How did I ever doubt that Rivet was a complete asshole… Both of us agree that the man has the social skills of a small rock, or maybe the social skills of a self involved prick that cant see past his own little world, but an asshole. We have both thought that from time to time, but I was beginning to believe he was a decent human being with a gruff exterior. The events of this past day have put that in serious doubt.

Willingness to do VOPAs dirty work someone could see a reason in if it was done for any reason other than “duty”. Doing it because “Doctoring is what I do” may be one of the stupider reasons to follow the agenda of an obviously suspect agency. Sounds like the military men who he loathes so much. In his defense this did provide him with freedom of movement in the camp and ultimately the means to get Tabitha out of her cell and out of Norwood so I think I have to give him a by for this one.

Willingness to inject zombie virus into Tabitha. Yeah there is no way around this one being the move of an asshole. “She told me to” Um, what the fuck. Im all for letting people decide their fate but that seems to go against that whole, do no harm thing. Should I give him a by for this one because if he hadn’t done it he would have had his access to the medical facility removed. Or maybe I should give him a pass because he got kicked in the nuts, which no-one wants to see happen to another guy…well most other guys. Sorry, but no pass.

During the escape letting Tabitha go off on her own knowing that 1) shes got narcolepsy and 2) has been injected with some sort of drug that will “keep her going long enough” and 3) we are on a close timetable. If she had shown up at the meeting spot on time, or if she had been accompanied like we had planned this one wouldn’t have been that big of a deal, but the fact that she fell unconscious in the snow, delaying our leaving and possibly causing numbers of people to be caught is not mitigated by the fact that he found her and brought her back. Good timing though, bringing her back just as the alarm went off.

Both of us agree that “Its a good thing that the alarm went off as it will help us escape” was the most assholish statement of the just starting out day. I know where he was coming from, the fact that we are trying to escape from a military camp and we are burdened by a young lady that just dead freight at the moment would make our job hard. The fact that chaos and mayhem would make our job easier is very true. THE FACT THAT 13 OF THE PEOPLE OUT THERE ARE MEMBERS OF OUR FUCKING FAMILY would not have entered into his self contained world. Even after I shouted this into his face he didn’t even have the decency to look embarrassed or contrite. To him our getting out is the end all be all. All else be damned. Asshole.

Which brings us to his last little moment of assholedom. After the earth-shaker of stating that our family is part of the bait that will help us escape this one really isn’t too big an example. Simply asshole icing on the double layer asshole cake. He has this journal of Dr. Bernstein, the Nazi thug who may or may not have developed our lovely little zombie virus. A man Rivet does not trust, in fact I would say hates. This journal may have secrets to the zombie virus, but of course its in code and where does the possible cypher for this code lie? In the middle of zombie infested, militarily blasted Charlotte NC. So we sit in the middle of the forest, cold and tired in the dark arguing about how we have to go there NOW to get this cypher. I’m surprised Rivet didn’t just stay at Norwood, give this Dr Brown the journal, tell him where the cypher was and stick around to infect some more helpless people in his quest to find the cure, that all consuming need of his. The need he was willing to throw away with option 2 above.

Candy and I both agree this prick needs watching. There is no doubt hes good at what he does and hes willing to do what is needed, but trust…At one point I thought I could, but now I am of two minds about him.

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