Scott Miller


Scott has always had good luck in life. He’s pretty much gotten whatever he wanted and it all came to him easily. He’s always found school easy and has had no trouble being one of the top students of his class. This year he was voted in as student body president and he got accepted to MIT. He is looking forward to focusing on his interest in engineering, specifically materials engineering.

1 year ago, he started dating Tabitha Ross. He first asked her out under pressure from his parents, who are friends of her parents. He had never really considered her girlfriend material before because while attractive she seemed too ditsy to be taken seriously. If her parents hadn’t been friends of his parents he would have considered her one of those girls good for a good time but not much else. Too his surprise he found once he got to know her, he enjoyed being with her and the relationship has lasted much longer than he anticipated and unexpectedly, he finds himself occasionally jealous of the time she spends with her friends that are guys, especially Jonathon since he knows they have been friends a long time.

He knows Tabitha is worried about him going away to college but he’s assured her that she has nothing to worry about and he finds himself loathe to break off their relationship together.

Scott Miller

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