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Rise of the Dead

Session 8

Sacrific the cheerleader, save the...

As Howard Barclay sat trying to figure out what to do, the lights began to flicker on. With the power back on, Howard went to the engine room to find Hank Anderson. Tabitha Ross tired of crying decided to do something to get her mind off things. Tabitha headed into the small break room and began preparing food for the rest of the survivors. Meanwhile, Grim Walker, Dr. Rivet and Kevin Cole took the first sleeping shift.

Howard found Hank finishing up the repairs. Howard thanked Hank for his hard work and suggested that he get some rest. Hank, while exhausted, declined, telling Howard that he still needed to fix the leak in the port side of the ship. Howard offered to do the work for Hank, but Hank wanted to be involved in the work. Howard gave up and Hank headed to the fabrication room to start on the repair. Tabitha provided food for Howard, Hank and Phil Turner. After they had eaten, Tabitha was able to convince Phil to get some rest. Tabitha tried to get Howard to sleep, but Howard refused.

With nothing else to do, still wanting to keep herself from thinking about her friends in the Walt Disney Theatre, Tabitha offered to help Hank with the repairs. Tabitha was pleased that Hank was willing to teach her how to use the machinery. He reminded her of her father in some ways, but was far more patient with her. After a few minutes of work, Howard joined in the efforts. Within two hours they were able to able to plug the leak. With the repairs done, Hank finally decided to get some sleep.

Howard checked on the sick mechanic Troy. He found Troy still unconscious from the fever that was slowly killing him. Howard shook his head at the sight and moved into the hallway to wake up Grim Walker. While the others were still sleeping, Grim decided to work in the fab shop to make him a better boar spear. Tabitha, seeing Grim awake, prepared some food for him. Grim gave Tabitha the MREs he had in his Bug out Bag, along with a few Cliff bars. Tabitha added them to the survivors’ food supplies, and then went to check up on her friends.

While Grim was working on his new Boar Spear, he heard a rhythmic knock at the door to the stairwell. Wanting back up, Grim quickly turned off the machines and ran to get Howard. Once in front of the door, Howard and Grim got into position to attack and opened the door. Inside the stairwell, they found nothing but a note. They were able to hear footsteps moving up the stairs and determined that it must be one of the agents.

The note read simply:

You have 2 hours to turn over Tabitha Ross or people will be shot.

Worried about the situation, Howard woke the rest of the group up. Grim finished his new boar spear, but realized that it was not very good. With everyone waking up, Tabitha went off to prepare food for everyone who had just woken up. After everyone had eaten, Tabitha headed back to the other teenagers and hung out.

After everyone had a few minutes to wake up and had something to eat, Howard pulled Grim, Dr. Rivet and Kevin Cole aside to talk. Grim, having messed up the construction of his new boar spear, asked Kevin to make one for him. Howard showed them the note and they begin discussing options.

The group in general was not sure what to do. Should they attack the agents? Should the give up Tabitha? Grim stated that there was no way to avoid violence and refused to give up Tabitha or anyone. Dr. Rivet was sure that there must be a non-violent solution to the problem. Howard didn’t like either idea. After a few minutes of discussion, Dr. Rivet excused himself and headed to the office area to find Tabitha.

Tabitha was nervous when Dr. Rivet asked her to step into the hall. She was expecting another lecture on her medication, but instead Dr. Rivet explained that the agents were demanding that she be turned over to them. Tabitha was shocked by this news, asking why they wanted her. Dr. Rivet stated that he did not know and escorted her to the rest of the group.

As they entered the fabrication room, Grim was still advocating an attack on the agents, but Howard and Kevin were still skeptical. They were concerned that people might be injured in the attack. Dr. Rivet interrupted the conversation to ask Tabitha to tell them what she wanted to do. Grim, upset at the idea of giving someone up without a fight, snapped at Dr. Rivet. Before Grim could finish, Dr. Rivet interrupted him, explaining that it was Tabitha’s choice not Grim’s. This quieted people down and they all looked to Tabitha.

Tabitha, nervous with everyone looking at her, explained that she did not want people to get hurt and if the only way to prevent that was to turn herself in, she would. Grim didn’t like the idea at all. As the group continued to talk, Grim stepped away and turned on the radio given to them by Agent Smith. After a few seconds, Agent Smith answered. Grim asked Agent Smith why he wanted Tabitha. Smith answered that it was of no concern to Grim why they wanted her, all that was important was the she be turned over to them. Grim then asked what would happen to Tabitha if they turned her over. Smith explained that he was just following orders and it was up to his superiors. Not feeling like he was going to get the answers he wanted, Grim turned off the radio in frustration and rejoined the group.

