Grim Journal 13

Grim S. Walker’s War Journal Reports 13a


LINE 1 – DATE AND TIME: Date 8 / 13 / 2013 Time 2100Romeo


LINE 3 – REFERENCE: Other reports in reference to this report are: Originator of said reports is Colonel Grim S. Walker. SITREP-C035-12 Date 8 / 12 / 2013 Time 2100Romeo.

LINE 4 – ORIGINATOR: Unit Originating this Report is unit callsign Pit-Bulls.

LINE 5 – ACTIVITY: The units current activity is to survive, and try to make our way home.

LINE 6 – EFFECTIVE: The units effectiveness in fulfilling the missions permitters of surviving is unchanged from last report.

LINE 7 – SITUATION OVERVIEW: The unit is finaly on mainland USA.

LINE 8 – INTELLIGENCE/RECONNAISSANCE: I am still working on intel gathering. This has not changed.

LINE 9 – LOGISTICS: Logistics are unknown at this time.

LINE 10 – COMMUNICATIONS: The unit has no comms.

LINE 11 – PERSONNEL: The personnel of this unit are as follows; leader Grim Walker, second in command Lisa Walker.

LINE 12 – NARRATIVE: Continuation of report SITREP-C035-12: We travel north ward and after a few hours we come to a residential area. This looks a little more promising. The homes look like well to do people live or lived here so if we cant find food we may be able to find usable items as long as there isnt someone here.

Again we deside on a small scouting party and leave the others with the bouts to gaurd them and incase we need to make a run for it. Lisa is still shaken by the incounter with the four men, she wants to stay with the bout. I want her by my side so I can keep her safe, but I dont want to force her into an other situation she is not ready for. So I tell her we will talk later.

The first house we look into has been looted lightly. There is very little in the way of food but we find other usable things and some long term stuff like seeds for things like tomatoes and other vegetables. This is good although I think I am the only one to think so. We need to think of the future of our survival not just the here and now, and the here and now seems to be all the others can think about. They think I dont see it but every time I talk about survival techniques and how to look for food in ways that doesn’t involve looking for a can. I see the glassy look of disinterest in their eyes. They seem content to hope that civilization is still with us, that we are going to magicaly find a government that is going to make everything ok again. Maybe I should think that way but I’m just not wired that way. I think of the worst outcome and prepare for it.

We move on to the next house. This one has a nice pool outside. As we approach the house I catch some quick movement in an up stairs window. I tell the others. As we enter the house I make it clear that if we find a person in the house I wont take anything. That I will not take from an none hostile person and jeperdize their survival for my own. I yell out “hello to the house.” I figure if it is a zombie(S.Z.) it will come too us and we can take care of it, and if its a human hopefully they will be more interested in talking. After a small stand off we meet John Cline. We swap our stories and John asks if he can join us.

John has a lot of stuff but very little food. We take everything back to the bout and we introduce John to the group.

We move on to the next house. Again there is little usable things and no food. I tell the others that I feel we need to move to the homes away from the shore that it makes sence other people would have done just what we are doing now. Run in from a bout grab what they can and get back to a bout. So we decide to risk what zombies(S.Z.) we have seen and try some of the houses more inland.

As we are crossing the street we see two men in black and red robes followed by a scared looking little girl. They see us and start heading to us. As they are approching us we can hear them chanting. Now I am a God fearing man and before the world went to shit I would go to church every sunday, but these guys well the word zelot comes to mind. They introduce themselves to us as brother Jonas, brother Johns, and Bethany. We swap brief stories. Like Jehovah’s witnesses knocking at your door they asked if they could preach the word of God to us wail we search the house. None of us have a problem with that but I can see by the looks on their faces that they think it is as weird as I do. We enter a house and as we search for food brother Jonas recites scripture. We don’t find much and we decide to give what little bit of food we did find to brother Jonas and his people. We think it will help them more than us and I think we are hoping it will placate them so they go away.

The whole thing must have been some kind of test because as we all were leaving the house brother Jonas raised his staff/banner and down the road came a van. The van stopped in front of the house and a some men got out to take up guard positions. The scared girls body language shows that she was not half as scared as she was pretending to be. Brother Jonas says that it is rare that people in need themselves have the heart to be generous, and I have to say I agree. The back of the van is filled with food and they give us enough for dinner and breakfast for our group of forty plus. We part ways and as they drive off they use their horn to lead away any zombies(S.Z.) in the area allowing us to head back to the bout unmolested.

At the bout we decide to move to one of the houses for the night. This is a good idea as far as I’m concerned. It will help the group feel human. Good moral leads to good survival. So we move everyone and everything into the house with the pool.

As we are preping dinner John reminds us of the radio broadcast he told us about when we first met him. We gather around a radio to hear the message john said has been playing twice daily. As we sit around the radio we hear the message. “This is the Mount. Evans Complex broadcasting on the A.M. band. To who ever is listening do not be afraid. There is hope. The relocation centers are a lie. Avoid the big cities at all cost they are not safe any more. We offer food, shelter, and safety to all who arrive. We are located fifty one miles west of Denver Colorado at thirty nine degrees thirty five minuts eighteen seconds north a hundred five degrees thirty eight minuts thirty eight seconds west. There is hope out there. If you can make it here we will protect you. This message will be repeated twice a day at dawn and again at dusk. Good luck.”

I pull Lisa aside so I can get her to talk to me about how she was feeling. She has doubts about what went down and I can’t say that I blame her. I do my best to explain to her why I felt I needed to do what I did. I find it difficult to do because as a Marine Colonel I am very unaccustomed to explaining myself. Its a big house but not big enough as Lisa and I are talking Mr. Barclay comes in to explain his actions in the encounter. I dont say anything about it because, well because I welcome the distraction. Then Dr. Rivet comes in and starts in on a tyraid about how all I am is a murderer. He then starts in on Lisa about how she should not listen to me. I feel my temper rising and I know I can’t take much more of this man criticizing how I rise my daughter or my actions in protecting this group. So I excuse myself from the room before I do something I know I will regret. Lisa follows me out of the room.

The group sets up watches and we all get some sleep. A little after breakfast we get into a big discussion about our situation. I need to calm down and take a breath because at some point all I can hear is Grim bashing. Tired of hearing how I am just a blood thersty monster I cut off Tabitha who was simply asking for a proceeder on greeting new people, a very reasonable request. At some point I need to apologize to Tabitha. I have put my life on the line for far too many years and fought in far too many shit holes protecting these peoples way of life to stand there and listen to them disrespect me. I go out to find some suitable transportation. The group decides We need to make a scouting party to check the outlying areas for enough food for the group to travel on.

LINE 13 – AUTHENTICATION: Colonel Grim S. Walker.

Grim Journal 13

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