Kevin Journal 2

Hi, Mom and Dad. I thought I’d add this to my previous message: we had a bit of an unpleasant surprise our first night. We share tables for dinner, apparently, and barring deliberate changes we’ll be eating with the same group every night — except that one of the people at our table had a heart attack. It was good timing, I suppose – there were two doctors at our table. None was Lily, of course, but still, he was probably in really good hands.

Anyway, it’s a strange group. There’s a bunch of cheerleaders, from some school in North Carolina, and so we have one of those at our table, as well as some guy on his anniversary, with a huge family coming along with him. His immediate family takes up half our table. There are a couple of others, but I admit I’ve forgotten their details, what with the heart attack. I’m afraid I can’t tell you much about how good the food tasted.

Not much that’s very interesting happened. Unpacking, looking around the ship, all that. The pools have retractable covers so they can be converted to a dance floor. It was kind of interesting.

Take care, I’ll see you soon!

Kevin Journal 2

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