Howard Journal 6

Thank god I got the gear from the security guards. I rummaged in my backpack and found a flashlight and using that we got to the Disney Theater. We came out of the stairs to find the man who saved my wife heading towards the theater. He pulled me aside and let me know that Candy didn’t make it and his son was missing. As I struggled to hold back tears the emergency lights flickered on and I saw a group that might have included Eric in it and we moved toward the theater after it. Two guards on the outer doors waved us in and then slammed the doors shut behind us. The lobby was clear but the theater itself had maybe 50 to 100 people in it. Inside I found most of my family and went over to them and just reveled in the closeness and love that came to me from them. Some were missing but I couldn’t think of that. After a bit I touched bases with Howie and Eric, letting them know Candy had not made it. I also gave each of them the last two guns I had gotten off the security guards and then took stock.

The people in the theater were obviously scared but for the most part not panicking but I knew this could change. I headed up to the front to determine who was in charge. Grim was up there talking to the two guards and he was explaining that those that die can come back to life and that we need to kill them. There was some serious confusion about the possibility that Grim wanted to kill all the sick people too but he was not advocating that but he seemed very certain that all of these sick people were going to die and going to come back. He advocated putting all the sick people in the orchestra pit and he went about securing the back door of the pit. I saw Cooper tied up on the stage, muttering to himself, he obviously cracked. One guard, Joe, or John or something, seemed the most in charge and he indicated that this was all that had made it and he wasn’t sure what to do after Cooper had gone nuts. He said that Ritter, the chief security officer was out there with some of the security cast and that he wasn’t sure where he was and the captain was on the bridge. At this point one of the young cheerleaders, Tabitha spoke up from the side indicating that a ship had crashed into the cruise liner and dumped a bunch of “those things” onto our boat, on deck 4.

Rivet at this point spoke out and asked if anyone had any medical skills and started organizing the care of the sick and wounded. While he did that we got Kevin, a carpenter and a few others to help reinforce the front doors while we decided what to do. I picked up the phone and called the bridge, no answer. The security office, no answer. Then I had an idea and called the other theater and a man, Brandon answered letting me know that there were 30 people in the Buena Vista and that there were things outside. I let him know we would get there as soon as we could and I told him that the sick might come back to life and that if you have to, hit them in the head.

I handed the phone to a bright young lady, explained the phone number conventions and to have her start calling and letting people know to be quiet, stay where they are and bar their doors and we would get to them as soon as we could. Sharp kid. A pounding on the door brought most of the armed people to the door and when it was opened a creature in a coast guard uniform was found trying to break down the door. This thing was dispatched and we all returned to the theater proper.

We decided guns and electricity were our first priority and then after that getting to people and then gathering supplies would be the next order of business. With only a few firearms and not many that knew to use it we left all of them and all the security guards behind and myself, Dr Rivet, Kevin Cole, Grim Walker and the young Tabitha were going to head to the armory and the sub-decks in hopes of getting the electricity going. I really didn’t want to bring Tabitha but she was the only one that had a working knowledge of electrical mechanics other than myself and I knew I would need more than what I knew. We distributed keycards, flashlights and weapons and headed down the staff stairwell. It was a running battle with creatures below us and more coming up from behind. We tried to distract them with a light and eventually came out on Deck 1 near the Medical Bay and the ships Armory…

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Howard Journal 6

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