Grim Journal 21

Grim S. Walker’s War Journal Reports 21a


LINE 1 – DATE AND TIME: Date 9 / 03 / 2013 Time 2100Romeo


LINE 3 – REFERENCE: Other reports in reference to this report are: Originator of said reports is Colonel Grim S. Walker. 

LINE 4 – ORIGINATOR: Unit Originating this Report is unit callsign Pit-Bulls.

LINE 5 – ACTIVITY: The units current activity is to survive, and try to make our way home.

LINE 6 – EFFECTIVE: The units effectiveness in fulfilling the missions permitters of surviving is unchanged from last report. 

LINE 7 – SITUATION OVERVIEW: The unit is finaly on mainland USA.

LINE 8 – INTELLIGENCE/RECONNAISSANCE: I am still working on intel gathering. This has not changed.

LINE 9 – LOGISTICS: Logistics are unknown at this time.

LINE 10 – COMMUNICATIONS: The unit has no comms.

LINE 11 – PERSONNEL: The personnel of this unit are as follows; leader Grim Walker, second in command Lisa Walker.

LINE 12 – NARRATIVE: We head out on the road. It takes three days for us to reach I95 we then junction to highway 220 we then got to highway 73 it’s quiet. Until we get to a short tunnel. Suddenly most of the vehicles hit spike strips. We get cought in a cross fire from high ground. We are the fish in the barrel. We get robed again. 

Mr. Barclay manages negotiate us some things but only because the leader of this band of thieves recognizes Dr. Rivet. If it were up to me I would run a night op and kill every one of those thieving fucks, so I guess it’s good it’s not up to me. We get a way with the bus and tow truck and what we can carry on our backs. We end up with less than a third of the provisions we had. We go to Tabitha’s family cabin. We see vehicles but the lights are out. We scout and find no people but we do find that Tabitha’s cabin is a volpa supply dump. I get Lisa and I squared away. We take two nights and pack what we need and squirrel away a small bit of stuff.

 The next day we get to a ridge 15 miles away from Norwood. We talk about what to do but before we come to a plan of action we are descended upon by the military. We get taken in but I know the guy in charge so we get processed quickly and we are told that those of us who want to move on will be aloud to. Everything seems to be going smoothly and then agent smith shows up. FUCK!!

LINE 13 – AUTHENTICATION: Colonel Grim S. Walker.

Grim Journal 21

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