Kevin Journal 10

What can I say about the last day? Our doctor apparently has been seething and flipped over that group of bandits we had to kill. I don’t think he understands that we’re just hours away from starving and they wanted to take both our food and our means of acquiring more. Sure, we won’t be in any real danger for a couple of days, even if they had, but I can guarantee it wouldn’t be pretty – and he’d be starving for more food.

As a result, we’ve kind of wasted an entire day. Aside from some more scavenging, we spent the day telling the kids what to do and proving we had no clue by arguing for hours about due process and rules of engagement when we’re still trying to figure out how to keep this group alive past right now. I’m pretty disgusted with them, but townies need to work things out their way. I just want to keep us alive.

I shouldn’t gripe too much. We have decided on some longer-term goals. Among other things, check out this VOPA place and see if they’ve left anything we can actually use – while keeping the bulk of our people far enough away that our sticking our guns into the hornet’s nest doesn’t get them hurt. We also had an amazing encounter with a bunch of religious guys. I may not think much of their faith, but they were kind enough to offer us enough food and supplies to hold us for a day. If they weren’t /quite/ so obviously willing to forgo reality for their beliefs, I’d want to join them. They’ve obviously figured out enough to have a surplus. And they’re organized. Maybe we will manage to do the same in a few weeks. Once people settle down a bit.

You know, I wasn’t sure I’d wanted to send this one on to you, Mom & Dad. I haven’t exactly been stellar, myself, but you’ve always understood — and I want to come home, as soon as I can. Preferably with more than just a bunch of new scars. Getting blindsided by our own people is a pain. I don’t know how Grim put up with it.


Kevin Journal 10

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