I have figured out that we need to keep busy to keep sane. When we are at wits end we become monsters, we turn into apathetic lumps only concerned with our next fix, we morph into insane people who see things that aren’t there. We seem to thrive off of action.

We escaped from Norwood, spent the night cold in the forest had a quick argument bout where we were going and then headed off into the forest. We found a trailer park that still had quite a few zombies around it, and moved in to try and find some cold weather gear and maybe some other stuff we need. Of course we attracted the attention of some zombies and had to run. Kevin and Grim had a fight which seemed to be goign poorly at first, I think we are out of practice.

The Walmart we ran across had some zombies, some of which we lead off, and when we returned we saw that there were some survivors on the opposite side also getting ready to loot. I hope we dont have any problems. I think knowing we are just taking a few things and moving on they might understand, although it has been many months since the start of this, and I know we have already entered into a “ITS MINE” mentality on and off again.

Time will tell

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