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Rise of the Dead

Session 9

Dr. Rivet. I am her Husband!

Smoke from the agent’s grenade filled the stairwell. Dr. Rivet stood over Tabitha tending to her wounds. Dr. Rivet looked up to see Kevin Cole carrying the small child toward him. Dr. Rivet checked the child and found him to be in good health despite the fall. Soon after, Grim carrying Howard emerged from the smoke. Both were bloody and wounded.

Kevin carried the child, and Grim carried the unconscious Howard, while Dr. Rivet helped Tabitha down the stairs. They moved slowly at first, until they began to hear the moans. Hundreds of zombies, drawn to the stair well by the firefight, began banging on the doors. The group could tell that the noise came from almost every level. It was only a matter of time, before the zombies sheer weight would break the doors in. The group quickly fled down the stair as fast as the injured allowed.

When they reached Deck 5, outside the Walt Disney Theatre, Grim stopped. He told the group that they needed to free the survivors in the theatre. Dr. Rivet disagreed. Tabitha and Howard were seriously injured and he felt it was important to get them to the engine room so that he could treat them. Grim refused to leave the survivors, especially since his daughter was in the theatre. In the end, Dr. Rivet carried Tabitha, while she held the young child and Kevin carried Howard. This freed Grim to rescue the survivors, while the injured were carried down stairs.

Tabitha and Howard were taken to an unoccupied office in the engine room. Kevin took the young boy, who seemed to have recovered well to his family. Grim freed all of the survivors in the theatre and was able to get them to the engine room without incident. Dr. Rivet quickly organized the survivors, determining who needed medical attention. Dr. Rivet determined that Desirae Gruber and Erik Dole were the most injured and had them moved into another office. Desirae had been shot in the right arm, while Erik Dole had been shot in the stomach.

Jonathon Peterson entered the office and sat down next to Tabitha. He held her hand, telling her that he was worried about her. They talked for a bit while Dr. Rivet treated Howard. Tabitha whispered to Jonathon that she did not trust the Doctor and didn’t want to be left alone with him. The Doctor had already taken an interest in Tabitha and she was a little scared of him. Jonathon told her he would stay.

After treating Howard injuries, Dr. Rivet turned to look at Tabitha. He asked Jonathon to leave the room, but Jonathon refused. Dr. Rivet, tired with too many people to treat, snapped at him. Dr. Rivet explained that he needed to remove her pants to treat the wounds on her legs and he did not feel it was appropriate for Jonathon to remain in the room. Jonathon, still holding his ground asked Tabitha what she wanted to do.

As much as she was worried about the doctor, the idea of Jonathon seeing her half naked terrified her. She told Jonathon that it was ok. Jonathon told her he would be right outside the door and left. With Jonathon gone, Dr. Rivet treated Tabitha wounds; luckily the bullets had only scrapped her, causing more blood then damage. Once he was done, he covered her up with a blanket.

Dr. Rivet then treated her head wound and soon the Doctor told Jonathon he could reenter the room. Jonathon and a small group of the cheerleaders entered the room to make sure Tabitha was ok. Dr. Rivet checked on Desirae and Erik. The Doctor was able to remove the bullet from Desirae’s arm and bandaged her up well. He told her to rest and soon she was sound asleep. Erik Dole’s condition was much to sever. The Gunshot wound in his stomach was lethal and there was not much Dr. Rivet could do with the tools he had at his disposal. As he was deciding how to deal with Erik, Grim called a meeting in the Workshop. Grim request that everyone not injured attend to talk about their situation. Dr. Rivet left and joined Grim in the workshop. The cheerleaders went to the meeting, but Patricia decided to stay with Tabitha. Howard remained unconscious on the desk.

With the entire group of survivors gathered, more the 30 of them, Grim, Dr. Rivet and Kevin discussed the group’s options. The survivors were split in what to do. Some of the survivors wanted to search for loved ones, others wanted to get off the boat as quickly as possible. Dr. Rivet and Kevin talked about making a distraction to lure the majority of zombie to the front of the boat, allowing them to escape in the rear of the boat. While they talked, Grim dealt with his own issue. He wanted to rip the boat apart for his son Jassan, but felt an obligation to stay and help these people get off the boat safely. At the same time, Grim needed to protect his daughter Lisa.

