Joshua Ritter

Head of Security for the Disney Magic


Joshua Ritter stands 5’10". He is a well muscled man 33 year old man.


Joshua Ritter was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is 1980. Joshua’s family was killed in a house fire when he was 3 years old and was adopted by John and Carla Ritter when Joshua was 4 years old. Despite the lose of his family, Joshua has a fairly good life as a child. When he turned 18, Joshua joined the Navy. He served 12 years as a Master at arms.

During his time in the Navy, Joshua has served at shore stations in the United States and Overseas; aboard ships as either ship’s company and embarked security team; as well as part of a maritime expeditionary security squadron. When Joshua turned 30, he was honorably discharged from the Navy and went to work for the Walt Disney Company as a Security officer aboard the Disney Magic. Within 3 years he was promoted to Head of Security.

Joshua Ritter

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