Bryan Ross


Community leader, businessman, and avid hunter, Bryan Ross is the head of the Ross family currently living in Norwood North Carolina and one of its wealthiest citizens. He is a strict and demanding father and employer always asking 110% from those around him and always giving 120% himself.

Much of his life has been devoted to the family business, the Norwood Manufacturing Company. When he was put in charge of the company, after his father had retired, the company had been in trouble financially. He dove into the problems head first and has not only kept the company from being closed but the company has thrived under his administration.

Unfortunately this has meant that he hasn’t been able to be there for his family much, especially the three youngest, Jeffrey, Carl, and especially Tabitha. He’s just never been comfortable around all that pink. While he has never had cause to complain about how Suzanne has raised their children he has noticed the strain on the kids. Jeffrey has gotten himself expelled from college and refuses to either go back or get a job and he figures Jeffrey is probably on some illegal substance or another. Carl has distanced himself from the family instead embracing his role model, Grim Reaper, and determined to escape the family by joining the Marines, though he surprised the family by putting on hold those plans instead accepting a sports scholarship to a college nearby. Tabitha has become obsessed with excelling in everything, driving herself to extremes to make her parents proud of her. He hasn’t figured out how to fix it so he continues to bury himself in his work. Of all his children he is closest to Alan probably because of their differing personalities.

The time he has to spend with his family, usually revolves around the family hunting trips. Bryan doesn’t feel really alive until he’s outdoors with a rifle in his hand. Hunting trips are a mandatory event for the Ross family. Bryan has made sure that all his children have the rudimentary skills to survive in the wild.

Suzanne is Bryan’s true love. He loved her the first time he saw her on her father’s land riding a horse when she was 18. That love has not dimmed over the years. He feels bad leaving her for his work and he hopes that she realizes that everything he is doing is for his family.

Bryan Ross

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