Suzanne Ross


Demanding, overprotective, strict, loving would all be words used to describe Suzanne Ross by her daughter. Deep down Suzanne Ross is bitter. She has always done what was expected of her and it has not brought her happiness and to horror she is watching her daughter dutifully making the same mistakes and she is not sure how to stop it. The only thing that she does as an act of defiance only temporarily makes her happy and fills her with unending guilt and sadness. She knows she doesn’t love David but she hasn’t been able to end the affair yet.

Her biggest fear is that her family would find out about it. She hates the idea that her actions might/will hurt Bryan. She truly loves her husband but he is gone so often and she craves the stolen moments of attention and tenderness that David gives her. She has decided to make a new start though and has promised herself to break it off with David before their next assignation. Now that her children are almost grown up she has decided to do something for herself. She has announced to her family that she is going to college again. Most of the family assumes she is going to update her teaching degree, another thing she did because she should. Instead she has taken courses in biology and is determined to become a veterinarian. One of her greatest loves has always been horses and her dream is to be able to work with them again.

Suzanne is currently so self-absorbed and filled with guilt that she is blind to the various pieces her family is fracturing into. As long as there is attempt to make everything seem normal and as long as they give the appearance the perfect family everyone expects of them she doesn’t notice her son’s anger and her daughter’s manic sleeplessness and thinness. Jeffrey’s expulsion from college did break through to her. She is hoping with time he will figure out whatever is wrong. She also hopes that if she leaves him alone he will eventually talk to her about what happened.

Suzanne Ross

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