Kevin Journal 16

I don’t know if you’ll see this, Mom & Dad. We made it to Norwood, and reunited the cheerleaders with their families, as far as I can tell. Unfortunately, we’ve also been reunited with VOPA and the jerks that think creating concentration camps is an improvement over letting people work out some of their own strategies for survival. We’re POWs, now, whatever they’re calling it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think to disable Agent Smith’s helicopter when we were on the ship. He’s here, and he’s in charge, and he’s using the situation as an excuse to justify anything he wants. The first thing he did was isolate each of us — I don’t know how long we’ll each be in quarantine or if beatings and other kinds of coercion are on order. Right now, he doesn’t /need/ to do anything more.

Getting up to you guys has been made a bit more difficult by all this. I have to bide my time until I’m permitted to associate with other human beings – and you know my love of institutional ass…es like we’re running into. There’s not much more I can say until the conditions of my confinement change a little.

I’m sure some psychologist and censor at the base will be going over this thing and finding more handles to use to coerce me into behaving. I suspect that as long as we’re interesting to them, they’ll be listening in on everything we say and any of our movements will be tracked. Well, you know how I felt about that kind of tracking before. Wasn’t it Richeleu who said that if you gave him six lines from an honest man and he could find enough to hang him? Well, I’m sure he’s seen my earlier letters. So that bar has long been passed. But we’re alive and so far unbeaten. They must want something from us. For that reason, I plan to cooperate. It does nobody any good to keep me stored in a locked room, and perhaps I can do some good.

Keep safe. If I can make it to you, I will.

Kevin Journal 16

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