Howard Journal 4

As I folded the towel, dipped it into the water and lay it on the young man’s head to hopefully help with this fever I couldnt help thinking that I left my son laying there dead on the floor of that hallway with a hole in his head….

I woke up in darkness. I could hear things as I clawed my way up out of a smothering fog. I sat up and clothes cascaded down around me, why was I in a closet covered in clothes. Then I saw the closet pole and it came back to me, my son, I was attacked by my son… I slowly got up using the pole made my way through the darkened room. There were sounds, yelling outside the room, then I remembered CANDY. I stumbled my way out and saw a horrible sight. Two Disney security guards were being attacked by creatures. Thats all I can say they were. I know one of them was my son but they were not alive. The taser stuck in the ones chest was cracking and sizzling but was doing absolutely nothing. I didnt see Candy and I needed to get past this melee, so I turned the pole and charged, bowling my son and the other creature over and started to run past when I heard “Your wife is back here” I turned to see a man poking his face out of a cracked open door. I turned and ran back and he let me in. I know there were other things in the room but I only had eyes for Candy and I hugged her tight and buried my nose in her hair smelling safety and solidity.

I dont know how long it was before the guy who let me in put his hand on my shoulder and told me he was going out and to protect his son, a small boy I noticed sitting quietly next to the bed. I pulled myself away from Candy and told him I would do it and he ran out. I went to the door and looked out. The two guards were still trying to stop their attackers, one of which was biting the leg of one of the guards. The man from the room ran over and after a few aborted attempts very efficiently stabbed the stranger and my son cleanly through the head as they were grasping at the guards legs.

The guards grabbed a stretcher and asked the man to help him but he seemed very distracted, using his phone and trying a hand held radio with no luck. He looked at me and asked me to help take the guard down to the medical center. He then asked Candy to look after his son, as he had to go find his wife and daughter. Candy was afraid, I could tell but she knew duty when she heard it and a small boy was more important than her own safety. I gave her kiss and a hug and told her to stay there and lock the door after we left.

The trip to the medical bay was quick and we didnt see any more of those creatures. The doctor was there and I moved in to help out with the sick and wounded…

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Howard Journal 4

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