Kevin Journal 13

Well, I don’t know how we did it, but we beat that ‘ambush’. I sincerely hope it wasn’t a real ambush, but just our bad luck and poor planning, but we’re all OK. We even found a new recruit, so we’re that little bit stronger.

I suppose I should apologize for all the melodrama in that last message. It was a big risk we all took, but Grimm’s kid needed those medical supplies. I’m told she’ll be OK. I’m spending a bit of time just recovering – and helping the kids learn to move beyond the scavenging we’ve done to date to building tools we need. Of course, that last clause is a bit ambiguous: what /do/ we need at this point? I suspect our greatest need is armor of some kind. It’s low-tech. It protects us from the random attack. But making it strong enough to defend against their teeth and claws while also light enough to actually /wear/ isn’t easy.

I’m thinking we may start with chain mail: shirts, cowls, and gloves would give protection without forcing us to deal with all the weight and stink of this riot gear we’ve been using. Get a few of the right tools, and it only takes a couple hours’ training to learn to make the stuff: I knew a few people in Portland who did it for extra money. You don’t happen to know someone who could design a good pattern for this? I may even ask Andrea about it. If she’ll speak to me. The only real problem is finding sufficient heavy-gauge wire to make the links from. I’m wondering if chain-link fencing material might be adequate — it’s probably too light, but any armor is better than none at all. If it can be made to work, at least it’s easy to find, in amounts sufficient to armor everybody.

Our biggest problem today was basic hunting skills. The usual tactic of finding a quiet part of the forest near a game trail and waiting for deer to come by is not the best one for the average teenager. I don’t know who’d be suited for it among our group, but for now I’ve focussed on snares and trap lines; things that won’t kill ordinary mortals if there’s an accident. So far, all we got was a few squirrels and rabbits, but at this point, meat is welcome to a surprising percentage of the group.

I don’t have much to add. As I said, I took it easy; I feel as if I have been goofing off, even, but it’s nice to work out how to build something – especially if it’s not a weapon.


Kevin Journal 13

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