I received a visitor. Mr Ross came and invited me into my parlor. Candy told me to put on a robe before I went down. Strangely when I was going downstairs I saw Dr. Rivet. I figured he would join us in the parlor but he went upstairs after talking to Howie.

After sweeping the room for bugs, Mr Ross had a proposition for me. Rescue his daughter Tabitha, who had been taken by the VOPA thugs for reasons that were not revealed but are obviously clear to anyone with half a brain. I felt life slowly seep into my veins as we talked. Something to do, a job to do, something to take my mind off of…something…something I can’t think about. I told him I wouldnt help if my family was left behind to be tortured or used as bait to get me or Tabitha back. I also knew that that would hold true for anyone else, including Tabitha. Ross then let me know that he was stashing supplies, some of which we had found. He was planning on getting anyone that wanted to out of the compound. He had a handful of people with him and some of the military that would help and when we found a time he would evac our families along with those that wanted to go.

My first contact was Dr Rivet. I knew he was working with VOPA so he would have freedom to move around. His job was to find Tabitha and find out if we could break her out.
My second contact was either Kevin or Grim, and I found Kevin. He was willing to help and he told me that Grim had been evicted from the compound and was waiting around outside with his daughter Lisa. He said he would talk to Grim about how to escape as well.
Then all that was left was for me to wander around and get the lay of the land. I was rousted out a few times by roving guard groups but they all saw a harmless old man. Just hours earlier they would have been right, but now….

Rivet figured out how to get Tabitha out. Kevin secured some supplies from Ross, and Grim had our exfil set up. All was in readiness for the next morning…

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