Kevin Journal 14

We spent several hours trying to get to Norwood, today. It’s not that many miles, but the roads are a mess, and we spent much of our time simply clearing a path. Having a sharp prow on the front of the truck helps, but it’s definitely not built to be a snowplow, let alone a ‘car plow’.

Part way there, we ran across a huge herd of zombies. Maybe a couple of hundred of them? They were all milling about and there weren’t a lot of cars where they were, so we just revved up the truck to high speed and plowed through them. It worked – except they got the truck up to a high enough speed that it ended up jacknifing when it was slowed by the sheer mass of dead flesh. This wasn’t good – although we were lucky in that nobody was hurt and we’d gotten rid of enough of the local zombies that they didn’t pose much danger – so long as we remained quiet. Given it was our entire group, that wasn’t entirely easy.

We got lucky, though. Right near where the accident occurred, there’s a group of survivors centered around the local church. They seem to be good people, and all this danger has gotten them to drop a lot of the intolerance that always bugged me about most churches. It’s kind of weird, but I’d call it a good day; one I hope I can remember. They offered food (we shared some of our supplies), a protected place to stay, and new company. Some of them may end up coming with us.

At least, that was how it looked. One of them was pregnant, though. Apparently, she was bitten by a zombie, and then recovered. But the baby didn’t. I wasn’t present, of course, but apparently the baby was ‘born’ as a zombie, destroying its mother in the process, and it escaped. It’s small. It seems fast. And it obviously is hostile. We’ll be hunting for it, but do we even dare let it escape? It’s smart enough to hide. Maybe even to plan. It’s also hostile. Even if we can communicate with it, what would we have in common?

Welcome to the planet’s newest ‘apex predator’ – the zombie gene, or whatever it is. It sure makes me want to hole up behind some massive walls – and throw out anybody who shows signs of infection.

Kevin Journal 14

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