Dr. Charles Bernstein

High School Chemistry Teacher


Charles Bernstein is 57 years old. He is physically fit with greying hair. He stands 5’7" and weights 167 lbs.


Dr. Charles Bernstein was born in Trenton, new Jersey in 1956. Charles had always had a love of science and in 1982 graduated from the University of Michigan with a PHD in Microbiology. His work career consisted of such companies and organizations as The Center for Disease Control, the Human Health Organization and Johnson and Johnson.

In 2005, Charles suffered a heart attack. he was forced to move to Norwood, North Carolina to live near family. Still needing to work, but unable to handle the high stress of the corporate life, Charles took a job at South Stanly High School as a chemistry teacher. He has lived in Norwood for eight years now. he still misses the research he use to perform, but enjoys teaching the students chemistry.

Charles was never married, but had a daughter out of wed lock with Sarah Carter. His daughter’s name is Cynthia Carter. Cynthia currently lives with her mother in Charlotte North Carolina.

Dr. Charles Bernstein never had a heart attack. Charles has been working for the U.S. Government in an agency known as VOPA (Viral Outbreak Prevention Agency). Dr. Bernstein’s primary job was to research possible immunity to the Zombie virus and to develop a vaccine and a possible cure.

So far Dr. Bernstein has discovered that certain people in the population are naturally immune to the virus and has been research using these patient’s blood to develop a vaccine. So far he has not had much success.

Tabitha Ross is one of the people discovered to be Immune to the Zombie Virus. Dr. Bernstein is aware of this and has acquired samples of her blood from an operation she had as a young girl.

Dr. Charles Bernstein

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