As Grim returned, the group was still discussing their options. Kevin pointed out that there was no way to know if turning Tabitha in would save them. He suggested that once the agents got a hold of Tabitha, they might take the helicopter and sink the ship to prevent the infection from spreading. Tabitha was horrified by this. She told the group that she didn’t want to turn herself in; she just wanted to make sure no one else got hurt.

Grim suggested that they needed more information. He suggested that, with the power back on; they should go to the Security office to see if the ship security cameras were working. The group agreed and they decide that Howard, Dr. Rivet and Grim would go. Kevin and Tabitha would stay behind to watch over the teenagers. Grim gave them a specific knock they would use on their return, and Tabitha and Kevin were not to open the door, unless they heard that specific knock. They agreed and the group prepared to head out.

Howard decided to take a few of the more able teenagers along for backup and spoke with Phil turner and David Fletcher about going with them. Both the teenagers agreed to go. As Howard, Dr. Rivet, Grim, Phil and David headed up the stairwell they found no sign of zombies. Cautiously they moved up to deck 1. As they reached the deck a voice called down to them from above.

“I don’t hear no moans, so I assume you’re ready to give up the girl!”

Although the group was slightly surprised by this, Grim called back to the agent that they were not bringing the girl up. The agent told them that they should reconsider and recommended that they not try to go through one of the doors. He claimed that the hallways were filled with zombies. Howard listened at the door and could hear dozens of moans coming from the hallway. They decided to head back down to the engine room, rather than risk fighting more zombies.

Once back to the relative safety of the engine room, Howard realized that with the power back on, the agents could use the elevators to get down to them. Howard brought all of the elevators down to the engine room and propped the doors open to prevent anyone from using them to get to the survivors.

As Howard returned to the engine room, Dr. Rivet was still pushing for the group to give Tabitha up. Dr. Rivet explained that he did not want anyone else to get hurt and the agents had already shot people in the Walt Disney Theatre. Rivet believed that they could stop the violence if they simple gave Tabitha to the agents. Howard pointed out that if they gave Tabitha to the agents, they might kill her. Dr. Rivet agreed that they probably would kill her, but felt that one life was worth the 30 lives still in the theatre. Grim hated the idea of giving Tabitha up and believed that attacking the agents before they could hurt anyone else was the best options. Kevin remained silent through the discussion; he was torn with the horrible decision that they had to make.

While the group continued to talk, they heard moans coming from Troy. He had died during the discussion and returned as one of the undead. Grim quietly walked over to where Troy was tied down and pushed his spear through Troy’s head, ending his undead misery. Grim then returned to the group.

Howard wanted to find another solution. He mentioned that he had told Agent Smith that Tabitha was dead. Agent Smith told Howard that if Tabitha was dead, he wanted her body. Howard asked Dr. Rivet if it was possible to give the agents another dead body and claim it was Tabitha’s. Grim suggested that it did not need to be a full body, maybe they could just give them an arm. Looking at the pile of zombies they had killed earlier, the group realized that none of them were female. Dr. Rivet turned to Tabitha and told her that they could always take one of her arms. Tabitha stuttered and stepped away at the horrible thought.

Grim told the group that they still needed intelligence. They needed to know what was going on in the theatre and without that knowledge; they could not develop a good plan. The group agreed and Grim decided to climb up the forward elevator to see how many zombies were in front of the Walt Disney Theatre. Grim thought that if the front door was clear they could attack from a direction the agents would not expect.

While Grim was gone, Howard and Dr. Rivet discussed the issue some more. Dr. Rivet explained that he is a pacifist and that he will not go along with any plan that included assaulting other human beings. Dr. Rivet also continued to express his frustration that the group was talking while people were in danger. He told Howard, that the group had a solution and that solution was to give up Tabitha. He also pointed out that Tabitha had agreed to surrender to Mr. Smith.

Dr. Rivet told Tabitha that if she didn’t turn herself in to save the people in the Walt Disney Theatre, the only option she had left was to cut off her arm and claim that she was dead. Tabitha was horrified by the idea and was even more afraid of Dr. Rivet then she had been before.
Meanwhile, Grim had climbed up the elevator shaft to see if the lobby in front of the Theatre was clear. He reached Deck 5 and carefully opened the elevator door a crack. Unfortunately he did not find what he was looking for. In the hallway outside the theatre, he found over two dozen zombies shambling around. Disheartened, Grim headed back down to the group.

More discussion occurred once Grim returned to the group, but in the end they decided to give Tabitha to Mr. Simth in exchange for the survivors in the theatre. Grim was vocally unhappy with the situation. Tabitha agreed. She did not want people to get hurt because of her, so she felt turning herself in was her only option. The group hid weapons on their bodies, in case a fight broke out in the theatre.

