Campaign of the Month: June 2013

Rise of the Dead

Session 8
Sacrific the cheerleader, save the...

As Howard Barclay sat trying to figure out what to do, the lights began to flicker on. With the power back on, Howard went to the engine room to find Hank Anderson. Tabitha Ross tired of crying decided to do something to get her mind off things. Tabitha headed into the small break room and began preparing food for the rest of the survivors. Meanwhile, Grim Walker, Dr. Rivet and Kevin Cole took the first sleeping shift.

Howard found Hank finishing up the repairs. Howard thanked Hank for his hard work and suggested that he get some rest. Hank, while exhausted, declined, telling Howard that he still needed to fix the leak in the port side of the ship. Howard offered to do the work for Hank, but Hank wanted to be involved in the work. Howard gave up and Hank headed to the fabrication room to start on the repair. Tabitha provided food for Howard, Hank and Phil Turner. After they had eaten, Tabitha was able to convince Phil to get some rest. Tabitha tried to get Howard to sleep, but Howard refused.

Session 7
Hurray the Government is here!

“TO ME!” Big Carl yelled just before it slumped to the ground dead. The group heard dozens of moans and saw zombies begin to pour out of every door way inside the engine room. Grim Walker yelled at the group to fall back to the machine shop and people began to move back. Tabitha Ross hung back a bit to make sure that everyone had gotten through the door safely. Soon, everyone was through the door, except for Howard Barclay and Tabitha. Tabitha tried to wait for Howard, but he yelled at her to move and she did.

Session 6
Into the bowels of Hell

The stairwell was very dark and eerie. The emergency lights gave off a strange strobe affect especially since the group had their flashlights off. Grim Walker opened the door to Deck 1 and cautiously peeked into the hallway. He found no sign of the dead, but could hear the moans echoing throughout the deck. He knew there were a lot of zombies in the area. Waving the group forward, Grim proceeded to the security office. Howard Barclay swiped his badge and entered the security code. A load click was heard as the door opened.

Session 5
Safety in numbers

In the dark with no power on the ship, the group, still separated, attempted to reach the Walt Disney Theatre. Grim Walker, on Deck 5, moved to the stair well. Once inside the stair well he heard people moving around in the dark. He paused, concerned that they were zombies. Quickly he realized that they were not as he heard them talking. He cautiously approached them and came face to face with a bald middle aged man, wielding a makeshift club. Once the man, who introduced himself as Erik Dole, realized that Grim was human, he lowered his club. The group then continued down the stairs to Deck 4 without incident.

Grim and Erik’s group arrived on Deck 4 in front of the Walt Disney Theatre. Grim, Erik and Howard Barclay Jr. watched for zombies as the women and children made it to the theatre. Once everyone was safe, Erik and Howard followed. As Grim began to follow them the door to the crew only stairwell opened.

Session 4
The Crash

The loud beat of the music that came from the Stack had attracted more zombies. Tabitha sat in the Stack feeling ill, thinking about the man who had been eaten. The relentless pounding of the zombies outside, only made things worse. She rushed to the bathroom and threw up for a few minutes. Tabitha stayed in the bathroom, trying to calm her nerves.

When she returned to the main room of the Stack, she noticed Lisa Walker climbing a bookshelf. Lisa, using her Swiss army knife, was able to detach the bookshelf from the wall. With the help of Cameron and Jonathon they were able to get the bookshelf in front of the door. After the book shelf was secure, Lisa, Cameron and Jonathon moved the Pool Table in front of the bookshelf to add even more of a barrier against the door. Everyone felt a little better with the door being secured, but it did not stop them from hearing the moans and pounding of the dead outside.

In the medical center, Dr. Rivet was treating a patient while Howard Barclay called his family members from the ship phone. Dr. Rivet had eight patients. All had bites except for one patient who had a deep scratch. Regardless of the wound, all of the patients were suffering from fevers of over 105 degrees. Tammy Lewis, despite her broken leg, and Irene Helms were busy helping other patients.

Session 3
Initial Outbreak Pt. 2

Oblivious to the horrific events that had occurred around the ship, Tabitha continued to party with the teenagers in the Stack. Melissa Wells, the only adult in the Stack, served drinks and helped run the dance party. As the party continued, Tabitha noticed Deborah and Claude complaining about Dillon’s earlier mistake. Deborah complained that Dillon ruined the entire show and told Claude that if Tammy had been a better cheerleader, she would not have broken her leg. Tabitha knew that Deborah was mean, but never realized before how cold hearted she was.

Patricia, worried about her boyfriend Dillon, snapped at Deborah. Patricia and Deborah yelled at each other for a few minutes, until Tabitha stepped in to get Patricia away from Deborah. Still upset, Patricia decided to leave and check up on Dillon. Tabitha offered to go with her, but Patricia said she wanted to be alone for a bit. Patricia left the Stack.

Session 2
Initial Outbreak Pt. 1

Dr. Rivet leaned down and began CPR on Roger Parker. After a few seconds, Roger Parker began breathing again, but remained unconscious. As Dr. Rivet continued to check Roger Parker’s vitals, the Ship’s Captain, Oliver Roberts, began comforting Cheryl Parker and her daughter Nicole. After calling for the ship’s Doctor, Joshua Ritter helped keep the crowd away from Dr. Rivet and the patient, giving them the space they needed.

Dr. Kelp noticed that the wait staff did not attempt to assist in the medical emergency and that First Mate Adam Cooper continued to eat his dinner as if nothing was happening. Howard Barclay also noticed this and was deeply concerned, knowing that all of the wait staff and especially the Officers present were well training in CPR and emergency medical training. The fact that no one seemed to help Roger Parker, annoyed Howard.

Session 1
The Disney Magic

It was a sunny day on July 19th , 2013 when the Disney Magic prepared to set sail. Howard Barclay and his family stood in line to board the Disney Magic. For the 15th time, Bruce Barclay’s cell phone rang. He answered it and talked as the family moved along the boarding ramp. Howard Barclay shook his head. Behind him in line, Howard noticed a group of cheerleaders. The cheerleaders all wore their cheerleader outfits, and Howard saw that the uniforms proudly display the name Carolina.


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