Carl Ross


Young and angry Carl wants nothing more than to leave his family and join the marines. He wants to follow in the footprints of his role-model, the survivalist, Grim Reaper. Many would look at Carl’s life and ask what has he got to be angry about. He wasn’t always angry. Those who knew him when he was a boy would say he was the sweetest little boy they’ve ever met. That all changed when he was 14 years old and he walked in on his Mom kissing his father’s friend David Allen. He didn’t know completely how to deal with what he saw. His first inclination was to tell his father but then he worried what would happen to his mom. He didn’t want his parents to get a divorce. Not knowing who he could talk to, he kept silent.

That silence gnawed at him and slowly turned into anger at his Mom for not being true to his Dad. He embraced fully all the things his Dad was interested in. He became interested in hunting and joined the football team. This was also out of guilt for not telling his Dad. Overtime his anger turned on his Dad as well for not noticing what was going on under his nose. The only thing that kept him from taking out his frustration on those around him was taking it out on the football field. He also got heavily into survival and started looking up to his favorite survivalists as father figures.

Carl has also cut himself off from dating. He just doesn’t feel he can trust his heart to anyone. If his mom is untrue, how can he trust any female? The one female he shows any affection for and can still make him smile is his little sister Tabitha. He is very protective over her and she’s currently the reason he hasn’t joined the Marines yet and is planning on going to a college nearby on a sports scholarship. He isn’t too fond of her boyfriend and gets her into trouble whenever he catches her sneaking out to be with him. He worries about the medicine she’s taking, noticing the negative side effects it seems to be having on her and it’s added to his anger at his parents for being unaware.

Carl Ross

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