Code of Honor: (Medical Ethics) – A code of morality that entails both being honest about medical problems, ensuring even his worst enemies of receiving medical aid, and maintaining that the person with whom he is going to perform medical procedures understands what they entail. Requiring permission to aid another unless the situations are so extreme that if no decision can be made by the patient or next of kin that the doctor can take action only to ensure that the patient is stable and not going to die.

Vow: (Hippocratic Oath) – The promise to do no harm either through direct or indirect use of medicine, in this case refers to the living. Enemy or otherwise.

Pacifist (Minor) – The difficulty of humanizing the Zombies simply as sick people who need help is represented with pacifism. Character will not go out of his way to engage or ambush zombies. In addition to, he will not attack a living person unprovoked. This hindrance continues to reinforce doing no harm to the living.

(Values: 5)
Helping those who need medical aid (2)
Defend my patient’s wishes (2)
Refuses to give up/Resolute (1)

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