Jeffrey Ross


Jeffrey is the middle son of the Ross family. Sensitive and serious Jeffrey has never been truly up to all the pressures and expectations of his family. As a child he was bright and seemed to have a talent for the arts, primarily photography.

Thinking that the arts were too difficult a field for someone to achieve financial independence and success in, his parents pressured him to look for other avenues for a career. He embraced the sciences and was working on becoming a Dr., only doing photography as a hobby. Then he went away to college and something happened. It’s still a mystery what occurred and Jeffrey refuses to talk about it. He was expelled from the college for Student Misconduct and the details have not been made public. The University of North Carolina has said that the details of the case will not be made public to protect the innocent. Currently he’s angry and confused because he feels the parents that he has always supported and believed in aren’t really there for him. He’s angry that they haven’t defended him and that they assume the school board was justified in expelling him. He is also in shock about what actually happened and hasn’t come to terms with it yet.

Alan is the only family member that has any clue for went on and he is currently looking into it. He is frustrated that Jeffrey is silent in his own defense and the two brothers often get into arguments when Alan is home visiting. David is trying to get Jeffrey out of his depression and back out into the world. Forcing him to go out with him and trying to get him to think of his future.

Jeffrey Ross

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