Campaign of the Month: June 2013

Rise of the Dead

Session 6

Into the bowels of Hell

The stairwell was very dark and eerie. The emergency lights gave off a strange strobe affect especially since the group had their flashlights off. Grim Walker opened the door to Deck 1 and cautiously peeked into the hallway. He found no sign of the dead, but could hear the moans echoing throughout the deck. He knew there were a lot of zombies in the area. Waving the group forward, Grim proceeded to the security office. Howard Barclay swiped his badge and entered the security code. A load click was heard as the door opened.

The group entered the security office. The office consisted of two small cells and a few desks. Two large gun cabinets hung on the wall, both were locked. In the corner Howard noticed a large storage trunk. Kevin Cole attempted to pick the locks on the trunk, but was unsuccessful. The rest of the group was able to use the passkey to unlock the gun cabinets. They took inventory of all of the weapons in the cases.

They found 4 Glock 9mm pistols, 4 Shotguns, 2 MP5 Submachine guns, 4 Extender Batons and 2 Tasers. It was obvious that the case held more guns. The group was able to figure out that the security team on board had taken most of the guns. Fully armed, the group turned their attention to the rest of the room.

Kevin Cole went over to the desks. When he found the drawers locked, he attempted to pick the locks and was successful. The desks held mostly office supplies and paper work, but he was able to locate a set of keys. Howard Barclay realized that these keys would give them access to various rooms around the ship. With the swipe key and the key ring, they would have access to pretty much every room on the ship. Kevin borrowed the keys and was able to find a key that would open the locked chest. Inside they found three sets of Riot Gear. Grim and Kevin both proceeded to put the riot suits on. Dr. Rivet packed the extra suit in a back pack, while Howard Barclay collected useful items from around the room.

Fully stocked, they prepared to leave. They had a quick discussion about heading to the Medical Center for more supplies, but decided to head to the engine room first to get the lights on. Before they could leave, they heard banging on the door of the office. It was the typical non-rhythmic banging of the dead. Howard stepped up to the door and got ready to open it, while Grim and Kevin got into position. When they were ready, Howard opened the door and the zombie started to shamble into the room. Before the zombie could all the way through, Howard slammed the door, trapping the zombie half way in the door. Tabitha moved in to help brace the door with Howard.

Grim poked at the zombie with his spear, but failed to do any real damage, luckily Kevin’s baseball axe was able to cleave the zombie’s skull in to and it dropped into the room. The group pulled the dead zombie into the room and checked the hallway, but did not see any more zombies. The group then headed down the hall, back to the stair well. As Kevin opened the stairwell door, a zombie who had been leaning on the other side fell into the hall in front of him. Kevin didn’t have time to react to the falling zombie, due to a second zombie attacking him. The group also saw two more zombies on the landing inside the stairwell.

Kevin had to fight off the zombie reaching for him, but was able after a few swings to kill it. Meanwhile, Tabitha, seeing the zombie on the floor crawling toward the group, attacked before she realized what she was doing. Her first blow crushed the zombie’s skull. With the two zombies down in the hallway, the group turned its attention to the zombies in the stairwell. They did not want to fight in the confined space of the stairs, so they waited for the zombies to move into the hall. Once the zombies had entered the hallway, the group pounced and was able to dispatch them easily.

Tabitha was sickened by her first kill. Still not truly convinced that these were real zombies, she was horrified by what she had done. She stepped away from the group and began to throw up. It had been a while since she had last eaten, so it was more dry heaves then actual vomit. Regardless she did not feel good. Howard looked at her disapprovingly. He had had doubts about bringing her along earlier.

The group moved the bodies into the hallway, stepped into the stairwell and closed the door. They stopped to listen for anymore zombies, but heard nothing. Cautiously they moved down the stairs to sub-deck 2, the Engineering deck. The group carefully opened the door and entered a large machine shop. The shop contained dozens of machines to fabricate various parts the ship might need. A large pile of stock bars sat on shelves along the walls. Kevin was in heaven, upon seeing all the cool toys he could use to building things.

Sadly, machinery was not the only thing in the room. The Group quickly noticed six zombies around the room that began to shamble toward them. Getting used to fighting the undead, the group jumped into action. It took a little time, but the group was able to dispatch all six of the zombies.

Investigating the room, they could see the raw materials used to fabricate items for the ship. Grim looked around at the stock, hoping to find a bar of steel to replace his makeshift boar spear. Unfortunately all of the material was too long for his needs. He needed to use the machines to craft a new spear and without power, that was not going to happen. The group also noticed that it was very hot in the room. Howard told them that it should not be as hot as it was. This concerned the group greatly.

Howard was familiar with the ship from his job on the Disney Wonder. There were three doors leading from the machine shop into the engineering section. The doors on the far left and far right led to hallways with offices and store rooms. Howard knew that the hallways had multiple doors leading into the large engineering room. The middle double doors led directly into the engineering section and finally to the engine room. While the rest of the group cleaned up after the fight, Howard walked over to the door on the far right. He listened at the door, but the door was too thick to hear anything.

Once the group was ready, they opened the door on the far right. Smoke and steam filled the entire hallway and the temperature was even higher within the hallway. A load hiss of steam escaping pipes was heard throughout the area. Everyone knew immediately that something was wrong. Howard closed the door and suggested they check the other hallway. Unfortunately, the situation was the same in the other hallway. They closed the door to discuss the situation.

