Kevin Journal 17

Well, I have to admit it’s not so bad as I’d feared. Kind of like my mental image of Russia in the 1950’s. We have enough food. We work, and after the military takes its cut, we get a fair amount. We’ve got the VOPA youth corps, which /everybody/ has been likening to Hitler Youth – and like them, they’re polite, well-mannered, and becoming an efficient combat corps for slaughtering ‘zombies’. So far. I figure the place is bugged, but since I don’t know anything secret, I’m just going to write what I can and assume someone’s going to go over this stuff before you get to see it.

I have had all of one work detail so far. I met Grimm out there – he can survive, but from what he said, they gave him just enough to get himself far enough away from here to get out of their hair/reach a place that hasn’t been hunted out before his supplies should run out. He’ll be working hard if he wants to stay local.

The work detail was all the kinds of stuff you’d expect. Basic labor, trying to build a retaining wall to protect people as more people get dragged in from outside. I suspect that rate of population growth is going to slow, just because survivors are going to be both more scarce and more willing to do more to hide. There are several contractors in ‘my’ group, so at least we have basic techniques down, but my, we run through scavenged concrete and steel fast. I’ve made some suggestions for how to make walls without so much of the concrete. It may be a bit slower, but it’s going to extend rare resources a lot further. Assuming the squad of army engineers agrees it can work. There’s certainly plenty of natural stone here. I’d hate to do much gardening, but rocks: we can get those.

We’re pretty much all split up, now. I haven’t even been able to talk to any of the Barclays, or the Ross family, since getting out of solitary. We’ll see what happens. I’m sure we’ll be able to compare notes, at least.

One thing I don’t know: despite the many people here — maybe a thousand or so? — nobody’s said a word about how they handle accidental deaths. There are plenty of defenses to keep zombies from entering the protected area. I don’t see any to get rid of those that arise fresh. Maybe all injuries are simply treated as a death sentence, but I doubt that – I can’t imagine the people putting up with that for long.

I’m hoping I’ll see you again.


Kevin Journal 17

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