Howard Journal 1

I will be writing this journal not as an actual written journal but as various thoughts that Howard Barclay is thinking at various times in the game. This may include things hes seen just purely as a lets remember for a game session or things hes thinking and moments from his past or dreams he might have of the future. Think of it more as a stream of consciousness rather than an actual journal.

Pre cruise thoughts

I know Walter has been getting worse but really, the Magic? I stressed to him dozens of time that it should be the Wonder, the Fantasy or the Dream, but not the Magic, and he gets tickets for the Magic. Maybe I should have just not mentioned the Magic. Walter does tend to focus on things that are repeated to him now that his condition is advancing. I am not looking forward to seeing that prick again and churning up all those old memories. Maybe he will be on vacation or sick, or dead. Thank God nobody knows about what happened, I only hope I can keep things in check.

On the plus side it will be amazing to have almost all of the extended family on the ship at the same time. I am really looking forward to spending some quality time with Walter and hopefully hes having good days rather than bad ones. Time will tell.

Howard Barclay Journal #1

Howard Journal 1

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