. All four of them made it to the Walt Disney Theatre without incident before the shambling zombies reached them.

In the Stack, the Activity Director, Melissa wells began preparing the teenagers to head to the Walt Disney Theatre. Tabitha could still see the Coast Guard Ship outside heading for the Disney Magic. Wanting to make sure that they could easily find the ship, Tabitha began working on the electrical panel to automate Richard Southerland’s S.O.S. While Tabitha worked, Melissa Wells gathered up the teenagers into two groups, Melissa explained that the elevators would only fit half the group, so they would head down in two groups. Melissa prepared the first group to head down to Deck 4.

In the Medical Center, Dr. Rivet received a phone call from Adam Cooper. Mr. Cooper, thinking he was Dr. Hill, told him to bring up medical supplies to the Walt Disney Theatre. Mr. Cooper explained that there were about a dozen injured people and he expected more injured to arrive. Cooper hung up before Dr. Rivet could do more than agree.

Howard Barclay and Dr. Rivet talked about sending medical supplies up to the theatre. It dawned on Dr. Rivet that the people dying of the fever were coming back as zombies. Dr. Rivet fearful of the people in the theatre, called Mr. Cooper back. A security officer answered. Dr. Rivet explained to the security officer that the sick would come back as zombies when they died. Before the security officer could react to the news, Mr. Cooper took the phone away and demanded to know who was calling. Dr. Rivet introduced himself and explained that Dr. Hill was dead. He further explained that Joshua Ritter had put him in charge of the medical center. Mr. Cooper asked Dr. Rivet what he was calling about, and Dr. Rivet again explained that the sick would rise as zombies.

In shock and panic, Mr. Cooper dropped the phone, but Dr. Rivet could still hear voices on the other end. He could hear Mr. Cooper yelling at security officers. Mr. Cooper attempted to get the security officers to shoot and kill the sick people. The security officer refused, but Dr. Rivet could tell that they were afraid of Mr. Cooper and might eventually give in. Thinking quickly, Dr. Rivet hung up the phone and immediately dialed the P.A. system. Over the P.A. Dr. Rivet called for Joshua Ritter to stop Mr. Cooper. Dr. Rivet went on to explain that Mr. Cooper was going to shoot sick people. Howard cringed and it was clear that everyone on the ship had now heard that sick people were going to be shot. Dr. Rivet hung up the phone.

In the Walt Disney Theatre, Mr. Cooper yelled at the security guards to shoot the sick. Dr. Kelp yelled at Mr. Cooper, saying that it was unethical to kill the sick and injured. Mr. Cooper snapped at Dr. Kelp causing Kelp to sink back into the crowd. Kevin Cole, on the other hand, could not stand by and watch this happen. Kevin charged Mr. Cooper hitting him hard of the head and knocking him unconscious. Once Mr. Cooper was down, Kevin asked the officers to restrain him. Still afraid of Mr. Cooper, they refused to restrain him, but gave Kevin some zip ties to bind him.

Howard told Dr. Rivet that they needed to get to the theatre to stop Adam Cooper. Knowing that the people in the theatre would need the medical supplies, Howard, Dr. Rivet, Irene Helms and Tammy began collecting medical supplies and loading the up on a stretcher. Dr. Rivet also found a wheel chair for Tammy to make travel easier for her. As they prepared to leave the Medical Center, an announcement came over the P.A. system. They heard Captain Roberts yell for Mr. Cooper to stand down. The Captain then told everyone to stop using the P.A. system. Before they left the Medical Center, Howard bound all the sick to their hospital bed. Both Dr. Rivet and Howard hated restraining and leaving the patients behind, but could not think of a better solution.

Grim Walker returned to Deck 5 to grab his son Jassan before heading to the Walt Disney Theatre. As he approached his room, he noticed that the door was broken. He raced into the room and found Candy dead on the floor and Jassan nowhere to be found. Frantically he searched the room and found an air duct open. It was too small for him to fit into, but it was big enough for Jassan to fit in. He looked as far down the vent as he could with a flashlight, but could not see his son. He called to Jassan, but received no response.

Determined to find his son, Grim went back to the hall and knocked on the door next door. He was hoping that Jassan had crawled out of the vent into a different room. When no one answered, he broke into the room. He found the vent in place and moved to the next room. When he knocked on this door, he could hear the moans of a zombie inside. He realized then that Jassan would have no way of opening the vents from inside the air duct. His only hope was to get help. He decided to head to the Walt Disney Theatre.

Tabitha finished her work on the electrical panel and was pleased to see the S.O.S. message going. As she headed to the elevator she noticed that the Coast Guard ship was almost to them. She almost smiled, until she realized that the ship was not slowing down. To stunned to move, she watched as the Coast Guard ship slammed into the Disney Magic. The impact tilted the Disney Magic heavily to the side. Tabitha athletic ability easily allowed her to keep her footing. Before the Disney Magic righted itself, Tabitha saw a couple dozen zombies fall off the Coast Guard ship on to the promenade of the Disney Magic. Not wanting to watch anymore, Tabitha jumped into the elevator and headed down to Deck 4.

As the elevator doors opened, Tabitha could hear the sounds of the crash were even loader on this deck. She knew that the Coast Guard ship, being much smaller than the Disney Magic, had hit very close to this deck. As she stepped off the elevator, all power to the ship went off. She stood in the dark with the rest of the teenagers. The sound of twisting metal could be heard throughout the deck, but more importantly were the moans of the undead, hungry for their flesh.

To be Continued in Session 5

Check out the Characters’ journal for this session to learn more!


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