Dr. Rivet 20 Questions

Question 1) What is your Character’s Sex?


Question 2) What color is your Character’s hair, eyes, and skin?

Marc-Edouard is a Caucasian with light brown hair and crystal blue eyes who stands 6’2" (1.85m) and weighs 194lbs (88kg).

Question 3) Where was your character born?

He was born in Quebec in the province of Quebec in Canada. He grew up in a middle to large sized home in a nice part of the city.

Question 4) What is your character’s date of birth?

He was born on the 5th of October in the year 1980.

Question 5) What was your character’s family life like?

Marc-Edouard was an only child born to well-to-do parents. He was raised in a very structured style. His parents were quite disassociated with him and more often than not stuck him with a nanny. When he was old enough he was sent to a boarding prep school.

Question 6) Has the character started his own family?

Marc has neither the time, nor has he really tried to make it for having a family, let alone a relationship. Marc doesn’t really think settling down is in his future, perhaps when he’s a lot older.

Question 7)Where or how was your character educated?

Marc attended a boarding prep school before going on to a private high school and then on to University. He attended McGill University where he obtained a BS in Medicine/Surgery and then continued on to obtain his MD/CM. “Go Redmen!”

Question 8) Describe your character’s Moral code?

Morality is kind of fickle to Marc. He believes in the doctor’s code of ethics (the Hippocratic oath). He also believes that life should be preserved whenever possible. He does not abide to religious edict because he thinks it’s silly. He also believes in a patient’s right to die with dignity.

Question 9) Are there certain thing’s your character can’t or won’t do? Why?

Marc won’t kill somebody outside of self-defense. He finds killing to be wrong on almost all levels. He would never act in a manner that would endanger one of his patients without their express permission. He does not stand for torture or violent interrogations of any kind. He would never hunt for sport and only for food if he has no other options available. He will not use or carry a gun for any reason.

Question 10) What things, people or ideas does your character hate?

Marc doesn’t like people who waste a second chance at life. He despises guns, and the people who use guns for the intent of harming others (such as soldiers, or police officers, or thugs and criminals.) He doesn’t like recreational drug users or pushers. He doesn’t like that some religious beliefs prevent people from getting proper medical treatment and in turn he doesn’t like many religions. He hates people who try to romanticize killing for some abstract ideal like the death penalty or wars. He dislikes people who claim soldiers are heroes for killing people.

Question 11) What things, people or ideas does your character love?

Marc enjoys the night time because it is quiet and serene outside, and in the hospital wards it can be very soothing when everyone is sleeping. He also likes winter time and ice skating along with ice hockey. He enjoys the company of other doctors, registered nurses and medical assistants because they are always helping treat sick people. He likes the idea of philanthropy and generous people on a whole.

Question 12) What do you think is your character’s best quality?

Marc is definitely a compassionate person, and his ability to make someone comfortable and respected is probably his best quality.

Question 13) What do you think is your character’s worst quality?

Marc’s job keeps him up and about almost 24 hours a day for several days on end. He thrives on that kind of working environment. His worst quality is that he’s an absolute workaholic, nothing comes before his job.

Question 14) If your character’s family is still alive, what do they do and where do they live?

Marc’s parents died in a horrible murder/suicide. His mother killed his father before taking her own life. Marc was 18 at the time and has been living on his own since that point. He has some distant aunts and uncles that he doesn’t know very well and between work and sleeping he hasn’t really made any attempt to contact them or get to know them. As such he has no real close family he considers important.

Question 15) List any past serious relationships that your character had, and give a brief description of the relationship.

Marc had a girlfriend for about a year during his first two years at University; her name was Lisa Cameron. They became very close but Marc’s desire to focus more on studying than on her led to their breakup just after his second year ended. Aside from his brief exploits with her Marc hasn’t had any time to bother with finding a girlfriend.

Question 16) You left home right after High School. What drove you away and why have you never gone back?

When Marc finally graduated from High School and earned his way into University he decided he would never come back home again. His parent’s constantly ignoring him and forcing him into doing things he didn’t want to do was simply too much for him to handle. Even after his parents died he refused to come back for their funerals and coordinated things from his University. He doesn’t regret the decision but in more recent years he has considered visiting his parent’s graves.

Question 17) Why do you hate religion?

In 2009, when Marc was a resident of Internal Medicine he happened across a patient who was critically sick. She was treatable and for all intents and purposes she would have made a full recovery if not for her religious beliefs preventing Marc from administering the proper treatment for his illness. Marc watched as the woman slowly and inexorably progressed downward. When she finally passed away, he swore off any kind of religion that would prevent people from getting help when it was available to them.

Question 18/19) Your character has worked for the Government before. What did he do for the government? ..and Why does he now mistrust them?

At the end of Marc’s residency at Montreal Medical Centre and just before he decided to make the move to Montreal General Hospital, Marc’s medical team was selected by a national officials to perform some diagnostic tests on a living “John Doe” with a mystery illness. While the public word was “Tuberculosis” his team discovered that the sickness was in fact some sort of strange aggressive pathogen that was slowly “consuming” the blood of the individual and replacing it with a different type of material all together. When his team came forward with their discovery the officials quickly claimed all of their research and closed up shop telling the team that everything was classified and that speaking out would be treason. The hospital records were modified to make it look like it was “Tularemia” or bubonic plague. It was done so in a way to look like a cover-up but a fake one just to mislead those who would come looking. Knowing what Marc does about this mysterious disease and the cover-up has made Marc very wary about what the government tells its people.

Question 20) You have met Dr. Edouard Kelp. Describe how you met him.

At the time, Mr. Kelp was hospitalized in Montreal had a severe fracture of his skull. Marc was assigned as his surgical resident and assisted with the operation to replace part of his skull.

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Dr. Rivet 20 Questions

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