The group discussed the steam and the possible damage to the ship caused by the Coast Guard Crash. Howard felt that the damage would be repaired, but felt that it needed to be done before the power could be fixed. Howard was concerned that the humidity and temperature would damage the electrical systems beyond repair. As the group was discussing the situation, they heard banging against the hallway door. Howard turned to open the door and was yelled at by Grim.

Grim thought it was stupid for people to just open doors when they heard knocking, but Howard explained that the knocking was rhythmic and nothing like the banging of the zombies. Still the group got into attack position and Howard opened the door. As Howard suspected, it was not zombie, but the Chief Engineer of the Disney Magic, Hank Anderson, and two of his engineers. The group allowed them inside the machine shop and closed the door.

Hank Anderson knew Howard from a Disney conference they both attended years ago and was relieved to see him. Hank explained that the zombies had attacked engineering and that slowly all of his crew was killed and turned into zombies. Hank and two of his engineers were able to hide out in an office. When the group had opened the door to the other hallway it had distracted them long enough for Hank and his men to reach the door. Hank was asked if he or his men were bitten or scratched and Hank told them that Troy Woods was scratched by a zombie, but the other engineer, Jacob Clark and himself were unharmed.

Dr. Rivet pulled Troy aside to examine him. It was obviously that he had been infected and that Troy had already begun to develop a fever. While Dr. Rivet performed his examination the group continued to discuss the situation. Hank explained that there were over 30 zombies in the main engine room. He also told them that two of Joshua’s security guards had come down. In their attempt to kill the zombies, they managed to shoot a number of holes in the pipes causing the steam and humidity the group noticed earlier. The crashing of the Coast Guard ship had also damaged some pipes and a small leak had developed, but Hank felt that the leak was minor and could be repaired easily if they had power to operate the machine shop.

Grim was very concerned by this news and argued that with so many zombies and so much work to do, they could not do it all by themselves. Grim suggested that they find others to help them. Howard explained to Grim that they didn’t’ have that many people who could repair the damage, let along fight off the zombies. All they had was themselves. Grim questioned repairing the ship at all, suggesting that they find as many survivors as they could and get off the ship. Howard agreed that they needed to get off the ship, but argued that without power and lights, it would be harder for them to locate people. Howard even mentioned that without power, it would be difficult, almost impossible to find Grim’s son Jassan. Howard finally explained that the ship only had about 30 minutes to an hour before the emergency lights would run out of power and plunge the entire ship into darkness.

While the group argued, Dr. Rivet had finished examining Troy and pulled Tabitha aside. Dr. Rivet was concerned that she had thrown up earlier after killing the zombie upstairs and again after killing the zombie in the machine shop. He began questioning her while he examined her. Tabitha was confused by Dr. Rivet’s question but answered them as honestly as she could. Dr. Rivet was concerned that Tabitha had dilated eyes and an accelerated heartbeat. Tabitha explained to him that she had narcolepsy and took Dextroamphetamine for it. Dr. Rivet quickly realized that his drug was a form of speed and began grilling Tabitha on why she was taking it. He did not believe that she had narcolepsy.

Tabitha always prepared to explain the medicine, produced her doctor’s note from her overnight bag. Dr. Rivet looked over the paper work, but still did not believe Tabitha was a narcoleptic. He repeatedly asked her to tell the truth and each time she told him that she was telling the truth. She began to get frustrated, wondering what business it was of Dr. Rivet. Her doctor had prescribed the medication, who was he to question it.

Finally, the group decided to head into the engineering section to see if they could fix the damage to the ship and get the power on. Grim was still not pleased with the idea, but went along with the group. As they opened the door to the hallway, they found two zombies on the other side. Grim closed the door before they could get inside the machine shop. Grim called Kevin Cole over and explained that he wanted Kevin to attack them once he reopened the door. Kevin got set and Grim slammed open the door, knocking one zombie to the floor and trapping the other zombies against the wall with the door. The tactic worked well as the zombies were dispatched quickly.

As the group moved forward they quickly realized that even with their flashlights, they could only see a few feet in front of them through the thick steam. They proceeded cautiously and only got about 20 feet into the hall before they heard a load moan. They quickly went into a defensive stance, but was still startled to see a huge zombie coming toward them. The zombie was broad shoulder and stood well above six feet tall. He dragged along a huge wrench that was close to two feet long. Howard recognized the tool as being used to work on the large pipes in engineering.

Soon they were filled with dread as the zombie actually spoke. “You DIE!” it screeched at them and attacked. The shock wore off as the group fought for its life. Besides the fact that the creature had spoken, the group was shocked that it did not attempt to bite them. Instead it swung its giant wrench as a weapon, threatening to crush anyone that was unfortunate enough to be caught in its swing. The group fought together well and was able to hurt the zombie, but they quickly realized that it did not go down as quickly as the other zombies. “You DIE! My Room!” the zombie screeched at them as it attempted to crush them.

Only by surrounding the creature and working together were they able to eventually take it down. As the creature dropped to the floor, it let one final screech. “To me, my people!” From the darkness, the group could hear the large group of zombies begin to shamble toward their position. They knew that in a few seconds they would be attacked by a large horde of zombies.

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