Grim Journal 22

Grim S. Walker’s War Journal Reports 22a


LINE 1 – DATE AND TIME: Date 9 / 10 / 2013 Time 2100Romeo


LINE 3 – REFERENCE: Other reports in reference to this report are: Originator of said reports is Colonel Grim S. Walker. 

LINE 4 – ORIGINATOR: Unit Originating this Report is unit callsign Pit-Bulls.

LINE 5 – ACTIVITY: The units current activity is to survive, and try to make our way home.

LINE 6 – EFFECTIVE: The units effectiveness in fulfilling the missions permitters of surviving is unchanged from last report. 

LINE 7 – SITUATION OVERVIEW: The unit is finaly on mainland USA.

LINE 8 – INTELLIGENCE/RECONNAISSANCE: I am still working on intel gathering. This has not changed.

LINE 9 – LOGISTICS: Logistics are unknown at this time.

LINE 10 – COMMUNICATIONS: The unit has no comms.

LINE 11 – PERSONNEL: The personnel of this unit are as follows; leader Grim Walker, second in command Lisa Walker.

LINE 12 – NARRATIVE: I get talked by some V.O.P.A. lap dog. By the looks of his uniform he is a Marine captain. I refuse to cooperate until I can see Lisa. I guess he takes the as I will not ever cooperate. Lucky for me Lisa and I get sent out of the town. Lisa and I out side of the wall look for a safe-ish place to talk about what we should do. I’m ready to leave it all behind and head home to our family. Lisa questions my plan and reminds me why I joined the Marines in the first place. We head for the factory to see if we can talk to someone willing to help us. be our eyes and ears in side the wall. Lisa and I salvage some rebar spears. I map out the troop movement in the area. The next day we set snares and traps for small game we don’t know how long we will be here.

LINE 13 – AUTHENTICATION: Colonel Grim S. Walker.

Grim Journal 22

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