With the decision made, Howard spoke with Hank about watching over the survivors in the engine room. Howard told Hank that if the group did not return in a few hours, Hank was to take the remaining survivors and try to get to a life boat. Hank was horrified about giving up Tabitha, but could not change anyones mind. As Howard was speaking with Hank, Tabitha approached and asked Howard if she could say goodbye to her friends. Howard told her no and explained that he was concerned that some of the teenagers might do something stupid if they were told what was happening.

The group headed into the stairwell once more. As before, when they reached Deck 1, they heard the agent upstairs call down to them. The agent asked the group if they were ready to give up the girl and they told him they were. As they prepared to head further up the stairs to surrender Tabitha, they were surprised when the agent told them to stay where they were and to send up Tabitha alone. Grim told the agent that the group could not trust them and suggested that the agents send down some of the hostages before they send Tabitha up.
The agent quickly spoke with Agent Smith and Smith agreed to send 25 people down, but kept 10 people as insurance. With little choice, the group agreed and after a few minutes the hostages were sent down. Dr. Rivet herded the survivors into the Engine room and began checking them for injuries.

Dr. Rivet found that Erik Dole was shot in the stomach and was in serious condition. Desirae Grubber was shot in the arm, but Dr. Rivet was confident that she would recover. Grim was horrified when he learned that his daughter Lisa was one of the hostages held back.
Tabitha headed up the stairs. On deck 5 she was approached by Mr. Smith and four other agents. She was shocked to find one of the agents holding one of the young 2 year old children. Mr. Smith told Tabitha to behave or they would be forced to deal with her the hard way. Being a sarcastic teenager, she asked what the hard way was, but Mr. Smith did not answer her. Two of the agents grabbed her arms and they began heading up the stairs. Tabitha asked Mr. Smith what she did wrong and Mr. Smith told her that is was not anything she had done.

As the agents headed up the stairs, Grim, Howard and Kevin began to follow them. Once the group reached the Deck 5, they noticed that the remaining hostages were tied up inside the theatre. Instead of heading into the theatre, they continued up the stair after Tabitha. After a few seconds, Mr. Smith called down to them, telling them that it was in their best interest not to follow. Mr. Smith explained that the group had their people and should be satisfied with the deal. The agents then continued up the stairs. After a short pause, the group continued to follow them.

The agents stopped again and Mr. Smith told the group that he was disappointed that they didn’t listen to him. Tabitha watched as one of the agents pulled out a grenade and threw it down the stairs. The grenade exploded near the group pock marking the metal staircase, but everyone was able to dodge out of the way before the grenade exploded.

Taking advantage of the explosion, Tabitha broke away from the agents, grabbed the young child and fled back down the stairs. As she ran, she heard automatic gunfire behind her and felt a sharp pain in her leg. Despite begin shot in the leg, Tabitha continued to run down the stairs. At the sound of gunfire the group raced up the stairs. Dr. Rivet, having heard the explosion and the gunfire, raced up the stairs to help anyone who might be injured.

The agents continued to chase Tabitha and shoot her in the legs again and then Tabitha went down as one of the agents shot her in the head. As Tabitha fell, she attempted to cover the child’s body to protect him. She went unconscious as she hit the ground.

Grim arrived on the scene and fired his MP5 at the agents preventing them from grabbing Tabitha. A large gun fight ensued as Grim attempted to keep the agents away from Tabitha. Shortly after, Kevin arrived and joined the fight.

Grim was shot a few times in the chest, but his riot armor protected him from the worst and Grim was able to continue the fight. An agent, still attempting to get to Tabitha, threw a smoke grenade cutting the group off from Tabitha’s downed body. Shortly after Howard arrived, axe in hand.

The agent rushed forward to grab Tabitha, but Kevin was a bit quicker and was able to grab Tabitha and drag her back to the group. As he dragged Tabitha away, the young child slipped from her arms and laid on the floor unconscious but obviously alive. Luckily Howard was able to run in and grab the child before any further harm could come to him but found him limp and unresponsive. Believing the child to be dead Howard gently dropped Dudley to the ground and then turned back to the agents. Seeing Tabitha bleeding from the head and believing his great grandchild was dead, Howard snapped and went into a berserker rage. Howard charged the agents with his fire axe.

In Howard’s frenzy he seriously wounds two of the agents, chopping them down viciously. During his rage, he was shot once, but kept going. With two of his men down and an enraged axe wielding old man charging them, Mr. Smith and his men retreated up the stairs. Howard pursued them. Grim seeing that the men Howard had taken out, were still alive shot them in the head to put them down for good. Finally Howard calmed down and let the agents go.
Dr. Rivet arrived and took Tabitha from Kevin. He was able to stop her bleeding and save her life. Tabitha woke up momentarily and asked if the child was ok, but Dr. Rivet was unaware of a child. The group stood in the stairwell, injured and exhausted and heard the agents retreat up the stairs.

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Session 8
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