Howard 20 Questions


What is your Character’s Sex?

What color is your Character’s hair, eyes, and skin?
Light blue eyes, white hair

Where was your character born?
Ann Arbor, Michigan

What is your character’s date of birth?
August 14th 1953

What was your character’s family life like?
Second born, two younger brothers two sisters. We were generally friendly our parents taught us right.

Has the character started his own family?
In 1971 Howard married Candy and that was the start of things.

Where or how was your character educated?
High school, navel training and on the job training.

Describe your character’s Moral code?
Generally good with a focus on service.

Are there certain thing’s your character can’t or won’t do? Why?
Howard cant swim and hes not able to make sounds on musical instruments.

What things, people or ideas does your character hate?
There are only two things that Howard hates, guns and Adam Cooper.

What things, people or ideas does your character love?
Howard loves his family with all his heart. He is also very fond of children, anything Disney and just helping.

What do you think is your character’s best quality?
Howard’s best quality is his desire to help others.

What do you think is your character’s worst quality?
In the past he has done some things that he is not proud of. His dishonesty to those that he loves is his worst quality.

If your character’s family is still alive, what do they do and where do they live?
Please see the character information under the tag “Barclay Family”. Most of Howard’s immediate family have been detailed there.

List any past serious relationships that your character had, and give a brief description of the relationship.
Please see the GM note in Howard’s Journal #2

5 Supplimental questions
Why do you completely trust the military?
Howard spent most of his formative years either hearing stories from his father or being indoctrinated into the military. He loves the regimented life that the military provides and he truly believes that the military services, and the US government, have the best interests of the people in mind and are there to protect them.

Why does your character require daily medication?
Howard takes Lipitor for high cholesterol.

Your character has a dark secret that if revealed would destroy him. What is it?
An incident in your past has made you very anti gun, please describe that incident?
Please refer to Howard Barclay Journal #2, GM secrets

When did your character first realize he was homosexual?
Howard always thought he was gay although when and where he was raised that was not the norm and not accepted so out of the navy he married because that was what was expected.

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Howard 20 Questions

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