The discussion ended with very little resolved. Kevin organized the survivors, giving them jobs to keep them busy. Dr. Rivet headed back to check up on Tabitha and Howard. Grim took his daughter Lisa aside to talk to her about Jassan. In an empty office, Grim told Lisa that he was conflicted about what to do about Jassan. In a moment of weakness, Grim asked Lisa to decide if they should search for Jassan or give him up for dead. Lisa was horrified that her father would ask her to decide the fate of her younger brother. She broke down and cried, telling her father that she could not make that decision. Grim quickly realized his mistake and apologized to her. He held her close as she cried and told her that he was wrong to ask her to make such a decision. He continued to hold her and told her that everything was going to be ok, but neither of them really believed that.

Suddenly, a female scream was heard from one of the offices. With the machines going in the workshop, making weapons, Kevin and most of the survivors did not hear it, but Dr. Rivet and Grim did. Grim ran out of the room and met Dr. Rivet in the hall. As they moved toward the office where they heard the scream, Erik Dole stepped into the hall. Blood and flesh covered his mouth and as he was approaching Grim and the Doctor he let out a terrible moan. Grim rushed up and attacked the zombie Erik with his boar spear, but missed. Worried about Desirae, Dr. Rivet stepped up and with a swing of his metal pole killed Erik and rushed into the office.

Inside the office, Dr. Rivet found Desirae lying on the floor. Her right arm was ripped open by the zombie bite and she lay twitching on the floor, barely conscious. Dr. Rivet took control of the situation and told Grim that they needed to cut off her arm before the infection could spread to the rest of her body. Grim ordered his daughter Lisa to get a fire axe. She located one in the hallway and handed it to Dr. Rivet. As the Doctor prepared to swing the axe, Howard Barclay Jr. entered the room. He was shocked at the terrible scene and demanded to know what was going on. Dr. Rivet explained that Desirae had been bitten by a zombie and that if they didn’t remove her arm before the infection spread, she would die. Howard was stunned by the news and stood with his mouth open, unable to say anything.
Dr. Rivet waited a second to see if Howard Jr. would say anything.

Seeing him in a state of shock, the Doctor proceeded. He swung once, but missed the meat of the arm, hitting just the top part of the shoulder. He cursed and swung again. Again he did not make good contact. Blood splashed over him, but still he was unable to remove the arm complete. Finally with the third swing he was able to sever the arm. Blood poured out of the wound and the Doctor quickly went to work stopping the flow of blood. Sickened by the brutal display, Grim and Lisa stepped into the hallway to catch their breath. For the first time in a very long time, Grim threw up at the sight of the gore. Howard Barclay Jr. stood watching the scene, horrified. He could not move or speak and could not take his eyes of the scene. Finally the doctor was able to stop the blood flow and stabilize Desirae.

Howard Barclay was awoken by the screams and stumbled out of the office to find out what was going on. Tabitha and Patricia locked and barred the door as he left. In his daze he stepped over his son in law’s zombie corpse and entered the room with Dr. Rivet and Howard Jr.

Dr. Rivet finally took a deep breath, his heart racing with adrenalin. He turned to Howard Jr. and explained that he was able to stop the flow of blood. Desirae was in critical condition and he was not sure if he was able to prevent the spread of the infection in time. She may still die. Howard Jr., still in shock listened quietly to the doctor.

“She’s out of danger for the moment, but she’s lost a lot of blood.” Dr. Rivet explained to Howard Jr.

Tears streamed down Howard Jr.’s cheek as he asked, “What do we need?”

“Medical supplies, blood transfusion equipment. I can make a list.” The Doctor answered.

“We can get that in the medical center.” Howard jr. said, still looking at Desirae on the floor.

