Kevin Cole considers himself a lucky man. He’s got a skill that he enjoys using – and is good enough with it to earn a decent living with it. He’s somewhat proud of what he’s able to do, and entered the ‘Geek Chic’ furniture design contest on a lark. Nobody was more surprised than he was to actually win the contest and the first prize of a luxury cruise!

Standing a mere 5’11", Kevin learned both to hunt as well as his skill with creating beautiful things from his father. Both of his parents live in Southern Maine, and Kevin grew up there, learning to appreciate the beauty of nature and of the power of connections that form between people. He also learned that one religious group in particular works harder than any others to break that connection: Christianity. He’s polite, but really has little time for Christian religious feelings.

In addition to his parents, both of his brothers and all three of his sisters still live in Maine. While he loves most of them, Kevin has moved from his home town to Portland, and enjoys his single state quite a lot, thank you. With no kids, his only ties are his family — although he’s not alone on the cruise, he has no lasting relationships or long-term ties – although it’s not entirely for want of people who have established strong ties to him. Being in Portland gives him the advantage of not having to deal with his brother Miles, who feels Kevin has always mistreated him – and who Kevin feels has always hated him. Still, though they never have any deliberate contact with one another, they can manage to be polite when they have to. But that’s about as far as it goes.

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