Grim Journal 10

Grim S. Walker’s War Journal Reports 10a


LINE 1 – DATE AND TIME: Date 7 / 21 / 2013 Time 2100Romeo


LINE 3 – REFERENCE: Other reports in reference to this report are: SITREP-C035-9 Date 7 / 21 / 2013 Time 2100Romeo, SITREP-C035-8 Date 7 / 21 / 2013 Time 2100Romeo, SITREP-C035-7 Date 7 / 21 / 2013 Time 2100Romeo, ESITREP-E025-3 Date 7 / 21 / 2013 Time 2100Romeo. Originator of said reports is Colonel Grim S. Walker.

LINE 4 – ORIGINATOR: Unit Originating this Report is unit callsign Pit-Bulls.

LINE 5 – ACTIVITY: The units current activity is to find our missing, survive, and deal with the opposition in the theater.

LINE 6 – EFFECTIVE: The units effectiveness in fulfilling the missions permitters of surviving is unchanged from last report. 

LINE 7 – SITUATION OVERVIEW: The unit is still on a flotilla of death. Lisa is in danger and Jassan is still M.I.A.

LINE 8 – INTELLIGENCE/RECONNAISSANCE: I am still working on intel gathering. This has not changed.

LINE 9 – LOGISTICS: Logistics are unknown at this time.

LINE 10 – COMMUNICATIONS: Texting with Lisa is the only comms I currently have with the unit.

LINE 11 – PERSONNEL: The personnel of this unit are as follows; leader Grim Walker, Rose Walker (RIP), second in command Lisa Walker, and Jassun Walker (MIA).

LINE 12 – NARRATIVE: Continuation of SITREP-C035-9: I hear a horde of zombies(S.Z.) above, below, and all around us, our little fire fight has drawn a shit load of zombies(S.Z.) to what has until now been the only safe-ish passage up and down the ships decks. We retreat to our only strong point, the engine room. Kevin and Dr. Rivet carry our wounded. I get to the theater as the others continue down. I find Lisa and the remaining hostages restrained in the orchestra pit. I free them and we all get to the engine room. I give Lisa the MP5 and spare clip. Kevin gets to work on fortifying the stair-way door. The horde now in the stair-way is already putting strain on the door as it is. I ask for a volanteer to watch the door. Mr. Barclay’s son Howard seteps up to the task. He asks for a weapon so I give him my Glock and spare clip. I need to scout an escape path incase the zombies(S.Z.) get past the barricaded door. To do that I’m going to need to do some climbing and I still have this bullet in my shoulder. I need to get Dr. Rivet to dig it out. We are short on nice things like local anesthetics so I’m forced to grit through yet another battle field surgery. Dr. Rivet fixes me up I manage not to show how much pain I’m really in. I ask Dr. Rivet if I can climb with my arm he tells me to take it easy but it should be ok. I decide to get everyone together to let them all know my plan of action and to see if anyone has input or for that matter any ideas I have not thought of. We all try to figure out what to do as a group. The topic of discussion keeps going to getting off the ship and how tremendous the danger of staying on it really is. I am torn, how can I leave my son. I know the chances of my son being alive are extreamly low, and Dr. Rivet points out the need to use treauge in crisis situations, but his my SON! I excuse myself and pull Lisa aside to get her input on what we as a family should do in reguards to finding Jassan. Before I know it I have made the biggest mistake as a father I have ever made. In a moment of weekness I put my 14 year old daughter in a position I had no business, hell no right to put her in. "Grim you son-of-a-BITCH man the FUCK-up and be the father your daughter needs you to be! I apologise to Lisa and do my best to reasure her that we don’t need to decide anything right now that we wont give up hope for Jassan until we have no choice. Lisa and I hear a scream down the hall from us. I step out into the hall and see Eric Dole, he is one of Mr. Barclay’s family (who isn’t on this ship) a cop I think. He must have died from the gun shot wound because he is a zombie(S.Z.) now. Dr. Rivet must have heard the scream as well because he is right in the hall way with me. I make a stab at the new zombie(S.Z.) no dice. My second attack is no good (ok really? and I’m suposed to be the seasoned combatant of this group). Dr. Rivet puts it down with a solid crack to the head. Just goes to show no matter what, when its life or death your survival is what counts and even a pacifistic Doctor can step up to the plate and do horrific things in pursuit of staying alive. We check the room the scream came from and see Desiree Gruber she is bit. Dr. Rivet snaps to action and says the only way to save her life is to remove her arm before the infection spreads. Dr. Rivet asks me for my knife I look at him like he is insane but I hand over my Swiss Army Knife with its two inch blade. I tell Lisa to go get an axe. Dr. Rivet must see the wisdom of the axe because instead of starting to use the little knife he informs Desiree that the only way to save her is to remove her arm and asks if she is ok with that (inwardly I have to laugh at the absurdity of his request) she is in way to much pain to respond coharently so he takes that as concent to lop off her arm. Lisa gets back with the axe. Dr. Rivet hacks at the bit arm. Blood is every were, this is way to grisly and i lose my lunch. I see that Howard is in the room and he gets sick at the horror of the task as well. I stumble out of the room and I hear Dr. Rivet say “some one should find Desiree’s husband.” I also hear Howard exclaim " I am her husband!"   I lean agenst the wall and try to collect myself. Dr. Rivet comes out of the room and I ask if Desiree will live? He says yes but she is going to need blood. I go to the workshop to distract myself a little from what just had happened. Kevin gives me a new better built boar-spear. I find a place to wash up and clean my armor. I ask Lisa to watch me incase I fall a sleep. Howard seems to think he is the one who needs to lower the life boats I say we can deal with that when we get to it. Tabitha asks someone if she can help us and I think the response is that she needs to ask her chaperons if she can. Mr. Barclay and I talk about how we should proceed. One of Tabitha’s chaperons, Dr. Bernstein asks us why we want Tabitha’s help. We tell him that so far she has been very helpful and an invaluable member of our little unit. Dr. Bernstein asks if we know why Tabitha is so important. I’m thinking no Mr. Asshole holding shit back why don’t you tell us. Dr. Bernstein sends Tabitha away and tells us about VOPA and its past. He tells us a lot of stuff that makes my wonder about the sanity of my government, and I’m wondering what the hell any of this has to do with Tabitha when he comes to the point. Everyone but about ten percent of the worlds population has what Dr. Bernstein called a Z-gene, and that they made a virus that will activate this Z(ombie)-gene and reanimate dead people. Those who dont have the Z-gene just stay dead. And finally the part that makes Tabitha so important that government agents are willing to kill citizens to get her. She has a genetic mutation that reverses the placement of her organs, Oh and makes her immune to the virus. Well fuck me side ways, CHECK PLEASE!

LINE 13 – AUTHENTICATION: Colonel Grim S. Walker.

Grim Journal 10

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