Looking at Howard and Howard Jr. the doctor asked, “Does anyone know her blood type?”

“B-“Howard Jr. answered

“Is her Husband still alive?” the Doctor asked.

“Yes” Howard Jr. answered so quietly, the Doctor almost didn’t hear him.

“Do we know where he is?” the Doctor asked.

Howard Jr. looked up at the Doctor. He locked eyes with him and say in a scared voice, “Doctor Rivet. I am her husband.” Howard Jr. dropped to the floor grabbed Desirae’s remain good hand and gently brushed the bloody clump of hair away from her eyes. Tears streamed down his face.

Dr. Rivet stood in horrific shock for a few seconds as the new sunk in. It shocked him that Howard Jr. had just watched him hack his wife’s arm off. Had he known, he would have sent Howard Jr. away, but what was done, was done. Howard looked between his son and his daughter in law, sadness in his eyes.
Dr. Rivet explained to them that Desirea needed a blood transfusion.

Dr. Rivet was also B- , but they needed transfusion equipment from the medical bay. Upon hearing this, Howard Jr. pulled out his gun and told the Doctor and his father that he would go up and get the equipment they needed. Before they could stop him, Howard Jr. stepped out of the room. Howard chased him and stopped him in the hall. Grim, had recovered and saw Howard Jr. enter the hallway. Howard told his son, that they needed to have a plan and that it was not a good idea for Howard Jr. to go up to the medical center alone. Howard Jr. explained to his father that he would do anything, risk anything to save his wife. Howard understood his son’s feeling, but told him that there were hundreds if not thousands of zombies up there. One person could not possible get to the medical supplies alone.

Dr. Rivet explained that Desirae would be ok for a few hours and it was important to all the survivors that they get the medical supplies they needed. Between Dr. Rivet and his father, Howard Jr. finally calmed down. Hearing voices in the hallway, Tabitha and Patricia determined that it was safe to come out of the office. After talking about what they needed from the medical center, they decided that a small group would go and get the supplies. They decided that Kevin, Grim, Howard and Dr. Rivet would go. Tabitha volunteers to go, but Dr. Rivet was skeptical.

The Doctor was worried that Tabitha would injure herself more. Howard mentioned that they might need her electrical knowledge and Dr. Rivet concedes, telling Tabitha that if her teachers let her go, then she could go. Tabitha headed off to speak with Ms. Helms. Ms. Helms didn’t like the idea of her going, especially with her being hurt, but told her to speak with Dr. Bernstein. Tabitha found Dr. Bernstein and asked him if she could go with the group. Dr. Bernstein was reluctant to let her go and decided to speak with the group before he gave his consent. During the conversation with the group Howard mentioned that if she was old enough to decide to give herself up to the agents, she was old enough to risk her life to help gather medical supplies.

Dr. Bernstein was shocked that the group let Tabitha turn herself in. He asked Tabitha to leave, so that they could discuss the situation. Howard was annoyed that she was asked to leave, and Tabitha was not happy about it either, but she agreed. Before she left, Howard asked her to use the ship internal phone system to contact other survivors. Tabitha, happy to help, left the group to talk.

The group grabbed Kevin and Hank Anderson and they all headed into an office to talk privately. Once everyone was ready, Dr. Bernstein explained to them that he was once a member of [[V.O.P.A. | V.O.P.A.]] He worked on finding a cure for the zombie virus. He explained the History of the zombie Virus and how he left V.O.P.A when they asked him to turn the virus into a weapon. He refused and moved to North Carolina to pursue a cure on his own. He also explained that he had been watching Tabitha for a number of years. He had looked at some samples of her blood and has determined that not only is she immune to the zombie virus, but her body might have antibodies to fight off the infection.

V.O.P.A has constructed a large number of F.E.M.A concentration camps, designed to hold the infected. Dr. Bernstein believes that the research needed to find a vaccine would be located in the Primary F.E.M.A camp in North Carolina. He also believes that Tabitha may be the key to finding either a vaccine to immunize people from the virus, or might actually hold the key to a cure.

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