Kevin Journal 5

I guess I’ll still write this. I doubt anybody would believe me if it weren’t likely that this has hit a lot of places. Like I said before, it seems as if the ship has been overrun by zombies. Or something of the sort — gangs of them are running all over the ship and attacking people. One of our neighbors was killed by them, and they attacked me when I tried to stop them. You could hurt them as much as you wanted, but the only thing that seems to stop them is a massive head wound.

There were enough of them that I couldn’t stop them — they ignore gunshot, even if I’d had one — so Andrea and I dropped from our balcony to the deck below and went to hide out in one of the theaters, like the crew told us all to do. I’m afraid I must have dropped her, but she’ll be all right. It’s just a sprained ankle, according to the doc we saw at the theater. But now she’s depending on me, which might mess her up when this is all over. Ah, well, we’ll worry about that when the time comes, I guess. Worst that can happen is she’ll never want to see me again.

Anyway, one of my neighbors is some kind of survivalist, like you sometimes see back home. He was at the theater, too. Like me, he cobbled together something to stop these things with — I just took a baseball bat and gave it a cutting edge — he made a pike or something of the sort, with a cross piece. He’s not bad with it for an old guy.

There’s lots of these zombie things, though. For now, we’re building barricades to keep them out, but we all know that sufficient brute force can eventually get through anything. Like I said before, the ship got hit, so I don’t know if we’re sinking or not, but the engines are offline, and from what I’ve heard, some of the crew has turned into these things, too. Oh, and the head of the crew … first mate, I guess? … he’s a real jerk. Panicked, and is babbling. Perhaps he’ll recover, but all his subordinates are afraid of him. I hope they keep him restrained so he doesn’t cause more harm than these zombies.

God, it’s so weird to say ‘zombies’ with a straight face. And so far from October!

Kevin Journal 5

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