Addison White

Mother of Jordon White


Addison White is a 32 year old women. She stands 5’5" tall and has medium length blonde hair. She is often found wearing jeans and a t-shirt since she doesn’t get outside much.


Addison White was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1981. She still lives there today. Addison always dreamed of becoming a scientist. In school she had always excelled in science. In High School she met David Cummings. They dated throughout high school and into college.

After high school David became some what of a bum, while Addison went on to college at Ohio State University majoring in Astronomy. Two years into college she was pregnant with Jordon. When she decided to keep the baby, David freaked out and left. She has not seen him since.

Addison was forced to leave school to care for her son. Since Jordon was born, Addison has been taking secretarial job in order to provide for the two of them. While Addison regrets not being able to finish college, she loves her son very much and is glad that he was born.

Addison’s father had come into a little money. He knew that his daughter and grandson were struggling, he decided to pay for a Disney Cruise for the two of them.

Addison White

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