Kim Ochoa

Wife of Alvin Barclay


Wife of Alvin Barclay, Kim is 39. Kim is has been a housewife up until about 3 years ago when she stumbled across Alvin’s plans for embezzling funds from Barclay Dental. She has been collecting data on him to eventually divulge them to Walter Barclay. Shes hopeful that he will set her up once she gives her info to him. Alvin is currently completely unaware of her actions, but if it was discovered, he would not hesitate to eliminate her to protect his schemes.

Kim’s plans for to rat out her husband backfired on her. Shortly before the cruise her husband Alvin Barclay discovered her plans. During the first night of the cruise, he killed her and stashed her in his room. Alvin avoided his family for the second day of the cruise trying to find time to secretly toss her body overboard. During the Comet storm, he found a chance and dragged her from the room, but he only got as far a life boat before people came into view. Alvin stashed her body in the life boat and left her there, planning on returning later that night. Of course the Zombie Outbreak that night prevented him from returning to the life boat.

Kim Ochoa

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