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Rise of the Dead

Session 5

Safety in numbers

In the dark with no power on the ship, the group, still separated, attempted to reach the Walt Disney Theatre. Grim Walker, on Deck 5, moved to the stair well. Once inside the stair well he heard people moving around in the dark. He paused, concerned that they were zombies. Quickly he realized that they were not as he heard them talking. He cautiously approached them and came face to face with a bald middle aged man, wielding a makeshift club. Once the man, who introduced himself as Erik Dole, realized that Grim was human, he lowered his club. The group then continued down the stairs to Deck 4 without incident.

Grim and Erik’s group arrived on Deck 4 in front of the Walt Disney Theatre. Grim, Erik and Howard Barclay Jr. watched for zombies as the women and children made it to the theatre. Once everyone was safe, Erik and Howard followed. As Grim began to follow them the door to the crew only stairwell opened.

Dr. Rivet, Howard Barclay, Tammy Lewis and Irene Helms emerged carrying medical supplies. The group paused for a second upon seeing Grim. Grim stepped up to Howard and sadly explained that Candy Barclay was killed in his room by the zombies. Further down the hall Tabitha, Melissa Wells and the teenagers approached the theatre. They were also able to make it into the theatre without incident. As they reached the theatre, the emergency lighting kicked in. While still dim, they at least had a little light.

Inside the Walt Disney Theatre was almost pure chaos. Over 30 people were inside huddled in small groups. A dozen sick or injured people laid on the stage. A passenger attempted to treat them. Upon entering, Howard saw his family and raced over to them. They hugged each other, glad to be back together. Howard talked with his son, Howard Jr and his son in-law Erik Dole. They explained to Howard that not all of the family made it out alive. The Barclay family had lost Al Southerland, Alice Southerland, Alvin Barclay, Candy Barclay, Donna Barclay, Duc Nguyen, Juan Barclay, Monica Barclay and Walter Barclay. Erik also explained that Agnes Barclay and Kim Ochoa were unaccounted for.

As Tabitha entered the theatre, Dr. Bernstein and Coach Sylvester came up and hugged her and the other teenagers. The teachers were relieved to find them all ok. Tabitha asked them if they had any luck getting someone to save Patricia, reminding them that she was trapped in a bathroom on Deck 10. Dr. Bernstein told her that he had spoken to the security, but they had been unable to send anyone out to find her. Tammy headed over to the group and Tabitha was happy to see her, and told her that she was sorry that Dillon had died. Tammy explains that after Dillon had died, he rose back up as a zombie.

Grim Walker headed up to the stage to speak with the security officers. He asked the security who was in charge. The security officers pointed to Adam Cooper. Mr. Cooper sat at the back of the stage, his hands and feet bound by zip ties. As Grim watched him, Mr. Cooper began mumbling to himself. He talked about the dead rising and how he had to kill everyone. It was obvious to Grim that Adam had lost his mind.

Grim tells the security officer that he is a retired Marine Colonel. Grim explains that once the wounded die, they will rise up as one of the undead. Grim asked if there was anywhere to quarantine the sick. He also suggested restraining them in case they died and told the security officer that when they died, their heads would have to be smashed in.

The security officer is horrified by this information, but told Grim that the sick can be moved into the orchestra pit. Other than missing a roof, the room had walls and two doors to keep people inside. Grim requested a gun from the security officer, but he refused. Frustrated Grim walked off. Grim attempted to text his daughter, but found that phones, even text messages were not working.

As Grim moved around the theatre, he noticed his daughter Lisa. He raced over to her and hugged her. He could not control his emotion and began to cry. Lisa, who had never seen her father cry before, began crying as well. Grim explained to Lisa that her mother was dead and that Jassan was missing. He gave her Rose’s necklace. For a long while, they simply held each other and cried.

Dr. Rivet after taking in the scene, headed to the stage to examine the sick. After a few minutes he called for Irene Helms asking for her help. Tammy seeing Ms. Helms heading to the stage followed. Tammy was determined to help in any way she could, despite her broken leg.

Howard Barclay headed to the stage to speak with one of the security officers. Howard explained that he was the chief engineer of the Disney Wonder. Relieved to have a ranking officer, the security officer, named John Hall, explained that Joshua Ritter was on the bridge with the Captain and that Adam Cooper was in charge before he went crazy. He also explained that a retired Marine suggested they move the bodies into the orchestra pit. Howard agreed.

Dr. Rivet made a general announcement to the crowd. He asked if there were anyone with medical training. Desiree Gruber came forward telling him that she was an Emergency Trauma Nurse. Dr. Rivet put her to work caring for the sick, while Irene Helms and a few men moved the sick into the orchestra pit.

Worried that the entrances to the orchestra pit were not strong enough to hold zombies, if the sick were to die, Grim scavenged equipment from back stage to reinforce the doors. Tabitha attempted to text Patricia, but the phone did not work anymore. She then began helping Tammy sort Medical supplies for Dr. Rivet.

Kevin Cole headed to the Lobby and began dismantling the snack bar. He used the metal and wood to construct a barrier for the main doors. He fashioned a barrier that barred the door, but still allowed the door to be opened to let people in. Howard after speaking with Dr. Rivet headed to the ship’s phone in the back of the theatre to call the bridge. The phone still worked, but after a dozen rings, Howard hung up.

