Grim Journal 6

Grim S. Walker’s War Journal Reports 6


LINE 1 – DATE AND TIME: Date 7 / 20 / 2013 Time 2100Romeo


LINE 3 – REFERENCE: Other reports in reference to this report are SITREP-C035-5 Date 7 / 20 / 2013 Time 2100Romeo, SITREP-C035-4 Date 7 / 20 / 2013 Time 2100Romeo, SITREP-C035-3 Date 7 / 20 / 2013 Time 2100Romeo, EOSITREP-EO25-3 Date 7 / 20 / 2013 Time 2100Romeo, EOSITREP-E025-2 Date 7 / 22 / 2013 Time 2100Romeo, UNITSITREP-U001-2 Date 7 / 20 / 2013 Time 2100Romeo, UNITSITREP-U001-1 Date 7 / 22 / 2013 Time 2100Romeo. Originator of said reports is Colonel Grim S. Walker.

LINE 4 – ORIGINATOR: Unit Originating this Report is unit callsign Pit-Bulls.

LINE 5 – ACTIVITY: The units current activity is to find our missing, and survive.

LINE 6 – EFFECTIVE: The units effectiveness in fulfilling the missions permitters of surviving has increased now that we have partially regrouped. 

LINE 7 – SITUATION OVERVIEW: The unit is still on a flotilla of death. I’ve regrouped with Lisa but Jassan is still M.I.A.

LINE 8 – INTELLIGENCE/RECONNAISSANCE: I am still working on intel gathering.

LINE 9 – LOGISTICS: Logistics are unknown at this time.

LINE 10 – COMMUNICATIONS: Texting with Lisa is the only comms I currently have with the unit.

LINE 11 – PERSONNEL: The personnel of this unit are as follows; leader Grim Walker, Rose Walker (RIP), second in command Lisa Walker, and Jassun Walker (MIA).

LINE 12 – NARRATIVE: Continuation of SITREP-C035-5: As I get closer to the theater I came across some individuals and after confirming to each other that we are not zombies(S.Z.) we continue to the theater. There are some guards waiting for us at the door. I need to see Lisa. It takes me a minute to find Lisa in the crowd. I slowly move closer to her through the crowd. Lisa sees me and runs to me happy to see her Father. Her pace slows as she gets closer and sees for the first time in her life that her dad is sad and grieving and unable to control his emotions. I hug her. She asks about her mom and brother. I tell her Jassan is missing and hand her Rose’s anniversary charm necklace. We have a moment. After a few minutes I snap-to, we need to get organized, find survivors, and get the fuck of this death ship. I suggest that we quarantine the injured before they turn. I think the others, the ones that have their heads on strait, are worried about my intentions at first but see the caution in my suggestion. It is decided that we will put the “sick” in the orchestra pit. I also tell them that they should limit the number of living people in the pit. I think some people believe I am cold and uncaring because I don’t think time or resources should be spent on the “sick”, truth be told I believe they are only prolonging the process and putting themselves in unnecessary risk. Don’t get me wrong I understand and commend the Doctor and the others belief that these people can some how be saved, they are better people than I am. I have Lisa help me find a way to barricade one of the doors to the pit to make it more secure. We hear banging at the front door and these people want to just open the damn door like we ordered fucking pizza. I ask them to at least make the person or thing on the other side of the door speak to prove its human and not zombie(S.Z.). Dr. Rivet says “what if its some one with severe throat trauma?” I kept it to myself but I thought “Really Doc? Did you get you licence out of a damn Cracker Jack box?” People with severe throat trauma don’t walk around pounding on doors. People with severe throat trauma die with-in seconds with out very fast very skilled medical care. At least we agreed to causiously open the door with weapons ready to strick just in case… Low and behold its a zombie(S.Z.)! My attack misses but Kevin’s attack hits home and splits the zombies(S.Z.) head like a melon. Before we get the door closed we see a small group of people emerge from the ships gift shops. We hury them in. From back in the theater we hear a gun shot and people panic. One of the guards over looking the pit shouts out that he was sorry his gun accidentaly discharged and he hands his gun off to his fellow guard. I was getting ready to baraid the guy for having an A.D. in a crowded room. As is what has become the group of leaders approaches, the man quietly admites one of the injured people in the pit turned and needed to be put down. We also learned that the zombie almost took out the ER nurse. Mr. Barclay calls the bridge no joy. Mr. Barclay for some reason calls an other theater. It turns out people are there Mr. Barclay tells them to eather hang tight, make there way to us if they can, or get to a life boat. We have a discussion to determine our goals. One) fortify our location, Two) get to the armory so we can better arm our selves, Three) get to the engine room and get the power back on, Four) get food, Five) find survivors, Six) get the hell off of this death ship. Kevin starts reinforcing all the doors. with Mr. Barclay’s sons providing order we decide to check all the people in the theater for wounds. We get a small party to gather to implement our list of goals. The scouting group consists of Mr. Barclay, Kevin, Dr. Rivet, Tabitha, Dr. Kelp, and I say I’m bringing my daughter. It is asked if I think that is a good idea to which I respond, a little to quick and a little to aggressively, “The safest place for my daughter is right by my side.” as we get ready to go Lisa tells me she should stay cause she could be of use. Dr. Rivet looks at me and says we will let you two talk this out. They think I am going to have an altercation with my daughter and make her come along. Lisa tells me “Dad you have trained me well and I can help these people while your gone.” She makes a good point and in my mind I think she is right and I should give her the trust and respect she has earned over the years. She is a smart young woman and she can handle herself in a crisis situation, but my heart is screaming dont let her out of my sight. I have already failed my wife and my son is out there on his own and all I can do is hope his ok. Every fiber of my being is screaming to rip the ship apart to get Jassan back. I dont know if I can handle it if something happened to Lisa while I was gone. I have a tough time with it but its time to let her go and be her own person. I ask her to be safe. As we get one flight down the stairs we hear zombies(S.Z.) ahead of us. We get one more flight down and we see a zombie(S.Z.), I kill it with my Boar-Spear. We get a little futher down and see two more in front of us and hear some up the stairs behind us, I think at least one is falling down the stairs. kevin kills the two zombies in front us. I’m realy starting to respect this mans hand-to-hand combat skills. We realize that our flashlights are attracting the zombies(S.Z.) so we turn all but one off and left it behind hoping the zombies(S.Z.) behind us will stop at it and not follow us. The rest of the way down to deck one is clear.

LINE 13 – AUTHENTICATION: Colonel Grim S. Walker.

Grim Journal 6

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