Kevin Journal 19

One would think after all this time that we would have a better idea of what we’re doing or at least what needs to be accomplished. We’ve gotten all our people to their families. We’ve given them all a chance to escape from a ‘refuge’ run by Dr. Mengele and stocked by the inventors of the Roach Motel: if you don’t want to join us, we’ll force you to do so, and make it increasingly dangerous to even attempt to leave.

Even so, I hope my ideas helped them a bit. Making walls to keep out zombies is something everybody will need to learn. Especially as supplies of ‘free’ building materials start to run out. I almost wish we’d had a couple of more days with them, both so I could learn from the army engineers, and also so I could know I contributed – but apparently they were plannning to infect Tabitha with the zombie virus and dissect her when they were done. I just have to hope they never try to use those things as soldiers: if they ever found a way to control them, it would be a very dark day for people who actually love the ability to make your own decisions.

Well, at least we’re out of the camp. We’re not free of them – VOPA still exists, is still recruiting, and apparently runs camps all over the country, and Dr. Rivet says that the cure for the zombie plague is already known – and in the middle of Charlotte. You know, Charlotte, NC, the city that was being bombarded as we arrived and is apparently still being contested by the military. We pretty much won’t dare scavenge while we’re there – too dangerous, and therefore limiting our free time.

Funfun! Still, if someone can come up with a cure to this thing, we have to try. And having seen VOPA, we need to do so outside of their auspices, and spread the information around. I know it’s more stupidly dangerous stunts, but this punk is feeling lucky. I hope.

Be well, Mom & Dad.

Kevin Journal 19

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