Howard Journal 12

Landfall in Hampstead North Carolina.

We knew we were getting close to land, we were seeing birds and flotsom and finally were smelling the smells associated with the sea, which is really the smell of the shoreline. We stood off for the evening and decided to head in the early morning.

It was about 6am when we finally sighted land. A dock full of fishing vessels seemed to be our best bet to land and check things out without putting ourselves in too much danger. Tabitha, Kevin, Rivet, Grim, Lisa and I climbed the ladder and checked out half a dozen boats on the end of the dock. Not only were there no zombies, but they had been picked clean of pretty much anything usable, multiple times.

We called to Howard and told him the dock and the boats on this end were clear and that we were going to go look for food, our most dire need. We headed down the dock while Howard tied off a few boats to give people time to walk around and just not be on a floating thing.

The morning was brisk, a light breeze was blowing off the ocean cooling things down a little and the fog was starting to burn off. There were birds doing their morning noisemaking and it could have been any early morning visit to the shore except for the complete lack of activity. It was early but the fishing boats would have been cast off and there would have been some activity at what appeared to be a fish market at the end of the dock. We also saw a small grocer that we thought would be our best chance at some quick food.

As we approached the grocer the morning air was split by the scream of a woman from the parking structure behind the building we were next to. We rushed up after Tabitha noticed there was a woman being pursued by zombies on the top floor.

As I huffed up the stairs, far in the rear, I checked the floors we passed for zombies, seeing some on both the bottom floor and the second floor. As I turned the corner to head up to three I heard Grim shout “Holy shit they’re fast…” and then the telltale moan of attacking zombies. The stairwell was clogged so I hefted my axe and turned to wait for the zombies that would be attacking us from behind.

The 4 from the 2nd floor were on us in a flash. The first one got an axe to the head, and then after that it was struggle just to hold my place in line and not let them past. Eventually we were able to take them all down when I happened to glance over to the docks to see some sort of activity there. I pointed this out and we all charged back to the boats.

As we got close we saw that there was a trike and 4 guys brandishing weapons and seemingly threatening our group. When they saw us they charged back to their bike, gunned it and then started spraying bullets our way. We all jumped for cover and as the bike drove past I swung my axe at the front tire of the trike. It bounced off harmlessly but the bullet Grim fired found its mark in the drivers head crashing the bike and throwing people everywhere. Kevin and Grim gunned down the remaining three bandits and we hustled back to the group. Luckily nobody was hurt, Howard Jr said they wanted their guns and food, although one of them said that Craven, Craster…some guy said dont steal from groups with kids. Thats nice of them.

We quickly headed back to the store and found it completely stripped. We debated a bit and then all piled back into the boats and headed into the channel to see if we could find some isolated houses that might not have been looted. We better find some food soon or we are going to get very hungry very quickly.

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Howard Journal 12

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