Howard Barclay , Dr. Rivet and Grim Walker talked about what to do. Grim was adamant about restraining the sick, being afraid that when they die they will cause more deaths. They talked about getting weapons, supplies and finding survivors, including Patricia and Jassan. It was decided that they would send out a small group to collect what they need. The conversation was interrupted by banging on the main doors to the theatre.

They rushed over to the doors, where Kevin Cole was working. The sound of the banging was very weak. The experience so far had been that zombies were able to bang fairly hard on the doors until the door broke. They were unsure if the banging was from a zombie or from and injured passenger. They decided to open the door, but were ready to attack. Sure enough as the opened the door, they found a zombie outside. The zombie wore the uniform of a Coast Guard member and seemed to have two broken arms.

Grim Walker quickly attacked the creature with his makeshift boar spear, but missed hitting the head. Kevin Cole took a swing with his “baseball axe” and took the zombie down. They began to close the door, when they saw a small group of ten survivors heading toward them. The survivors were main crew members, mostly waiters and store clerks. The group let them come inside and re-barricaded the doors.

Howard and Dr. Rivet continued to talk about priorities and who should go out to retrieve supplies while Grim headed back to the stage. Grim was able to get some zip ties from one of the security officers and told Desiree Gruber that she should restrain the sick. Desiree refused at first. She told Grim that she understood about the dead rising, but did not feel right tying up sick people. After a few minutes of discussion she agreed to bind the legs and continued on with her work.

Howard realized that a few time he had confused the Walt Disney Theatre and the Buena Vista Theatre and thought maybe other people had as well. He headed back to the ship phone and called the Buena Vista Theatre. Sure enough someone answered. Howard explained who he was and what was happening. The man on the other end told Howard that a construction worker named, Brandon Armstrong was in charge. Brandon got on the line and Howard spoke with him. Brandon explained that there were roughly 30 people in the theatre with him and that there were a large number of zombies at the front door. They were able to bar the doors, but it was only a matter of time before the zombies would break in.

Howard told Brandon that there was a crew door on the forward side of the theatre that would lead to a back area behind the Flounder’s Nursery. He suggested that the people try to make it to the Walt Disney Theatre quietly if they are able. Brandon suggested heading to a life boat and Howard told him that if they could make it to a life boat, then they should try. Howard told him good luck and hangs up.

During this time, Howard Jr. and Erik Dole took control of the passengers. Worried that some might be bit or scratched, they setup curtained areas and ask everyone to form two lines. They explain that they need to make sure that everyone received medical treatment. One of the lines is for women and one for men. They have a female and male with first aid training check each passenger one at a time.

Kevin Cole, after he finished with the main doors, headed to the side door of the theatre and began to bar that door as well. Howard decided to lead the supply run. He convinced Dr. Rivet that he should come, just in case they find someone injured. Howard assured the Dr. that Desiree was more than capable of caring for the sick here. Howard decided to take Grim Walker, for muscle and Kevin Cole for his construction skills. Howard explained to Dr. Rivet that they would need someone with Electrical knowledge. Tabitha stepped forward and tells them that she was good with Electronics. Howard looked her over, shaking his head. Howard then made a general announcement to the crowd, asking if anyone had any electronics experience. Since no one did, Dr. Rivet was forced to allow Tabitha to go with them.

They decided to take the crew stair well, hoping to avoid most of the zombies wandering around. They decided to head to the security office on Deck one to retrieve some weapons, before heading into the sub level to get the power back on the ship. Howard passed out the guns he retrieved from the Medical Center to his son and Erik Dole. They all grabbed some makeshift weapons and headed into the stair well.

The stair well was dim with only the emergency lights to go by. Grim Walker put on a head lamp and a few of the others pulled out flash lights. Cautiously they headed down the stairs. They were able to make it to the landing on Deck 3, before they heard the moan of the dead below them. Two zombies were heading up the stair toward them. They formed a single file line with Kevin Cole in front and Grim Walker with his long boar spear behind him. They quickly realized that a third zombie was behind the first two, but further down. They decided to wait for the zombies to come to them.

As they waited they heard more zombies in the stair well. This time the moans came from above them. They realized that they would soon be trapped between two groups of zombies. From the sound of the moans, Tabitha realized that there were three or four zombies heading down the stair toward them.

As the first two zombie came up the stairs, Grim attacked them with his long spear. He attempted to attack them before they reached the group by attacking over the gap in the stairs. The angle was bad and he was unable to hit them. As they approached the group they howled a horrifying moan that sent some of the group on edge. When they reached the group, Grim again attempted to attack them, but missed. Luckily Kevin Cole was able to kill both of the zombies.

Despite the zombies shambling down the stairs towards them, they decided to wait for the third zombie coming up the stairs. As they waited they heard one of the zombies upstairs fall and crash down the stairs. They grew concerned at this, realizing that a zombie can fall faster than it could shamble. As the third zombie came up the stairs, Grim again tried to attack it, but again was unsuccessful. Luckily Kevin Cole had gotten good with his “baseball bat axe” and was able to kill the zombie quickly.

With the coast clear the group rushed down the stairs and made it through the Deck 1 door, heading to the security office to arm themselves with better weapons.

To be Continued in Session 6

Check out the Characters’ journal for this session to learn more!


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